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CORVIZ Project

CORVIZ is the acronym of the project ‘CORIECOR visualized. Irish English in writing across time (a longitudinal historical perspective)’ The aim of the project is to create a publicly accessible, sustainable electronic correspondence corpus, the Corpus of Irish English Correspondence (CORIECOR), so that it can then be used for further research by the wider academic community.


CORIECOR is a corpus of Irish emigrants’ letters that allows researchers to trace the emergence and development of features of Irish English and study syntactic, morphological, stylistic, regional and social variation. The letters are from 1731–1940, which spans the period during which Ireland became overwhelmingly English-speaking.

Most letters were written by people who were in the process of emigration or who had emigrated to different parts of the world, while a small proportion of the letters are from relatives or friends at home in Ireland.

A major goal in developing CORIECOR was to enable the study of Irish English over time, using larger amounts of more vernacular data from a longer timespan than hitherto possible.