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Title: T. A. Emmett, New York to Robert Simms, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileEmmet, Thomas Addis/39
SenderEmmett, Thomas Addis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationprob. a lawyer; wants to get
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientSimms, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1815/9: Copied by Permission of the Presbyterian Historical Society, Fisherwick Place, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809108
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TranscriptRobert Simms Esq

New York November 2nd 1807

Dear Simms
I was extremely gratified by the receipt of yours of
the 22nd of August last, & particularly so by finding that
you approved of the steps I was induced to take here in
politics. I have been compelled by a sense of duty, & the
foolish scurrillity [scurrility?] of the, federalists to
make myself very prominent by my controversy with Rufus King
- Their malignity if they had succeeded would have pursued
me with as much fury & effect as that of the Orangemen in
Ireland but thank God they are powerless. Even beaten as
they are, they combined to do me every professional injury
in their power - but finding the combination of no avail, a
sense of individual interest forces them to abandon it.
Rufus King is placed in the public opinion just when he
ought to be; & unless the federalists possess the power of
reviving the Dead, I hope and believe he will never again do
much mischief - but that they can do a great deal too much
is manifest from the [issue?] of Burr's trial - That man,
whom they hated while he appeared to be a Republican, whom
they never tolerated till he became a [Renegade?], and never
openly upheld until he attempted to run the Union &
establish a monarchy within the territory of the United
States - that man is acquitted by their intrigues and
interference - by their partiality - & exertions, tho
[though?] his guilt is fully Developed, & no man affects to
Doubt it - It is very possible however that his acquittal
will do good - it will cause a revival of some Defective
parts of our Criminal Law, & perhaps an investigation of the
conduct & opinions of some of our Judges, who stand at the
head of the federalists, & continued in office
notwithstanding the over throw of their Party. Jefferson's
Administration is I think entitled to all your praise - & as
he will not serve again, I think his probable (the present
Vice President) will equally claim your approbation for his
uprightness, &, what in these times is very necessary, for
his Decision & firmness - On the subject of war, most people
judge here differently from what I apprehend you do in
Europe - We expect it. The calamities it will produce are
known to everybody - universally spoken off & admitted - the
ruin of our Commerce & of every occupation connected with it
is held up in the strongest point of view by the English
Agents & factors - & underated by no one - but nevertheless
(except the English agents & factors) almost everyone is ready &
willing to bear his share of those inconveniences &
calamities. With the English Agents & factors must be
counted the leading Mercantile federalists in the Commercial
cities - if in [truth?] they are not the same thing with
different names - but the other federalists in the Country
parts partake very much of the general Spirit. The claims
of Great Britian [Britain?] to the right of search & impressment might
have remained undecided upon, but for the affair of the
Chesapeak & the report of the West India Committee which
insists upon the neccessity [necessity?] of destroying almost all neutral
commerce with belligerents - these have now brought into
discussion the whole of her pretensions & awakened the
remembrance of all her conduct towards America since 1793.
The result is that the most moderate feel the necessity of
repressing those pretensions & resenting that combat at some
period; & the most reflecting imagine that no period can
promise better than the present. The first consequences of
the war are admitted & calculated upon - but the ultimate
effects of it on the colonial system manufactures &
commerce of England, & even upon [her?] manual strength if
she should fail in the Baltic, & be unable to supply herself
with Naval stores from thence an anticipated as fully
equivalent to the misfortunes of its commencement French
politics have nothing to say to these sentiments - tho
[though?] undoubtedly in the event of a rupture, America
would endeavour to turn to the best advantage the alliance
with france & in the West [Indies?] [seas?] was the two
powers united, & the ports of each opened to the cruising
Ships of the other would embarrass England much beyond what
she had even experienced in that quarter - Adieu my good
friend Mrs [E?] & my three eldest unite in the most
affectionate remembrance with [yours?] very sincerely

T.A. Emmet

I request you will remember me most kindly to your brother &
such of my old friends as still feel an interest for me.