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Title: Eliza Fitzgerald, New York to Michael Cahill, Quebec.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFitzgerald, Eliza/24
SenderFitzgerald, Eliza
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationseamstress
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, New York, USA
DestinationQuebec, Canada
RecipientCahill, Michael
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipsister and brother in law
SourceEmigrant letters of The Fitzgerald Family,Co.Tipperary, 1829-1907. Copyright reserved by Edwina Goddard, 750 San Fernando St., San Diego, CA92106, U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9511085
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Word Count730
TranscriptTranscribed by Edwina Goddard

Old Irish Letters

Letter from Eliza Fitzgerald, New York City, New York, 4 December
To Michael Cahill, Quebec, Canada.
Addressed to Mr.Cahill, Care of Lemeseure & Co., Quebec.
Postmarked: New York, 4 Dec, 10 cts; another mark not readable.
Blue-gray paper, creased on folds,minor tearing, stains, folded and
in fair condition. Sealed with red sealing wax.

New York December 1845

My Dear Brother inlaw
Your kind and ever welcome letter
was duly received by me on the 25th of November Mrs.M Mahan
having been detained in troy [?] previous to her coming to this
City. Her son was not in employment when she called--but she
expected to get him settled in a few days. I was very glad to
hear from you and my sister and I was very sorry to hear of my
poor sisters child. It must be very distressing to her and very
sorry to hear of your excellent fathers being deprived of his
health. It is indeed a comfort to think he is willing to leave
this vale of woe and meet that tribunal of divine justice when
Man must give an account of every settlement. I wrote to you last
winter but I suppose you did not get it after I came home from
Pensylvania [Pennsylvania?] last fall.I left College Place. The
Ladys all getting married, they had not sewing sufficient to
employ a constant seamstress so they got me a situation with one
of their friends where I am still and very good situation. I have
been four months this summer in the County. I spent the greater
part of the time in Hyde Park, Dutchess County a very
beautifull [beautiful?]

(Page 2)
situation on the Hudson River ninety miles from the City. I spent
a very pleasant summer there, the only difficulty is being so far
from a Catholick [Catholic?] Church. I had seven miles to go to
Church [my?] [lord?] but the family was very kind in sending me as
often as I chose to go. I think thats the greatest difficulty in
this country but we should not forget our confidence in Divine
Providence and the blessed hopes of a Glorious immortality in a
world to come. I had a letter from my brother a few days since. He
is well and still in the same place. I was very anxious for him
to come to this City this winter but he seems to like the
west better. He is one of the best workmen in this state. I
would give anything to have him with me as I seem a
lone [alone?] in the world.
I thank you very much for your kind
invitation to come to Quebec I assure you. I dont regard expenses
but I cannot seem to find time without relinquishing my
situation which perhaps would not be easy to find one so good.I
dont promise but if I realy [really?] can get one month next
summer I will go down to see you all. I glad to hear that my
sister Bridget is doing well. Its more than I expected. I was
sorry Wm [William?] Hynes cant get constant work. You did not let
me know whether she was in Quebec or not.

(Page 3)
Please to give my love to Mary and tell her that I have one of
the handsomest Prayer Books in New York to send her as soon as I
can get an offer going. I saw a gentleman from Quebec Mr.Graves
he told me he saw you and sister. He is a cousin to the family I
live with. He is gone to Europe. My old friend Ann Kavanagh has
got married this summer to a yankee and is gone to reside in New
Orleans. He is in good business there. I felt half inclined to go
myself as I like the southern climate much better than the
north. I had a letter from home in September. They were all well
there. The accounts are very bad in the paper about the Potatoe [potato?]
Crop. Every thing is on the rise in this City, flour is seven or
eight $ per barrel. Coals and provisions of every description
rates high this winter. People keeping house has got plenty to do
but trade is no good,wages is the same.
I suppose you will be tired of this
scribbled letter.I realy [really?] dont believe you can read it
as my pen is so bad. Mechanick [Mechanic?] faulting my tools. Give
my kindest remembrance to all your brothers and sisters and all
the enquiring [inquiring?] friends in Quebec and I hope Marys
Prayer Book will reach her safe.
Ever your affectionate sister
(In margin)
Write as soon as you get the Book.
Direct to me 101 Franklin Street

This letter is in the possession of Edwina
T.Goddard (Mrs.W.R.Goddard).
750 San Fernando Street
San Diego, California 92106.