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Title: Philip Formby, Dunton Colorado to Mrs Myles L Formby, England
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileFormby, Philip/18
SenderFormby, Philip
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationminer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDunton, Colorado, USA
DestinationGoring on Thames, Oxfordshire, England
RecipientCarrissima, Mrs Myles L. Formby
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipbrother and sister in law?
SourceT 2404/2: Copied by Permission of Wing Commander Myles Formby, Dundaig House, Mascoquin, County Londonderry #TYPE EMG Philip Formby, Dunton, Dolores Co.[County?], Colorado, America , to "My Dear Carrisima", Mrs Myles L. Formby, Goring on Thames, Oxford, [
ArchivePublic Record Office,Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007034
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log19:07:1990 TSFS#CREATE created 20:11:1991 WJC inpu
Word Count631
TranscriptTo: Mrs Myles L Formby
Goring on Thames
Oxon [Oxfordshire?]

Dolores Co[unty?].

June 23 1901

My dear Carrisima
I was indeed sorry to hear
of poor Roger's death, I think
it is very sad and hard to
see a promising way out off [of?]
just as he has made a good
start in life and is full of
high hopes and ambition, but
I suppose we have to take it
as it comes, it must have
been a hard blow to you
all at home and also to poor
Hugo who I suppose will
miss him as he would his
right arm. I did not write
to enquire about it as
though by a casual reference
in a letter of Cz [Cousin?] Anne's I
had known of the event for
some time, seeing no one
had written me even a
line about it from Goring
I could hardly think of was
a fact. I hear from Regi
also that Lonnie is in
S[outh?]. Africa I sincerely trust
that he may be preserved in
the hour of danager, I have
no news of special intrest
life out West continues
to be of the strenuous
order of things. I am
working as a miner, I
get fair pay but the air
is bad and I have to work
at night which i do not like
as I cannot
sleep well in the day time
I work from 6p.m. to
3a.m. and have to walk
home a mile, the mines
here have the drawback
of being full of a heavy
gas which inflames
the eyes and makes one
nearly blind at times
But the family have
to be fed etc and so I
have to earn wages at
something - I wish it
it (sic) were so I could
work on my own mine
where the air is much
better, but though it is
getting a better property
right along the mineral
in it is not yet rich
Enough to pay for
treatment - Our hotel we
have let at fair figures
for 3 years and as things
in this camp at last
appear to be getting
substantically better it may
come out alright yet
Two lots of capitalists
have already started on
undertaking here that
will increase the No [number?] of
men employed in the
camp from 75 - now
to probably 200 - 300 men
I am sorry to say that
as things are looking up
it appears certain that
I shall have to send my
wife and children out, (I
suppose to England) as
Myttie seems to be steadily
losing her health and less
and less able to do what
comparatively little she
has to do - the principal
trouble is an ag[g?]ravated form
of Prolapsus which will
need not only thorough
treatment - but also a
complete rest which she
cannot get here, as it
is not possible to even
get help to do our washing
and a doctor will charge
not less than 6- to 7-
to just make a single
visit - Myttie has had
a patient of her own for
nearly 6 weeks a man
was brought here with
his hands nearly blown
off with Dynamite
and as he had no funds
the D[octo?]r came once and that
the man has his hands
and his life from blood
poisoning is to her credit
entirely, it was a disgusting
subject to handle with
no pay and sparse thanks
I am glad to say that
the little girls are strong
and well but I wish they
were away from contact
with the American children
here as they seem to have
a particular faculty for
acquiring all that is objectionable
in the native speech
Well dear Carrisima
hoping this will find you
all well and fairly happy
With my best love to
my Father yourself and
the girls I am yours
Very affectionately
Philip Formby