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Title: David Baily, Boston to John Bailey, Co. Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBaily, David/75
SenderBaily, David
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBoston, Mass., USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientBailey, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2332/1: Copied by Permission of J. Bailey Esq, Cloghcorry, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8903169
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Transcript[Paid 25?]

Mr John Bailey
rooskey [Rousky?] County of
Tyrone parish of
Donanghady [Donaghedy?] [in?]
Ship [Letter?]

Boston January 1 1827

Dear Brother it is through the mercy of
GOD that [we?] [have?] the privelige [privilege?] of
Communicateing [communicating?] to each other by writing
as the distance that is between us Hasnt
our mutual and verbal conversation
I was determined to write to you some time ago
but as I have sent and recd [received?] letters from
my brother Wm [William?] with a succinct
account of things [in?] [general?] which was verry [very?]
pleasing to me. I hoped that they [the?] letters that
sent was equally satisfactory to you but
lest there [should?] [be?] [any?] [?] arise in your
mind that I esteemed one of you above another
or if I have wounded the [mind?] of my brothers
or been the instrument at [a-?] disagreeable
feeling between them I sincerely ask your
pardons knowing that I Didnt ignorantly
and not willingly. I have nothing of interest
to write only that I have seen a grate [great?] many
[strange?] places and faces since I left you
I have stayed in boston since December 1826
and it about 422 miles from the place
that I lived in, in Champlain the way that
this travail is I am 32 miles above the falls
of niagara 22 miles above Buffalo the state
of ohio is 190 miles west of this place
pensilvany [Pennsylvania?] is 90 miles in the same Direction
I am well suited with this place I have
bought a small place near the vilage [village?] of Boston
Containing between 4 and 5 acres of land render good
improvements and there is 3 building on same
place 2 of them if framd [framed?] and the other's a log
house it is mad [made?] for a barn amg [among?] the framd [framed?] houses
[?] for a shop and the other is [?]
for a Dwelling hous [house?] it is not finished yet
but there is one room that is comfortably
Done off. There is 40 [bedding?] apple trees on it also
I am to pay 250 Dollars for said place in
3 years from this Day and there I will get
A sufficient [Deed?] [for?] every [said?] place
rent free, I have not sold my other
place in Champlain but left it with g. [person?]
to sell if he could, I payed [paid?] for my
boarding this last year 1 Dollar and 25 cents
per week I works for my self and carry
on busines [business?] alone I can get any kind
of victualing [victualling?] and [clothing?] or any other
article for work except money that is
verry [very?] scarce in this place, indian corn is
50 cents per bushel wheat is 75 cents per [bushel?]
beef is 2 Dollars and 50 Cents per Cwt porke [pork?] is 3 dol [dollars?]
[per?] [cwt?] potatoes 18 cents per bushel chees [cheese?] 4 cents per lb
butter 12 Cents
I recd [received?] a letter from Wm [ William?] in las [last?] August
I expected to see him self and family here
he required an answer immediately in order
that he should make redy [ready?] to come next year
but if he has to think of it yet I may
give up hopes of ever seeing him if he keeps
one year between him and the time he [starts?]
and hard time was so plenty when I was there
that I will not go back to ireland [Ireland?] again
No more at present but remains your
affectionate David Baily

Boston January 1 1827
Dear Brother it is not easy to Discribe [describe?] the
censation [sensation?] of sorrow and joy that accompanied
the Disappointed tear when I carefully [sura-?]
[same?] letter [?] [?] [?] to hear
that you are all well I was sorry that I had not
the pleasure of seeing you Do not wish to
encourage you to [too?] much lest any thing
should happen by the way but if you do happen to come here
you will find afriend [a friend?]
the passage on the canall [canal?] is redused [reduced?] 1 cent per
mile each pasenger [passenger?] and the Children free
thom [them?] under 12 years [?] house furniture
is caried [carried?] cheaper than any other baggage the [they?] will
cairy [carry?] a trunk or chest that will not exceed
60 lb for each if you cant bring [?] tools
sell them. I have tools plenty for brother
to work till you get more and [plenty?] for 3 years
probably that brother [?] would take
[?] [?] [?]
I Dont know what [par-?] [G linn?] and
he got [drunk?] very often and that was
a place where he can indulge his sensual
[appetite?] at very little [expense?] I guess that
was [provocation?] of the disagreement If
I had thoughts that you would have told
of it I would not so much as [intimated?]
to you she woul [would?] be glad to hear from home
but I Do not know where she is now
I wish that brother John or
you would write to me as soon
as you get this letter [send?] it
I add no more but remains yours
David Baily to Wm [William?] baily
I send my love to all my sisters and brothers
and frend [friends?]
is 1 Dollar
per lb
I can get
no [tinfoil?]
I am not married yet