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Title: Barbara Gage, [Scotland?] to Rev Robert Gage, Rathlin.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGage, Barbara/88
SenderGage, Barbara
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationRathlin Island, N.Ireland
RecipientRev. Robert Gage
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1883/73: Copied by Permission of D. B. McLaughlin Esq.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9403050
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 09:03:1994.
Word Count553
Transcript22 Castle Street

My dearest Papa
I think it is now full
time that I should write you a line
to say something of what we are
about tho' [though?] I own I feel as you do
about the writing to [?] that as
mama writes so regularly I will
have nothing new to say but I
must not think that but just
some times [sometimes?] write at any opportunity
We are asked to a luncheon
party to-day to Mr Mackenzie's
of [Muirton?], we are to be at Miss
Elphinston's in the evening and
Mama is to dine on Friday at
Capt [Captain?] Thomsons (you know he married
one of the [--nders?]) they do not seem
to be very nice people at least
she is not He is a sensible Man
& quite agreeable but I believe
they are not in the best society
but Mama thought it better to
go to them for this once & then have
done with them they hinted in their
note that we were to be asked to
an evening party some day next
week but we intend to be engaged
to go down to take tea with the
Harrisons. - it is really difficult
here for such a large party to get
seats in church, however we just
divide & so get seats for Charity
as they will not let them under
six months or a year so we
cannot be thought mean in not
paying; we always get one seat
& sometimes two in -t [St?] Johns from
Miss Elphinston.- Surely
soon after Mr Holmes returns
you will think of paying us a
visit, I am sure for a little
time you cd [could?] enjoy yourself here
very much Miss Elphinston is
frequently asking when you are
coming she is very curious to
see you._ When we visited
Colonel Ferguson the other day
we met for the first time his
brother Sir Adam, you would
have heard his name in
conjunction with Sir W [Walter?] Scott
dont you remember the story of
"If ye canna speak ye can [sing?]".
He is very amusing indeed He told
us of his visit to Fairhead, when
He was staying With G.Papa [Grandfather?] he was
forced to go & see it from the top
tho' [though?] his head was so giddy that
he was afraid, however when they tied
a rope round him & put his head
over he firmly closed His eyes &
at the same time called out loud
"What a splendid view, oh let me
stay a little longer" - but He told
it uncommonly well. - [Nancy Mc----?]
sends a message to her people to say
she is now beginning to like Edinburgh
& will write to them in a few days & her
particular love to Sally - I think Robt [Robert?]
is rather lazy with his pen I must
write soon & try to [rouse?] it - We are very
glad to get the newspapers - Your ever
most affectionate daughter B. [Barbara?] Gage

I am trying to get a scotch newspaper to
send you. - did you see how Sir William
MacNaghten is censured for his government
of Cabul. - What a fine achievement
for the British is the taking of [A---y?]
all send their love I need not name
them individually.