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Title: David Alexander, Omagh to "Dear Brother", Ontario.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAlexander, David/30
SenderAlexander, David
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOmagh, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland
DestinationOntario, Canada
RecipientAlexander, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Donald Alexander, Box 7, Wellington, Canada
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park.
Doc. No.9511126
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Doc. TypeLET
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February the 15th 1892

Dear brother after the long silence I now take up my
pen to let you know that we are all well at present
thanks be to God for his kind mercies to us and hoping
these few lines will reach you all enjoying the same
able going Dear brother I was sorry to hear of the
death of your son William and also of your son Robert
loosing [losing?] his arm but it is the Lord's will and
it must be done Dear brother I hope you will excuse
me for not wrighting [writing?] to you of father's death he died
on the 14th of February he had got very feeble and
[---less?] I sent you on a newspaper [stained] the time and
I expected a letter ---m [from?] you and neglected at the

Letters sent from Alexander Farm, Omagh,to Hillier farm

Dear brother
My family has all got maried [ married? ] Samuel
and Seragh [Sara?] the young son and daughter Saragh [Sara?]
got married in June 90 and Samuel got maried [married?] in
November 90 and him and his wife lives in
the house with me times is prety [pretty?] dull here
at present the crop was not up to an average this
season the flat crop was a total failure and the
meadow hay was all nearly lost the weather brock
[broke?] in the middle of July and rained steady on
till [until?] the meadows were all lost and father
got very dear upland hay is from 5 to 6 pounds per
ton and straw is from 3 to 4 pounds per ton and cattle
is scarce the half price the [they?] ware [were?] owing to the
scarcity of father a case that you would get œ4 pounds
for last year you [-----?] scarse [scarce?] get three
for it now so is a great many disapointed [disappointed?]
in rising of [cattle?] [stained]
[----lets?] are a pretty fair price here at the
---ent [moment?] Corn is from eight to ten pence per stone, oat meal
œ12 per ton Indian meal is œ7 per ton best flour is
œ16 per ton potatoes is from 3 to 4 pence per stone
butter is 1 shiling [shilling?] per pound eggs is 10
pence per dozen pork is œ2 & 5 shillings per hundred
beef from 6 to 8 pence per pound we have had a very
backward season here since July last we have had
continual rain with very little snow untill [until?]
the new year set in and since we have had too [ two? ]
heavy falls since and it looks as if we are going to
have another it is snowing at the present time labour
is prety [pretty?] far back at present owing to the
season being so very [stained] there is a new disease
at present [stained] out in this country the [they?] call
it the influeansy [influenza?] it is very rife in this
country it was not knowing [known?] in this country
till two years ago and the doctor does not no [know?]
anything about it but it has took a great off (sic) in short
warning the farming in this country is not paying to [too?]
well at present the failure of flax and the downfall
of cattle will be a great drawback in this country but
we will not feel it so badly brother Williams family
and us works at roads and we are [pretty?] heavy in
we will have about 220 pounds coming in the beginning
of March and 100 in July for the year and consider it
is easier than farming Sister Margret henry Orr
is well sister Susan William McCula [McCullagh?] and
family is well [no-?] [stained] I send my love to you
and wife and family and sister Jane and family and
all en[stained] [enquiring?] friends in the kindest
maner [manner?] I rem[stained] [Remain?] your brother David Alexander.