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Title: Hugh A. Graham, Pittsburgh to Walter Smyth, [Belfast?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGraham, Hugh A/90
SenderGraham, Hugh Abraham
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationworks at a liquor trading company
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
RecipientSmyth, Walter
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipposs. brothers
SourceT 2186: Copied by Permission of Mrs J. A. Henderson, 54 Donaghadee Road, Bangor Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8903149
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Word Count375
TranscriptJas [James?] Getty Office 180 First Ave. Telephone [347?]
Importers of Office of Importers
Choice Brands of GETTY & CO., of
Wines, Brandies Distillers' Store Beer and Ales
and Wholesale Dealers in also
Champagnes. Premium Whiskies - In Export
Sole Agents Bond or Tax Paid. and
For the Large Holders of Bonded Cincinnati Beer
Sheboygan Whiskies, Pennsylvania Ryes and
Mineral Water Kentucky Bourbons.
Company and 180 and 182 Firt Avenue, and
Badger State 141 Water Street.
Ginger Ale.

Pittsburgh, Pa. [Pennsylvania?] Nov. 4th 1892

Walter Smyth Esq

My dear Walter
You no doubt will be surprised to hear
from me after the lapse of so many months,
You will notice by the paper on which I write
that I have left the Tea business and am only
sorry that I ever got into it, but coming here
as I did was glad to take the first opening that
that was offered. I have been with this house
now for over a year and have a fairly good
position the only trouble I have is my health
which the Tea trade cost me and which I
am afraid will never be what it was -
No doubt you will give me no credit for getting
into this line however all I can say is that
I wish I had struck it when I came here at
first I would today have had both health
and money, and although so many people
look with disfavour on the Liquor trade I
can say that there is no business in this
country conducted with more honesty
and straightforwardness than this, the law
of this state are probably the stictest in
the world governing the Liquor trafic [traffic?] and
they are enforced to the letter besides that
there is a good percentage in the business
which leases the [they?] have no occasion to do [as?]
grocers and other merchants do (water the
sugar or stretch the cloth) you buy good
certain strength and quality and they have
to be that and are sold for the regular
market price which varies (as in other
cases) according to supply and demand
I expect next year to be an applicant for
wholesale Liquor licence myself backed


up by the house I am now with so if
I have my kind of luck for a few years
I may yet regain what I have lost. In
regard to drink it seems to me those employed
in the business drink least with
of course the usual exceptions. Now I
fancy this is enough for you at present I
want you to write me (c/o of the house
and let me hear how you all are I hope
well) also remember to Father, Mother,
Aunt and any enquiring friends
Yours truly
Hugh Abraham