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Title: James Gray, Bangor, Co. Down, To His Son, Hugh, New York.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGray, James/192
SenderGray, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBangor, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientGray, Hugh
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3701: Deposited by James P. Gray
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9502258
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TranscriptTo: Mr. Hugh Gray Painter
118 Lawrence Str [Street?]
New York

From: James Gray,
County Down,

Bangor 13th Novr. [November?] 1837

Dear Hugh,
I have waited in expetation [expectation?] to heare
[hear?] from you and family but hope delayed, maketh the heart
sick, we had a few lines from Charles. Since yours of 15th May,
"when I, last wrote you, I was in Expectation of Receiving Letters
in abundance. so many Vessals [Vessels?] having been advertized
[advertised?] here for N. [New?] York, however I understand those
who did arive [arrive?] safe, few or aney [any?] of the seamen
were on shore.
Wm [William?] Mc[Donnal?] returned a percil [parcel?] sent by
the Mess Aris - William Tomison Just stept [stepped?] ashore to
taste the Grog. Capt. [Captain?] Lennox lost his ship and is not
yet returned. the Vessal [Vessel?] Willy sloan took Charles letter
& percil [parcel?] was also lost. which was the cause of the letter
only ariving [arriving?] However if no spring ships are coming to
Belfast write by Liverpool and give us a full detail of your
Circumstances, during the various Morral [Moral?] & Political
changes which has occured [occurred?] in your country" - as we [?]
have siverly [severely?] felt the effects of both. we had a very
cold and unhealthey [unhealthy?] spring with a great maney [many?]
symptoms of favour [fever?] some of which proved fatal, and also
an unusual and sivere [severe?] visit of small pox which, spared
neither old nor young, and is not yet subsided thanks to divine
providence we have all escaped - A letter arived [arrived?] the
other day from John Barr, and on the following one from Saml
[Samuel?] & David Rea. they were Recovering from an attack of
favour [fever?] John Dier is Removed to Newtown Ards [Newtownards?]
- your Br [Brother?] Henry is at home at present the school at
Woodvale is given up, he made great progress while there. Mr. & Mrs.
Woodss & family had him to dine with them friquently [frequently?]
and was much atached [attached?] to him. I wrote you and Charles
for advice concerning his future prospects but no answer" Mr Master
is to be married to D. Jacksons Widow and is to leave for Belfast,
perhaps we will get a hearing teacher in his place. I had a few
lines from John yesterday the could [cold?] with slight frosts on
the Mountains is confining him to his apartments he was tolerable
[tolerably?] well all summer and must have had many providental
Escapes from favour [fever?]. your sister Sarah was married to
Saml [Samuel?] McMuchin June 9th and still lives here. I do not
know how we will Want her, as your Sister Margt [Margaret?] is
nearly incapable of aney [any?] stirring demestick [domestic?]
Work." from the Repeated affects [effects?] of Rumatic [Rheumatic?]
pains. Isabella is still Working houseKeeper. which is not giving
her the same opertunity [opportunity?] her sisters had for
improvements, she thinks some of these summers that she'l [she will?]
gang up an [and?] see Belfast. I have had thank God tolerable health,
since I last wrote. but am dreading the Aproach [Approach?] of Winter.
I Tended all the painting in Mr. Woods. & Mr. Whites, Senr [Senior?]
& Juner [Junior?]. & papered 3 Rooms in different houses all of
Which Seemed to give satisfaction.. also the front Walls of Dr
[Doctor?] Wilsons House after Which I Demanded his Acct [Account?]
which occupied both his mind & time for 3 weeks. I persisted acording
[according?] to the advice of a friend to withold my acct [account?]
to his was produced which amounted to but [?] you behold
his lustfull [lustful?] stance when I produced 5.7.2 and Recd
[Received?] he demand [demanded?] the [?] which I paid
him. after your mothers death. I have cured him of that very
obstinant [obstinate?] complaint he has lingured [lingered?] under
this 20 years which has at the Least gained me 50 friends.
I think it very strange that Wm [William?] Cummings daughter niver
[never?] applyed [applied?] here for her mothers share of the Legacy,
50 [pounds] is already set apart for her and a considerable sum more
may yet be expected which is at present at law. Mr. McNeal attn.
[attention?] Larn [Larne?]. Co. [County?] Antrim have agent, Ere
these comes [sic?] to hand you'l [you will?] have our new Queens
Speech at the opening of A New and severely contested parliment
[parliament?]. Belfast has at length Retrived [Retrieved?] theire
[their?] lost fame by the Return of 2 Libberals [Liberals?]. the
same parties came in contact Last week at an election for 5 police
commissioners which terminated in the return of 5 Libberals
[Liberals?], which completely tested the respectability of the
Libberals [Liberals?], over the Aring [Erning?]. Conservatives
as the qualifications was those who paid 4 police taxes your
Mother & Br.inlaw [Brother-in-law?] is well
I have heard that Walley Whitley serv? [served?] her with Letters
of Ejectment and Thos [Thomas?] McCulloch had taken the field.
Mrs Rea is recovering all the rest is well the Miss Orrs & Br.
[Brother?] is well Wm [William?] Campbell & Wife are very frail
and thinks John very Negligent all our Neighbours are well, and
James your Sisters & Brothers
To you & Charles Letitia & the Little ones in there and our best

When you mentioned the steam packets we entertain some hope of
again seeing some of you _ I hope Charles is conducting himself
well Revd [Reverned?] Henry Lightbody is to be moved immediately
to Miss Robinson An[--?] [hiet?], if no opertunity [opportunity?]
Occur I will post pay this letter to Liverpool
I'm giving you an Obituary since my list [last?] letter you'l
[you'll?] recognise some names with regrett [regret?] Mr. Hugh &
John White Junr [Junior?] - Thos [Thomas?] McClain [McClean?]
Hillman to Do [Doctor?] Cunigham [Cunningham?] Mullholand
[Mullholland?] & Mr.Clark of John Agnews farm S.Pace Mr McMinn?]
Do [Doctor?] Andrew Mc Meghan & Billey [Billy?] Letch [Leitch?]
Brown Senr [Senior?] Bob Clark - you have already heard of Mr
Patterson - Frederick Batey [Beatty?] Jos [Joseph?] Mc Herral
Seaman Favian Demerara there was a great many others which I
cannot at present mention I think I mentioned to you about
Billey [Billy?] Brandey being a widow [widower?]
Henry is always Expecting a fiddle there is no person in this
town can compare with him in flute playing Except some of the
old Militia staff he wishes to Know whither [whether?] it was
[stained] Turkeys or roast Beef Graced your table on Halloween
when you write I hope you will aprove [approve?] of your sisters
choice in a husband they are very attentive and kind to me
McVaries [McVarry's] warehouse was entered the other night and
a number of Locks broken in searh [search?] of property but was
disapointed [disappointed?] the suspect a slate Makers Sone
[son?] & a hors [horse?] - Jockey's potatoes 6d to 7d per Bushel.
Meal [11s?] to [13s/6] per [stained] you'l [you'll] have some
trouble in reading these please rember [remember?] us to Mr. &
Mrs Blackwood and family & all your relations and Bangor friends.
The Miss Mc Murrey [McMurray?] & friends is all well
John Magee arived [arrived?] fron Down Patrick [Downpatrick?]
after obtaining the benefit of the Insolvent Act, he had 22 of
stipand [stipend?] & 8 Borrowed from Mr Pattison - for which he
gave them Orthodox payment In conclusion I remain with Affection
towards you all
Your father James Gray