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Title: Andrew Greenlees, Grand Rapids, to Brothers and Sisters.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreenlees, Andrew/14(2)
SenderGreenlees, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipsiblings to their family
SourceT 2046/9: Copied by Permission of Aiken Mc Clelland Esq. 3 Beechill Pk. Ave. Saintfield Rd. Belfast 8. #TYPE EMG Emigrant Letter from Andrew and Lucy Greenlees, Grand Rapids [Michigan?] to Brothers and Sisters: April 3 1860.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8911009
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log10:11:1989 LT created 20:06:1990 CD input 20:06:19
Word Count1052
TranscriptGrand Rapids April 3rd 1860

Dear Brothers & Sisters
I (or we) recieved [received?] Fathers letter yesterday, which reminds me of my promise to answer your last forth with. Fathers letter had rather a long rough passage being aboard the steam packet Hungarian which perished at sea last February. his letter with many others were saved from the wreck andm after some delay forwarded to their places of destination you are all (it seems anxious to hear from me to know whether I have got right well again or not. I think I Can make you all glad by telling you I am well and able to attend to the buisness [business?] of the farm as usual my lungs however are rather weak and it is probable will be for some time yet. (but with a little care through this summer I have no doubt will be as well as ever by next fall thus you see Gods judgments [judgements?] are always full of mercy so that with David we can sing both of mercy and of judgment [judgement?] no doubt God seeth [sees?] we [?] need to be thus afflicted lest our hearts should be lifted up with prosperity and become
[l?]umbered to [too?] much about the things of this world. Good health
though one of the greatest earthly blessings ever bestowed on man yet is the least thought of while we enjoy it, but when we are deprived of it for
a season then we begin to appreciate it just so with all every day blessings we are apt to think little of them untill [until?] once [deprived?] of them. since my last to you things seem to human appearance to be rather working against me. I lost an excelent [excellent?] mare last winter she cost about thirty five pounds sterling, she was killed by a kick from her mate I'm afraid I shall lose another young horse he has been sick for some time thus you see in temporal things the current keeps against me yet I feel assured that all things are working together for my good. we had a very severe winter, while it lasted, spring came in early and good so far it is the best spring we have had since I have been in the country and looks favourable for a bountifull [bountiful?] season I have got my wheat in some time ago and expects to finish my oats to morrow [tomorrow?], then I have got 40 acres to plough yet for corn I hope to be ready to plant by the first of may which will be rather early I will now try to answer some of the queries in your last first with what Church are we connected,. the New School presbeterian [Presbyterian?] last year our minister was a young
scotch man, this year an old man preaches for us our congretation
[congregation?] is rather small, the difference betwixt here and there in
the mode of worship is not essential we are not so secterian [sectarian?]
here as you are in the old country, [We?] not use the old version of the
psalms of David we use a collection of hymns principally, [Watts?], with a
different version of the Psalms, occassionally [occasionally?], there is no
such thing as explaining the Psalms with us
if a minister wants to preach from the Psalms he does so at once,
our services are if any thin[g?] perhaps shorter and more varied than with
you, in short I like the mode of worship in this country best though at
first I did not as for the revival you know as much about it from the
public press, as we do it certainly was a great work you seem to think there are a great many different branches of the presbeterian [Presbyterian?] church in this country, and so there are thirty six in all, I will not enumerate them it would be to [too?] tedious neither do I know that I could name them all if I would try the only difference (or essential) betwixt the new and old school, is on the slavery question the old S. [school?] being rather pro slavery admitting slave holders to Church membership this the New S. [school?] syndicates holding no Church fellowship with slave holders though we belong to the P. S. Presbeterian [Presbyterian?] yet it is of necessity, we have no congregational church convenient or we would belong to it I like that mode of Church government the best it is more democratic, more in unison with a republican government the church do not delegate the power to a chosen few to trasact [transact?] all the buisness [business?] of the church all buisness [business?] must be laid before the whole Church and every member has a right to discuss, and vote for or against the measure as he may seem fit, the majority ruling as regards the sunday school I think I told you before that we have none in the winter season the severity of the weather prevents children from attending in the country in the Citys [cities?] it continues all year our shool [school?] will commence the first of may, as a matter of course we will both take part in it I think I have answered pretty much all your questions and must now draw to a close as it is getting late and I have been harrowing all day and feels ready to enjoy a good nights rest. I almost forgot to acknowledge the receipt of your wedding cards which were duly received I wish you would send us the likness [likeness?] of yourself and better half and we will return the compliment with three heads instead of two I must now bid you farewell you see I have written a long letter remember us at a throne of grace and though seperated [separated?] far, by sea and land let our prayers ascend up together to the throne above if not personally with (at least) for each other.
we are yours very affectionately
Andrew & L J Greenlees
please forward the inclosed [enclosed?] and give my kindest regards and best
wishes to sister Jane (or Mrs John Greenlees) and tell her I would like her
to write me a good long letter the first time she gets a chance
your affectionate sister