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Title: Andrew Greenlees, Troy, New York to Parents [Ireland?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreenlees, Andrew/19
SenderGreenlees, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginTroy, New York, USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipson to parents
SourceT 2046/4: Copied by Permission of Aiken Mc Clelland Esq. 3 Beechill Pk. Ave. Saintfield Rd. Belfast 8. #TYPE EMG Emigrant Letter from Andrew Greenlees, Troy, New York to his Parents: August 3 1854.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8911020
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1056
TranscriptTroy August 3rd 1854

my dear Parents
once more I sit down to
ad[d?]ress a few lines to you, hoping the[y?] will find
you all well for this life and preparing for
that which is to come, Death has once
more been knocking at our door, Daniel -
- Mr Dowall is numbered with the silent
dead he died yesterday at one o clock he was
buried to day [today?] and I am just now returned
from the funeral from paying the last tribute
of respect to a near and dear friend, but I have
every reason to believe he has bid farewell to
the sorrows of earth and exchanged them for the
joys of Heaven we ought not therefore to mourn
as th[ose?] who have no hope his mortal remains
we have commit[t?]ed to the tomb in hopes of a
Glorious ressurection [resurrection?], I suppose you are already
aware he has been sick since ever he left home
and from the first time I see him I had but
little hopes of his recovery, I went over to see
him last saturday night and found
him very ill I stopped all night expecting
he would not survive till morning
he did survive and was a great deal better
than he had been for sometime back I then
left him and come home and after Church
in the evening I returned to see him expecting
that it would probably be the last time I would
see him this side the grave [alive?] it proved to be so
I saw him no more untill [until?] the spirit had fled
to God who gave it he talked a good deal about
death he felt he was going the way of all the
living he talked much about Uncle John and
Aunt Nancy Oh Andy said he to me I
can now remember your Fathers advice which he
gave me I now see the necessity of religeon [religion?]
in a light which I never saw before he then became
delireous [delirious?] and reason did not return untill [until?] a short
time before he died when, he became quite sensible and
told his mother that she must sit by him that day
for it was his last one on earth he turned upon
his face and after committing his soul to God in
a short appropriate prayer he sweetly fell asleep
in Jesus, Poor Uncle & Aunt are almost
borne down with affliction nothing but one trouble
after another since the[y?] come here I need hardly
tell you of Roberts death as Alexander
wrote to you and would tell you all the particulars
I was boarding there at the time he died he was
always very friendly with me if I had been his own
son he could not have been more so, he asked
me to make his house my home while I stopped
in [Troy?] which I did while he lived and often upon
the sabbath morning we walked out together
to Church for he belonged to the second
Presperian [Presbyterian?] church and was a member of good
standing and respected by a large circle of friends
and acquaintenances [acquaintances?], his death deeply felt
both by his own and his Fathers family, but it
is Gods will and who can stay his hand or say unto him
what doest thou Alexander was unable to attend
Daniels funeral he is in a very crictical [critical?] state
of health he had to quit store keeping and go out
to the country to see what the country
air would do for him, you will therefore
remember when writing not to direct to his care or the
care of anyone Troy N[ew?] Y[ork?] America is quite enough
Eliza must not think it hard in them not writing as the[y?]
are so put about with one thing after another that they
cant [cannot?] compose their mind as yet to do any thing in
the way of writing I must tell you a
little about myself I ought to have wrote sooner
as you will think it hard of me neglecting you so long
you will probably say that I have forgot you but not
so that I can never do home what a word what a sweet
word to the homeless, I have no other excuse to
offer than the want of health I did not wish
to alarm you or I would have told you sooner
how I was situated I always put of[f?] writing
thinking I would be quite well and that I could
send you good news but it seems the reverse this last
six months the climate is preying upon my constitution
and wasting it down slow but suerly [surely?] I have not been
able to work more than the third of my time this
summer for so far, it is not my trade that is injuring
me it is the climate but I do not write this to alarm
you I only think it my duty to tell you exactly how I am
situated, I expect to be well as soon as the intense
heat is past the summer here has been very trying for us
for Cholera is now sweeping the city from the one end
to the other but all is in a good hand and unless
it be Gods will, no plauge [plague?] shall near thy dwelling
come nor ill to thee befall God has been trying
us this last year in various ways but it is all for
our good suerly [surely?] behind a frowning pr[?] he hides
a smiling face though we may be led to exclaim with
one of Gods children all these things are against us yet in
the end we will be led to see they are all for our
good, for all things works together for good to them
that love God, I must now bid you fare well [farewell?]
remember me to all
friends your loving son
Andrew Greenlees

P S Any letter are not intended for
any thing but your own perusal in the
family please dont [do not?] make public property of
them as there is nothing occu[rs?] at home of
any consequence but we had it all here before it be 4 weeks old and a
thoughtless word in a letter some times causes a good deal of anger
A G [Andrew Greenlees?]