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Title: Andrew Greenlees, Dayton, Ohio, to his Brother.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreenlees, Andrew/19(2)
SenderGreenlees, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginDayton, Ohio, USA
DestinationMagheramore, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
RecipientGreenlees, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 2046/13: Copied by Permission of Aiken McClelland Esq. 3 Beechill Pk. Ave. Saintfield Rd. Belfast 8. #TYPE EMG Andrew [Greenlees?], Dayton [Ohio?] to his Brother, September 7 1863.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8911036
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count928
TranscriptDayton Sept [September?] 7th 1863

Dear Brother we have had an
unnatural early frost coming on the
last days of august killing mostly
all the growing crops more especially
corn, potatoes and vines
generally consequently crops will be
rather light to gather this fall corn not
being near matured when killed will
make perhaps half a crop other cereals
about the same proportion
so this years crops wont make farmers
in this vicinity very [?] [rich?]
I dont know that I have any news to
write this time every thing at present
seems barren of interest of; I have some
news which I had almost forgot [forgotten?] to
tell you since my last we have had
an addition to our family another son
Charles Andrew born July 19 ult
a fine little fellow indeed
the world moves and so have I
need scarcely tell you of our recent victories
against the rebels for you are always informed
through the papers (that is if they can do so without
coloring [colouring?] it in favour of the south) suffice to say the
father of [writers?] at Mississipi [Mississippi?] is again per
the gardian [guardian?] at vicsburgh
has been untied or rather cut by the
gallant Grant, Port Hudson also [by?]
banks, cutting rebel [dom?] in two
by the middle leaving the two ends
of the [snake?] to write out its agony
as [b?]est it may, not counting the [dirty?]
skirmishing betwixt the opposing forces;
in regards battles in the month of July alone
we took from the enemy in killed wounded
and prisoners, the sum total of one hundred
thousand 100 000 chosem [chosen?] men this was
scarcely a good months work since then
the [dogs?] of [war?] has been let loose against
Charleston, the mother of rebels
at the present writing every prospect
indicates that that nest of traitors will
be burned with fire Gilmore has already
battered the famous Fort Sunpter [Sumpter?] to
a heap of ruins, and at last accounts
was shelling the city in your last
you ask to be excused for not entering into
the spirit of the war as enthusactic [enthusiastically?] as
I do I would not expect you to be quite
so much interested in the success of our
arms as if you were a citizen of our country
but suerly [surely?] no good citizen can feel
indiferent [indifferent?] as to the result
had Smith O Brien and his confederates
succeeded in their designs of rebelling
against the British government
and been so far successful as to raise
a great and [force?]ful army or five or six
armies if you please with the [?]
purpose of putting down the British
protestant government and establishing
in its room a papal tyrannical
despotism how would you have
felt on the subject
would you not have been ready and
willing at a moments notice & shouldered
your knapsack and musket and marched
to the defense [defence?] of your countrys dearest rights
it is so with me I am a citizen of this
country all my interests are here I look upon
this as my country which I love with a true patriots
heart and although it would be very
hard for me to leave my family (for I
love them dearly) yet should the draft
name me (as it has not yet) I will s[eek?]
no substitute nor no creep hole but march
at once to fight and if need be die for
my country it may so please God
to [?] our army with continued success
that the war will soon be over and
once again be established within our
borders and the supremacy of law order
and government established with
the fond spot of slavery erased from our
fair escutcheon and the bright star
of liberty and freedom established with room
our friends here are about as usual
I saw Aunt Greenleeses folks [at?] meeting
yesterday they are well we had an epispocalian [espiscopalian?]
preach for us yesterday and for one I liked
him very much he preached a fine
discourse on the education of and training
of children, from the words
train up a child in the way when
he is young and when he is old he will
not depart from it the house was
crowded more perhaps with an itching
curiosity, to hear and see the novelty of
the epispocal [episcopal?] service than to be benefited [benefitted?]
by the ministration of the gospel
let us hope and pray that the seed sown
may yet yield an abundant harvest
for indeed family government in this west country
is rather l[ax?] a great deal more so
than in the eastern states
I had a letter from cousin Helen
[?]ken (Johns oldest daughter) they are well
Roberts only child Theresa Jane
is dead I sympathize with Robet [Robert?] & Jane
deeply, she was a sweet child she used
when I lived east to be a great pet of mine
but she has been transplanted to the
world beyond, at the early age of twelve
years Cousin Elizabeth Moore or [Mrs?] [Skil?]len
by her Husbands name is also dead some
three months ago, also Elizabeth moore Roberts
only surviving girl has also been called
from time to eternity all these
providences admonishing us to be also
ready for the great change when it
shall come and may God bless
you and prosper you in the work of
the ministry and crown your [hopes?]
with abundant sucess [success?] is the prayer
of your loving Brother Andrew
P.S. I owe Father a letter
I will write when convenient
good bye [goodbye?] Andrew