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Title: Andrew Greenlees, Ottawa to John Greenlees, Magheramore
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGreenlees, Andrew/25
SenderGreenlees, Andrew
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOttawa, Illinois, USA
DestinationMagheramore, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
RecipientGreenlees, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD3561/A/26: The Papers of Prof E R R Green, Deposited by DR P R Green.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9903067
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Transcript Ottawa, October 15th 1856

My Dear Brother
By the good providence of God
I am again permitted to adress [address?] you by
letter, and as you will be more interested by hearing
about my self I shall occupy your attention on that
subject first, I am hearty and well I have not been
so fleshy since I left old Ireland as I am now. My
health is good and has been for some time back, tis
true I had fever & ague considerable through the
latter part of the summer but we don't think much
of that hear [here?] it is not dangerous and when
it leaves the system it generally carries all other
diseases with it which may be lurking round the
human frame, you enquire [inquire?] how I am getting
along in the work. I have always had enough to
eat for so far, and I expect the future wont
[won't?] be any worse than the past has been.
The expense of living hear [here?] is very heavy it
takes away a good many of the profits but at the same
time I think I can save a little, however Paul
says having food and raiment let us therewith be
content, it takes a stranger sometime to make a
start in a new country Capital is hard to be got
hold of especially to those who had no other means
of getting it save by the sweat of their brow. I
have a little capital but not enough to justify me
in making a purchase yet but I hope the time will
[faded] [come?] when I will be able to buy a place
of my own money fetches heav [heavy?]
interest ten per cen per annum is the common percen
[percentage?] if you knew any money lenders wishing
for to put their money out so I could find them a
customer and good security. I thought some of
borrowing thus or four hundred Dollars this fall
and going on to a farm but finally I concluded I
would not. out of debt out of danger. (so much
for the world) You ask whether I am engaged in any
sabbath sch [cut off] [school?] I am we have quite
an interesting sabbath school here in this
neighbourhood I am one of the superintendents
(we have two) we have also established
a prayer meeting we meet on Thursday evenings
the meeting is rather small but we must not desp
[cut off] [despair?] the day of small things we
have four who takes a part in the exercises of the
evening the other superintendent of the [-?] school
two of the teachers and myself I often think of home
when attending these meetings and the many privileges
I used to enjoy there I did not prize them then so
much as I would now blessings that we are in the habit
of receiving every day we dont think enough off [of?]
them until we are deprived of them for a season, and
then we see and feel the value of them we are both
gone out from the Paternal roof to fight our way
through the world and I trust well [we'll] both in our
different spheres exert an influ [stained] [influence?]
[for?] good. I was rather surprised when I heard
[stained] [you had?] gone off to the mission station
[cut off] [in?] the west I hope however you will be
the means of doing much good the harvest is plenty but
the labourers are few. I do not know your address
and I will have to send this to Father first, I received
a letter from him a week ago, twenty two days from
date I am sorry that Robert and Agnes has been so long
in affliction, I hope it will please him who has
cast down to raise up and to make whole, when you
write tell me more particularly what aileth Robert
I feel quite uneasy about him I'm afraid he is worse
than you let me know Agnes to [too?] has had a long
time [cut off] [of?] sickness I earnestly pray the
[they?] will both soon be [cut off] --stored
[restored?] to health and usefulness [cut off]
[A?] little now about the weather we have not had a
[cut off] rain since last spring every thing suffered
a little with the drouth [drought?] we have had
showers occasionally through the summer which kept
wheat and oats doing pretty well Corn is not so good
on account of so much dry weather, markets are tolerably
good wheat from 80 [cut off] [cents?] to a dollar per
60 pounds pottathoes [potatoes?] 50 cents [cut off]
[per?] bushel oats [-----?] corn [--] to 40 ditto &
[cut off] we are just upon the eve of a presidential
election [cut off] great excitement and great
enthusiasm is manifested [cut off] [by?] each party
each sanguine of success but [cut off] [he?] that
rules on high will eventually order all things for
his own Glo [stained] [Glory?] and his peoples [cut
off] [------?] Uncle Aunt and family [stained] [are?]
in there [their?] usual th [cut off] the old folks
both feel the infirmities of old age and are declining
in strength Uncle is not able [cut off]
much of any thing, I have [----- --- ---]
this year got [stained] to [stained] together well
in your last you [stained] to come home on a [cut off]
hunting excursion [stained] --pectis as you say are
not controlled elsewhere it is rather a [------?]
supposition but I will not deny the charge
if you come out in the course of another year
now perhaps I will give you a job of [splicing?]
to do, or I might rather say an un-----able kn [cut off]
to t-- remember me to all my friends if I ha [cut off]
[have?] any.
and believe me yours
to Mr John Greenlees loving Brother
Magheramore Andrew

PS I have not had any
word from Samuel Se[cut off] [Semple?]
since spring he and [cut off] [the?]
rest of our friends there
were well then
I have not heard from
the east so I cannot tell
you who [how?] they are there
A [G?] [Andrew Greenlees?]