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Title: [G. Griffith?] Brooklyn, to [Audley Brown?]. [?].
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileGriffith, George/24
SenderGriffith, George
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfactory worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBrooklyn, New York, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Margaret Graham Browne, Rathneeny*, Laghy, Co Donegal, 073-21816. mgtgraham@tinet.ie
ArchiveMargaret Graham Browne
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Broklyn [Brooklyn?] Nov.28th 1877

Dear Audley
In answer to your verry [very?] welcom
[welcome?] letter the arrival off [of?] this
will find you and all my friends in the
enjoyment of good health. I am working in
the Brooklyn W. [White?] lead at nine dollars
per week and I am working in the mill and I
dont [don't?] like it How Andy [Andrew?] got
attending bar was we called in to this place
to have a glass of ail [ale?] and that is
how he got the job. Work is very slack the
[there?] are lots of men walking around.
Keat [Kate?] Stewart is married to Davis and
is living in New-York the other letter I
sent to you I was drunk when I rote [wrote?]
to you I dont [don't] remember what I put in
it. I would not allow Sam to com [come?] to
Brooklyn for I have spent every cent I
brought with me I mead [made?] a bad exchange
when I left there I heard that Elliza [Eliza?]
Fassett and Harron is married since I left.
let me no [know?] to I put sum [some?] of her
friends from blowing [sic]
Andrew got Sam['s?] letter he told him to try
Molden and Woburn and the bleachery for work
for this is the last coach but the herse
[hearse?] the half of the Whitelead men is ded
[dead?] since I left it Charls [Charles?]
Cotter got lite [light?] in the head and he
was sent to hospital and he leped [leapt?]
out off [of?] the window and lit [landed?] on
the iron spikes of the fence and the watchman
got him hinging [hanging?] by the neck on the
fence so that ended Cotter Sixty threes is
brick [bricked?] up it is gon [gone?] and the
most of them is gon [gone?] away only a few [sic]
Andy told Sam to rite [write?] soon to him
again I have nothing streange [strange?] to
tell you of only the odd fellows are going
to write to you them selves I guess you had
word before now and if not Joseph Wirling will
have it brought forward again so that is all
god nows [knows?] how I will get the winter in
in [sic] this dam [damned?] pleace [place?]
and I think we will soon have a stop and I
want you to have ten dollars only to send me
if I [stained] it. I am afraid [stained]
will before the winter is over
write soon

G Griffith
130 Bridge st [street?]

(* The owner of these documents has informed us that this
townland is spelt "Rathneeny" and that the older spellings of it
are "Roniney" or "Raneny". In the "Index To The Townlands and
Towns, Parishes and Baronies of Ireland" the spelling is