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Title: Hester Habersham, Savannah, to Hellen Lawrence, [?] Coleraine
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHabersham, Hester/32
SenderHabersham, Hester
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationmiddle-class housewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSavannah, Georgia, USA
DestinationColeraine, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientLawrence, Helen
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD955/16: Deposited by Messrs Martin, King, French & Ingram
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland
Doc. No.9905203
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT, 01:06:99.
Word Count555
TranscriptSavannah July 28, 1799

I should have wrote my dear sister
long ere this - but ever since the arrival of my dear
Nephew I have been in so bad a state of health that I
have not been able - and I now must undertake the
melancholy task of informing you that it pleased the
Almighty about three weeks ago - to deprive me of the
most affectionate and best of Husbands - the great losses
he met with dureing [during?] the american war, and the
little probability their [there?] was of ever extricating
himself from his difficulties - preyed so much on his
spirits that it shortened his days - I was so ill at the
time that I did not expect long to survive him - but
haveing [having?] six children - four of them sons who
seemed to look up to me for protection and were quite
unprovided for - it seemed necessary for me to summon
all the Fortitude I was mistress of, and I thank god
I am better and tolerably resighned [resigned?]
at this time the company of my amiable Nephew has
been very agreeable - and I should regret parting with
him very much, tho only for the summer months was it
not that their [there?] will be a greater probability of
his keeping his health - and my second Son is now at the
Northward finishing his studies which will make it
agreeable to them both - he leaves his cousin to take of
the business untill [until?] his return - and he tells me
they are likely to do very well - he is every thing that
is good and I seem as much attached to him as any of my
children - why should I not - did not his Father and Mother
act the part of parents when I had none - which I can never
forget - you are anxious my Dear Sister for my picture - as
soon as it can be sent home with safety I have one which is
thought a good likeness - at your service - My Brother and
his children are well Mrs. Wylly was dangerously ill a few
days ago - but is now thank god much better - Tom is beloved
by all his relations in this part of the world and be
assured nothing in my power shall be wanting to contribute
to his happiness present my love to my dear Niece tell her
I should have wrote her by this opportunity but am not
realy [really?] equal to the task as I have writen [written?]
to my Brother Habersham and son Aleck by Tom - but the
receipt of a letter from her affords me so much pleasure that
I hope she will not stand on ceremony - my Sons James and
John are with me and begs to be affectionately remembed
[remembered?] to all their cousins my love to my Nephews
and Nieces Mrs. Allen - and all Friends in your part of the
world god grant you may be in a more tranquil state than
you have been for some time past. is the sincere wish
of your distressed Sister

Hester Habersham
My Daughters Elliott
and Maxwell were well when
I heard from them last. they live
on the south for the summer season

*Envelope Address:-

Mrs Hellen [Helen?] Lawrence

**Note on envelope in another hand:-

Hellen [Helen?] Wylly
married Mr Mackey first
finely Mr Lawrence last