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Title: John Hall, Pennslyvania to Thomas Black, Chicago.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHall, John L/73
SenderHall, John L.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginScottdale, Pennsylvania, USA
DestinationChicago, Illinois, USA
RecipientBlack, Tom
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2041/13: Purchased from J. A. Gamble Esq., 44 Taunton Avenue, Belfast 15.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9311009
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: Thomas Black,
342 Winchester Avenue,

From: John Hall,
Westmoreland County,

Westmoreland Co
Pa [Pennsylvania?]
9th Novr 1890

My Dear Tom
Your letter dated 29th Oct (which only
reached me yesterday) was indeed very welcome as I had been
looking for one for the last couple of weeks & had begun to
think I had made some mistake in your address; but was
satisfied when yours reached me I am glad to learn by your
letter that you are succeeding so well with your employers,
and that you like the business, and must congratulate you on
your progress with the type-writer and your orthography and
grammar are very creditable for a boy of your age & I hope
you will still keep improving.
I suppose your Papa is busy "hustling" every day Is he engaged
in the flour business? I think he wrote me once to that effect.
What is your Mamma about these days? Does she have the
headaches as frequently as she used to have? Probably
the change of this country may improve her health. Tell her
that I am expecting a letter from her and a long one with a
[all?] the news of nine States and make Florrie write me a
good big one too.
I suppose if I met you on the street we would not know each
other -- you must have grown so tall and I am got so thin my
nose is as long as a snipes bill, but I feel in better health
than when I was like Father McIlvogue -- my "corporation" is
away & I am as gentile as looking as a lady.
You say Tommy Cherry called with you Did you mean to infer
when you said he left "home" that he had been over to the Old
Country? I heard he was to have gone last summer but did not
know whether he had gone there. I would like to have seen him
-- he was to have paid Ada & John Keenan a visit on his way
home; but did not hear anything more about it as I have not
been to McDonald since February last and only saw John Keenan
once since, but I hope to be able to go & see them about
My employers both went to Pittsburgh yesterday morning & will
not return till some time of next week so that I am "running"
the Renovating apparatus myself and am kept pretty busy, but I
would rather be moving than lying around.
The weather here has been very wet & unpleasant for some time
until the last few days which have been very agreable
[agreeable?] & almost balmy -- You say it rained cats & dogs
in Chicago - well it must have rained or poured mud here
(metaporically [metaphorically?] speaking) for the streets &
roads are knee-deep with that compound which in the Irish
vernacular is called "clabber" but am not sure if you Americans
can appreciate its depth of meaning at any rate it is only with
the aid of gum boots and a zig-zag circuitous route from one
stone to another that one can worm his way along the roads.
I did not hear that your Uncle Tom was paying attentions to
Miss Derbyshire - he must have kept it very quiet.
I am expecting a letter from Eden Cottage every day. I wrote
your Grandmamma early in the last month & have had no reply yet
but will likely hear from them in a day or two.
I hope to be able to see you all in Chicago about Spring if
everything goes right as I am informed by every one I have met
who has been there that it is the best city in the States -
more like the Old Country than any in this direction.
When you write again give me all the items that I can cull on
my travels.
I think my "budget" is exhausted & will have to close this
scrawl for want of "matter"
Believe me Dear Tom
Your Affect [affectionate?] Uncle
John L Hall

Mr Thos [Thomas?] A Black
342 Winchester Ave [Avenue?]

P.S. Please excuse the pencil
J [John?] L H [Hall?]