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Title: H. and E. Barkley, Killycoogan,To A.& A. Stewart, Canada.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileBarkley, Hugh & Elizabeth/199
SenderBarkley, Hugh & Elizabeth
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmers
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKillycoogan, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
DestinationSmith Falls, Upper Canada
RecipientStewart, Adam & A.
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceT3616/1/1: Presented by K.F. Stewart
ArchivePublic Record Office N. Ireland
Doc. No.9407064
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Doc. TypeLET
LogDocument added by LT, 04:07:1994.
Word Count898
TranscriptKillycogan June the 2nd 1839

Dear Brother and Sister we join in transmitting
these few lines to you by way of Epistle in order to inform
& advise of the situation that has taken place since I wrote
you before you [-----?] [-----?] of your unkils [uncles?]
and aunts but first I must now inform of our own situation
your Mother continued in a poor state of health for some time
after I wrote to you and about the first of August she began to decline
and [wore?] [a ------?] with resignation to the will of the Lord
Jesus Christ who supported her through her affliction with
fortitude and an easy mind for she took him for her, all in all,
and upon the last day of August she went down to the Valley
of the Shaddow [Shadow?] of Death leaning upon her Beloved, she
talked of you and your family affairs before her death and her letter
was wrote to me the [-----?] [-------?] [-----?] her death you will
say I was long of writing to you but I sent so many that was
miscarried that I still waited for some careful hand to take it
the bearer of this is Jean Mc Cawn [Keown?] youngest daughter to
henery [Henry?] Mc Cawn [Keown?] of Portglenone who is going to her
Brother some part in upper Canada your father still enjoys
perfect health and has passed the winter singing old songs
to the children or repeating salms [psalms?] to them Every night
he is in excellent spirits and I think seems contented that your
Mothers gone before him we got another son this winter and Calls
him James he is as fine a child as ever you saw we are all well
but little John never seems to gather any strength, your unkle
[uncle?] John Andrews died in January 3 and your old aunt betty
died in the house with Billy Arbuthin and ant [aunt?] pegy
[Peggy?] still lives there yet your Cousin Thomas Andrews is
dead in America and William is returned to Congress a member
for the state of Pensylvenia [Pensylvania?] [------?] Nancy
is still living there yet and Molly still lives with her, your
unkle [uncle?] John Linn is dead and your aun lives with Frank
and betty, there was no account from Molly Linn nor your sister Johnson
since you left this we have reason to be thankful to the most high in
Ireland at present for the peace we enjoy you would hear party men
named except with scorn and although we are in poverty we are in peace
If you were thankfull that the troubles in that land had not come near you
but it did not continue long with you in that way we got the newspapers
last season and I thought from them that you had the troublesomest
part of all that country. when you write give us an account of how
yours is making out and how many children
you have got since you went ------[tear]---------
Country we would be glad to hear from Ch---[tear]-----
and how he is coming on Unkle [Uncle?] Mathew ---[tear]---
is well and doing well John Andrews son francie --[tear]--
College last season for the ministry and offers we--[tear]
is pretty high here at present oat meal £1.00 ----[tear]--
£2.0.0 per cwt. potatoes 8 per bushel and looks --[tear]--
A better reason for the poor man than has been --[tear]--
time back thank god as to worldly affairs ----[tear]------
Reason to complain I still work the mill -----[tear]------
about the place and drives out and in -------[tear]-------
is [----?] [---?] stiff [----?] has excellent health -[tear]--
he is not half as stiff as he [------?] is, the sport always
keeps up and we are happy to we it. We live very happy
without any dispute and did so during the life of my mother
She died praying the Lord to send blessings upon Eliza for
the care she taken of her, I would send direction where you
would find andrew Johnson and Jenny but samuel sent it in his
letter samuel still talks of going and if he does I will send
the Nickels with him the first I can get that I can trust
James Stewarts Corps [Corpse?] was brought by his son samuel
from Antrim till Rasharkin Trinity entared [interred?] beside
his father for which Samuel [-------?] great [-----?] I would
be glad to know how you carry on your labour and what kind of
crop and what produce you can have I would be happy to carry
on regular Course of communication with you as there is but
few of us we might hear from others a great deal times than we do
I hope that peace will be made among the inhabitants of your country
So that we may have no scruple when we write of geting [getting?]
an answer
Brother and Sister Crawford joins us in sending their Love to
you all you never wrote a word to them since you went to that Country
they are doing well but would rather be nearer the Bann we all join
in sending our Love to you [-------?] not but Remains Loving
and affectionate Brother and Sister
Hugh and Elizebeth Barkley
To Adam and Mrs Stewart

To Adam Stewart. Emsley
Township County of Leeds Smiths
Falls Upper Canada