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Title: Patrick and Margaret Hall, Ireland to Sam Hall, [Maryland?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHall, Margaret & Patrick/163
SenderHall, Margaret & Patrick
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmers
Sender Religionunknown
DestinationMaryland, USA
RecipientHall, Sam
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright retained by Eleanor Hallfreese., 12 Brighton ST., Rochestor New York 14607, U.S.A.
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park, Omagh
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TranscriptHolly Hill 30th May 1819

Dear Sam,
Your last of the 8th Octr [October?] came
hand in due time, and brought us the pleasing
news of your being then all in a fine state of health,
which is a precious Blessing, for which we ought
to be very thankfull [thankful?]. "Thankfullness [thankfulness?]
becomes all those who are in heart contrite". Reflect often
and Seriously upon what the Lord hath done
for you even with respect to the things of this
life, how he hath brought you out of this
Land of Bondage, and plac'd [placed?] you in safty [safety?], in
a land of liberty, (I may say) flowing with Milk,
and Honny [honey?], but all this (tho. a remarkable instance
of his goodness) bears no proportion to the wonders
of redeeming Love. But of this I hope I need not
put you in mind, only in mind give you a Fatherly
charge to meditate on these things constantly, and to
walk "worthy of the great Vocation whose with
you are called"
With respect to Our Emigration I believe
'tis all over. Besides other inconveniences,
your Mother, and I are now to far advanced
in years for such an undertaking, and must
therefore spin out the few remaining years
which the Lord Hath allotted in the Land of our Nativity.
I had a letter from Jas [James?] Parker much about
the time I rec. [received?] yours, which gave us an acc.
[account?] of the Death of our dear friend [Kitty?], at the
relation of which we were greatly troubled, tho.[though?] not
for her departure, for she has made a happy change,
but to think how he can bear the loss of so
dear a partner. Death is what we must all
submit to. God grant that it noy find any of
us in an onprepared [unprepared?] state.
I have nothing material to write you,
there is no alteration in the family since I
wrote you last, still struggling on, Blessed be
the Lord a few turns of the Wheel will end our
troubles here, when God shall call us home to himself
and give us to drink of those Rivers of Pleasures
which flow at his right hand forevermore.
Your Mother, Sister, and Brothers Join me,
in hearty Prayers, that the Lord may shower
temporal, spirtual, and eternal Blessings
on you, your Consort, and living ofspring [offspring?]
And remain your loving parents

Patrick and Margaret Hall

[Addressed to]

Mr Samuel Hall
New Windsor Orange County
State of New York

12 [Cents?]
[postmarked] NEW YORK AUG [AUGUST?] 22 SHIP

[back of address]
Recd. [Received?] this on Wednesday 6th October 1819
S. [Samuel?] Hall