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Title: Sam Hall, [Maryland?], to Moses Burnet, New York
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHall, Sam/61
SenderHall, Sam
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationworks at slaughterhouse
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMaryland?, USA
DestinationNew York, USA
RecipientBurnet, Moses
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright retained by Eleanor Hallfreese, 12 Brighton ST,. Rochester New York 14607 U.S.A.
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
Doc. No.9509127
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count611
TranscriptNew Windsor Dec. 11th 1824
Dear Sir

Well you know that the distance from this
place to the Post Office of New Burgh is about 2 miles
and well I know that I have often traveled [travelled?] the
same in quest of a letter from you, at the expense too of a good
pair of half soals, the cost of which is down on the D.
[Debit?] Side of your account. But notwithstanding the loss
of time and leather, I have never received one letter
from you yet, altho [although?] promised when you would get
settled at Syracuse. But to use the language
of the Old Major the superfluity of business taken
away from flavourity of friendship, supersedes
your promise and renders writing to me obnoxious
to your diabolical inclination, but throwing aside
verbal sayings and hackneyed expressions, I thought
you might have written to me before now, Often
have I been interogated [interrogated?] by your friends
and acquaintances "When had you a letter from Moses", was
always obliged to answer in the negative, even old
Mrs Schultz since she returned from that country has
frequently asked me when I heard from you, so
when the whole is sumed [summed?] up you may imagine what
will be to pay when you come home -

Dear Sir, perhaps you will be expecting something new from
your native place, but I cannot say much to you on that
subject you have long ago heard of the misfortune of the
Sloop Neptune, which was one of the most shocking
accidents here witnessed, between 25 and 30 souls plunged
immediately into the Eternal World, while thin bodies became
a pray to the merciless waves, was horror to every beholder
- the wife of James Cochran and the wife of Alexr.
McClaughtery were of the number - The owners of the
sloop suffered greatly in their mercantile capacity, but
what is that in comparison to Husbands losing their
wifes, wives losing their Husbands, Children their
Parents and Parents their children &c.

My business of killing Bullocks, [Stirks?], calves, & sheep
is done for the season, wont have much to do
during the winter, what to go at next spring (if we are
all spared) I cannot tell. You must look up some
employment for me in your country - some body [somebody?]
told me you were coming home about the Hollydays [holidays?]
that time will soon be here, when I and a great many
others will be glad to see you - perhaps you want
to know some about your family connexions, Your nearest
John Barker from whom I have heard not long since is well - your
Brother, Alexander, has [Been very unwell] recovered from
a course of 3 week indisposition, the complaint the Fever again.
Your fathers family, Charles and John Finley, are all well
and the same providence prevails over your friend and his
little family, thank the author of every good & perfect
gift - James McLasen and his wife have moved into Nancy's
new house, has great times there - Young lawyer J.D. Bull was
married last week to his cousin James Bulls Daughter of
[Wallhill?]. The Rev McCarroll took a wife not long since and is
keeping House [in the House] when was formerly Occupied by
Van Cluck - I dont Know that I can say any thing
more that would be interesting [or instructing]
only I am persuaded that you feel an interest in the [my]
happiness of my little family who joins me in every sentiment of
Love and regard for your Temporal, spiritual
and eternal welfare

Which is the sincere wish of
Your affectionate friend
S Hall

(A Copy) sea per Elk