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Title: Mrs M Hanna, Belfast, To Her Son In New York, U.S.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHanna, Mary/26
SenderHanna, Mary
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N.Ireland
DestinationNew York, USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.2193/3: Copied by Permission of Mrs A R Hanna, 7554 Eaton Prairie Village, Shawnee Mission, Kansas. #TYPE LET Mrs M Hanna, Belfast, To Her Son In New York (?), U.S.A. 26th September 1869.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809184
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Sept. 26th 1869

Dear Son -
We received your letter of the 21st of this month and was glad to
hear that you were well and thankful to our heavenly Father that he has
preserved you for such a long and troublesome journey in life and health.
We are all enjoying our usual state of health and hoping that this will
find you in the same and all the rest of our dear children, they are all
very near and dear to us.
We are sorry to learn of the dissappointment [------?] from your
[-----?] we hope it is for the better as God orders all things for the best
[---?] to all his people who trust in him. So when we meet with trouble and dissappointment in the [-----?] let us look up to him who orders us all
things. James and [?] sent a paper and when [--?] write you can let us know if he got them and we will send you a paper now. We had a letter from John about five weeks was well and busy working. We feel the want of you very much. Well dear son we are sure that you would like to look in and see how we are getting on. Well we can not complain as William has got his
time up and has got a start at his trade at one pound per week and that is
a [---?] matter as trade is very bad here now. We were afraid that he would not get any work at all, the mills are all on half time and some have
been closed altogether for some time [----?] from James Adair and he is
[----?] New York at manufacturing sewing [---?] has 10 dollars per week.
Jane is well the last word we had from her as she thinks it strange that
neither John nor you write to her. John Sneddan and family is well. James
and Mary is well but he is not working. They all send their kind love to
you. Next Sabbeth day is our Communion Sabbeth you might tell [---?] you
on the [---?]. Your [---?] how you spend them for me [---?] you will not
like it not to have no place [----?] worship to you to never know the want
of the thing till they are cut off from us. But we do hope that you will
not forget your duty to God and look always to him for light and direction
from him. Write soon and let us know if you will like the country and if
you think you will stop in [---?] we would like to know how you liked the
railroad padd[---?] and if you got all your things along with you. Eliza
McNeill has got a letter from John but we got no word out of it only what
very anxious by enquiring about you and John Stewart and all your old
[----?] instances we are sure the world [-------?] you. We are glad to hear that Magaret and family are getting on so well and have been kind you and James and wife [-----?] there. I hope their crops have done well this
season. I would like to know how James is getting on with his new farm. I
think in general the crops has done well this year as potatoes is
cheaper than they have been this good many years [---?] weather has been
very wet [--?] this month. Son I hope that God in his providence will open up a way for you and make everything work for you good. You must not loose
[lose?] heart our trust in him as he is able to save. Now do not fret about us for we [---?]ing wonderful for we had a letter from John [---?] were [we are?] writing this and he sends us four pounds he and Martha are well but Martha has [---?] thumb and he is working but he says work is very slack. It was very warm in the month of August and we often thought about you how you stood it in America. We hope you do not think [-------?] we think long. something about Uncles family (John Adrian). If they [-----?] all as bad as he is, what kind of wife [-----?] he has as it was very unkind of him to [----?] working so hard then pay you off [---?]thing more to say at present but the [----------?] you is the prayer of your Father and Mother.
Mary Hanna