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Title: L. Hay, Glasgow to J. A. Smyth, Ontario
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHay, Lizzie/26
SenderHay, Elizabeth (Lizzie)
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionProtestant
OriginGlasgow, Scotland
DestinationEssex, Ontario, Canada
RecipientSmyth, James Alexander
Recipient Gendermale
SourceCopyright Retained by Mr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge, Co Tyrone, castledamph@btinternet.com
ArchiveMr & Mrs J Smyth, Castledamph, Plumbridge.
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Transcript[Front of envelope]

J. A. Smyth. Esq.
Normal School


[London Ontario?]

[Back of envelope]

NOV 23
7 -AM

[Page 1]

1161 Pollokshaws Rd


My dear Jim,
I ve been thinking of you all morning so thought I'd write to you. I hope you are well & happy. Perhaps you are having a big time seeing you have been "put amongst the girls."
I'm getting quite strong. I am to stay another month in Glasgow - then go home & perhaps to Co. Monaghan for Xmas, afterwards to [Mieff?] for a while. I'm having the time of my life; nothing to worry me – no school & no exams.
Miss McCormick is back in Drumlea, I hope she'll like it.
During my illness I was anxious for revenge on the whole lot of Presbyterians & Ply mouth [Plymouth?] Br. [Brethren?] who had worried me but now I dont care. Maybe I'll be in Canada or Australia before this

[Page 2]
time next year. You ruined yr. [your?] career for your Ain [own?] Folk.
Mother would like me to do the same, but I'm not so soft.
I'm going out on my own, but have not settled yet. what I'm going to do. I dont think teaching suits me. I'm fond enough of children & like to be with them, but I'm afraid I could not grind them for exams.
I have not heard from you for a long time. Please write soon & tell me how you are doing. I'm going home early in Decr [December?].
You might send me some nice Two Steps & Waltzs [Waltzes?] at Xmas.
The Yankee ones are better than ours. I'll have nothing to do for a long
time so shall work up my music.
No more dancing for me, I've a weak heart - no more quick cycling. No more long hours for work &c &c [etc etc?].
Dont break your heart about Hamiltons dance - there wont be one

[Page 3]
this year. [Hessie?] is going to England.
I should like a waltz with you again. I too appreciated your dancing & always felt more content at a dance when you were there.
Only for Creighton there might have been some good times about Glenelly. Never mind Jim. there's a good time coming. I'm out of Glenelly for ever - I dont want continual bickering & fighting – I hate quarrells [quarrels?]. Liza, Mary, Tom & Bob Campbell insulted me – I know an insult as well as the next. You said too much at home about my musical ability, & they
were jealous of me earning £51 per year. Such is life. They have nearly broken my Mothers heart & home wont be the same for me again. I was speaking to W. Dunne yest. [yesterday?] you know his sisters Mrs McC. & Maggie – I believe you are coming back for me soon. It is nice to get such important items of news second hand.

[Page 4]
Tilda is a frequent visitor in Charlie McCullaghs, she is annoyed you have not written her - hence all these stories.
She is evil minded I'm very much afraid. What is the benefit of blood relationship - I thought no harm of going around with you as I told you before, but evidently it was quite wrong. I always regarded you as a kind of brother. How I wish I had one like you.

No more just now
Please write soon.
yrs [yours?] sincerely

Lizzie Hay

[Written on left side of P 4]

I'll be able to furnish some data for Home Rule speeches. Be sure & rub it in about Clerical Management of schools. Teachers salaries, Police force, Marlborough St. Training College & its V.P. [Vice Principal?]