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Title: James Heather, Montreal, To Thomas Greeves, Dungannon.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHeather, James/31
SenderHeather, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationruns some sort of business
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
DestinationDungannon, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientGreeves, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceD.593/15: Obtained: Lt. Col. J.R.H. Greeves, c/o Messrs J. & T.M. Greeves, Conway Street, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9705314
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1086
TranscriptTo: Thomas Greeves, [Dungannon, County Tyrone?]

Montreal Wellington St.
St Anne Suburbs
20th May 1834

Dear Thos [Thomas?]

Yours I [received?] of the 27th March
the contents I observe indeed I feel for having
given you so much trouble but if ever it
lays in my power to do you a kindness
command me I shall never forget your
friendship you must have misunderstood
even my last letter as I mentioned in
it to lend John & Wms [Williams?] Share [out?] had not
more and to do with mine as I had
once led [lend?] you in a [former?] [letter?] [my?]
[property?] to John McClellan of your town what my
share would come to, this I approve
of which you will have the kindness
to do on [receipt?] of this and take his ackg
[acknowledgement?] on the same sheet you write me on,
this I mentioned in my former letter the [acknowledging?]
Legacy duty before this was what was paid
to Anne off the Drumherriff property this I
stopped from her say œ1.10 - old currency & this
you stop from my part with regards to the additional
stamp and this dividend any other may be paid
is to be stopped out of each of their shares also
all expense to be borne share and share alike according to
the sum each receiving
I confess I was ignorant of it but I expect your
own good scribe has been your guide in this
matter to stop off each of their claims what
the Stamp and legacy duty comes to, and you
mention œ1-1 to each and you said the Stamp
will be eight pounds I expect you have not
stopped it but if not and if you have [Leasing?]
the Legatees it must be onely [only?] taken out
of the next dividend with any other expense
attending so you mean to say œ52 -11-77 is my
share of the dividend not including my share
of my uncle Georges trust and [?] [?] [Su?]
out I should think from the way you write
the one [receipt?] Included, off [of?] course there Bills
unclaimed you could make nothing off [of?] [your?]
[account?] mention anything of them [?] time
and want of room in the sheet must have been
the reason, with regard to Johns share he was
owing me to the [amount?] of œ5 of Sundries
he got before he left home and was to have
paid me when I came here but never did
of course I have no right to loose [lose?] it having
a larger family to support than [Wh-s?] Wife you
will please put œ5 of his part to my use & take
[?] it [all?] expense & the ballance [balance?] let ly [lie?]
in the bank which you can [?] [?] [?] [?] when
you get all wound up, she is married again to a
Wilfred Heather who lives 60 miles from this, I had a letter
from him about it but paid no attention to it
her fathers people informed him John was intitled [entitled?]
to œ400 all to make him think the more of her and the
child which is [his?] daughter, what I [meant?] by you
sending [out?] [from?] way he is in my debt œ30 Sterling
which I hold his note for œ40 but I [received?] œ10 from
him by letter before I left L.Derry [Londonderry?] leaving
œ30 one John McIlroy can tell you the whole transaction
& only for him I would not get a note from
him [first?] it and would have lost it, my [account?]
against him was was [sic] œ65-8-3 and the onely [only?]
way I would get his notes was to compromise
with him for œ40 for payment of the whole
I will send you the notes when I hear from you
again in answer to this but dont pay his
part without holding from the [amount?]
I tell you, say œ30 Sterling, as Which McClellan
has to write underneath I must [?] the remainder
best respects to your better half & all enquiring
friends I remain yours very Sincerely
Jas [James?] Heather

P.S. Be particular & lend Wms. [Williams?] debt [amount?] œ30
Sterling that will enable me to hand him his
Notes I now hold -- JH [James Heather?]

P.S. till an opportunity offers of Sending
a letter by hand to NYork [New York?] as the one
[since?] now please let Rosey McDonald
Know that I [received?] her letter and Sarah
& I should be glad to see her here but
will not encourage her on [account?] of the
danger of the seas tell her with respect
to paying way here I would have no
objection if she had no Means nor any
thing She could Sell to raise means but
Sarah tells me she had & will onely [only?]
be leaving it to them that will not
thank her for it, if she can come well
clothed and pay her way to this town
we will receive her with oppen [open?] arms
and make her happy during her life
time as she will be useful to us
the last letter we [received?] from her son was
from Pittsburgh in the State say 1 1/2 Year since
this wrote him different times Since but no answer
no letter going home nor none to us we think
he is dead if she came you will have the goodness
to write me for her to be sent in the usual way
had [him?] here no money afloat no nor as the people
thinks at home easy to be made no sign of
cholera here since last Summer Twelve months
tell Rosey McDonald if she comes not to pay either
at home or to the [Captain?] the 5/- called head money
as it is done [him?] with no law having passed to
that effect last Session of the house of assembly -
I [received?] yours yesterday & hasten to send this off for
the NYork [New York?] packet of the 24th which will Trust be
in time when I see the way Newspapers pay I will
not Send you without an opportunity offers as I have
enough to do though into a Situation I am confident
you will not delay the business and my debt
against Wm [William?] you will have sent me in the way
I mentioned before by [?] [?] NYork [new York?], you are
compleately [completely?] exonerated from any trouble
concerning it - JH [James Heather?]
please tell John O'Neille [O'Neil?] [and?] [hasten?] that
his Son is gone to the States a few days ago JH [James Heather?]