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Title: Francis Hughes, Ballintur, Co Down to "Dear Uncle".
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHighes, Francis/9
SenderHughes, Francis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBallintur, Co. Down, N.Ireland
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDocument Presented by & Copyright Retained by Sharon DoranTurnbow, 6321 Roosevelt St., Coloma, MI 49038 616 849 0240.Sharon@parrett.netor info@sandcastlescottages.com
ArchiveCentre For Migration Studies
Doc. No.111061
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Doc. TypeLTE
LogDocument added by LT, Transcribed by Michael McKni
Word Count318
TranscriptJune 29th, 1904
Ballintur Killowen

Dear Uncle
I drop you these few
lines hoping to find you all well
as we are at present we were all
sorry to hear of Bridget's death may
the lord have mercy on her I suppose
you did not hear of Pat Sloane
in Ballindoalty, he died about a
week ago perhaps you got
no word about the negotiations
that are going on between
the landlord and the tennant [tenant?]
about the buying out of the
land the landlord offered
6s. 4d in the pound reduction to
first term tenants and 4s. 4d.
in the pound to second term
tenents [tenants?] this means those that went
through the Land Court once
and twice and anyone that
settled with the landlord that
had it entered in court is just
the same this sale if it go on
will be this reduction in the
pound off for 68 1/2 years and
then the holdings will be their own
no further rise or fall of
rent in that time I think
it will be a sale as their [there?] was
a meeting of the tenants on this
estate to see if the [they?] agree to this
so the [they?] got them to sign as a
matter of form to see if the [they?]
could get three fourths of
the valuation and then the
others would be compelled to buy
so I think the [they?] have got that if
their [there?] be a sale it will [be?] about
2 months yet so the commisoners (sic)
must see wills or deeds where
their [there] are any legatees the
legatees must get whatever
the [they?] are going to get on security
for it a promisory [promissory?] note
for instance before the bought
deed be signed if you want
to know anything more about
the land write soon and
I will try and tell you
so no more at presant [present?]
From Francis Hughes

Donor's Note:- The uncle to whom this letter
is addressed is William Doran.

(Transcribed by Michael McKnight.)