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Title: John Roberts, and Samuel Doak, Memorandum of Bargain and Sale.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHill, Arthur/47
SenderHill, Arthur
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SourceD 682/11: Presented by Mr P. Doake, "Glenlagan", Kinallen, Dromore, County Down, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9602035
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Note(memorandum of a bargain and sale of property)
TranscriptMemorandum of a Bargain and Sale between John
Roberts of Hillsborough Sadler [saddler?] and Samuel
Doak of Kinallen Said Roberts hath sold to said
Samuel Doak, all his part of Kinallen, and all Rents
and Profits thereof for ten years or until the sum
and interest for which it is now hereby Mortaged,
and all necessary and lawful expenses are paid,
which Part of Kinallen said Roberts has
let to Arthur Hill and said Roberts and Profits are now
in said Samuel Doak of Kinallen. Possession by virtue of
a bargain and sale for one British Crown Piece of Silver
the Receipt where of Said John Roberts doth hereby acknowledge
said sale was made the day before the date of these
present for one whole year agreeable to the statute for
transferring uses into Possession, for which Sands said
Samuel Doak hath paid this day fifty pounds sterling
to said John Roberts, and said Samuel Doak into
hold until said fifty pounds Principle costs and
Principal is fully paid all said farm profits and
rents - to the fulfillment each party kind themselves
their heirs and in the penal sum of twenty
pounds signed sealed and perfected this eighth day of
June one thousand seven hundred.
Present James Birch
Arthur Hill

June 8th 1793 Received from Samuel Doak
Person to whom I mortaged the within mentioned
farm Rents and profits fifty pounds ster [sterling?] which is
the full consideration for which I mortaged them
Witness my hand John Roberts
James Birch
Arthur Hill

agreeable to the within deed I do hereby empower
the within named Samuel Doak to Receive
Distrain and Discharge all Rents and Profits
for me from Arthur Hill from said Kinallen until the
within bargain is fully [perfected?]. Given under
my hand this 8th day of June 1793 - John [Roberts?]
James Birch
Arthur Hill

I Arthur Hill do agree to pay the rent due by
me to John Roberts to Mr. Samuel Doak whom
he has appointed to receive them given under
my hand this 7th day of June 1793 Arthur Hill
James Birch