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Title: John Hilton, Albany, New York, to Parents, Dullaghy, Garvagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHilton, John/12
SenderHilton, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationemployed at an iron monger's
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAlbany, New York, USA
DestinationGarvagh, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHilton, William and wife
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceD 1226/1: Presented by Mr Benson, Garvagh, Co Londonderry. #TYPE EMG John Hilton, Albany, New York: 16 April 1812, to his Mother and Father, William Hilton, Dullaghy, Garvagh, Co Derry.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8911052
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count486
TranscriptTo William Hilton
Dullaghy Care Mr
John Wallace Garvagh

Albany Apr [April?] 16th 1812
Honoured Father and Mother
I take this oppertunity [opportunity?] of informing you that I am in Good
health at present thanks be to the Almighty for all his mercies and hopes
these few Lines will find you and all the family in the Same, Since the
Distance of place will not permit me to pay my humble duty and Just
acknowledgement to your Love tender Care and affection towards me in person
I have made these Lines the messenger to Confess that I have Been too
tedious in writting [writing?] to you and Informing you of my present
Situation I passed the most part of the winter about twenty miles from
Albany I have Sold all the Goods that I Brought from New York Pedling
[Peddling?] Licends [is 50 Dolars [Dollars?] per year it is Dangerous to
trade without paying Licends [Licence?] I am proposed
18 Dollars per months to Attend in an Iron mongers Store I have not made a
positive Bargin [bargain?] but I intend to Stop in Albany for some time
Wheat sold here from 13s to 15s-9d per Bushel Ry [Rye?] from Six and Six
pence to Seven Shillings Corn Six Shillings Oats four and Potatoes four
shillings per Bushell [Bushel?] beef from 6d to 8d per lb. A man who wishes
to farm will Get from 10 to 12 Dolars [dollars?] per month and found trade
is verry [very?] flat at present there is an Embargo Laid on for Ninety Days
and the Merchants have a Great quantity of wheat on hand it is Expected
they will Loose Considerable Lands in this place rates verry [very?] high it
sells from 18 to 40 Dollars per acre to the westard [westward?] it is 2 to
5 Dollars per acre there is an account of the war taking place betwixt
Briton [Britain?] and Amerrice [America?] the [they?] are Enlisting Soldiers
and drawing Milittia [Militia?] and sending troops to the Lines of
Canadia [Canada?] I would wish to know if you have any accounts of your
Land or if you have purchased any Lands if you purchase perpituity
[perpetuity?] Land I intend to return to Ireland Likewise let me know how
flaxseed Sells this season and how trade is Doing I have
not Seen Mr Rafferty nor Mr Grahams nor Thos [Thomas?] Hutchinson since I
Left new york, but I heard they were all well Give my Love to all my
uncles and Aunts and all Enquiring friends and Neighbours I add no more at
present but remain your Loving son to death
John Hilton
N.B. Write as soon as possible and give me an account of the deaths and
marriges [marriages?] in the Neighberhood [Neighbourhood?] Direct to the
Care of Mr Andrew McMillan Court Street Albany
Be pleased to inform Archbald Maxwell that I Saw his Brother John Maxwell
about the first of march and it is Expected he will not Sur[viv?]e Long