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Title: James Horner, Philadelphia to Thomas Horner, Co. Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHorner, James/2
SenderHorner, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationstore keeper
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHorner, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1592/3: Copied by Permission of Hugh Conn Esq., Limavady, Co. Londonderry.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9403184
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptPhiladelphia August 24th 1801
Dear Parents
I am arived [arrived?] safe after a passage
of 9 weeks saling [sailing?] I have the pleasure of leting [letting?] you
know that I am in good heath [health?] at present thanks
be to God for his Marces [Mercies?] I had a severe turn of
Sea sikness [seasickness?] which pulled me down very much
I was very bad for 2 weeks which I cannot discribe [describe?]
my situation in that respect but I soon got
better and was able to go to the cabus and prepare
a litle [little?] food for myself but I am got as well as
ever I was in my life only that I think long
to here [hear?] from you all We were 5 weeks & 3 days [coming?]
to the banks of Newfoundland and 3 weeks & 3 days before
we landed I got all my Clothes safe and dry which
is a great pleasure I am now living with
Robert Jackson keeping store for which I have
[30$?] per month and found in all things I was going
out to the country but this City is healhy [healthy?] and is
expected so I have not much to write to you at present
as I have not known much of this Country affairs
I met with James Morrison first on my travels
and he was friendly to me I was in Mrs Carsons
at first they were kind to me I stayed in John
Horners and James Wilsons the [time?] I was without
business I was but 6 days that I tooke [took?] to my
[?]. I were with [Archey?] McFadden tow days [two days?] he is
well and lives [Genteely?]. He was very friendly to me
He goes in a good order every day as [any?] Gentleman
he will help me as far as he can he told me if I was
in any need of Money that he would gave [give?] me plenty
he did not know me at fist he was enquiring about
you all I saw Mr Edward Gray he was freindly [friendly?] to me
the business is very dull in the City at present but
it will mend again fall I sold liqure [liqour?] at 7-7d [per?] qt [quart?]
and several articles at a high price on my passage we had meal
and water plenty during the whole passage
Dear brothers and Sisters I am well and better
like then ever I was In my life but a litle [little?]
discontented being fare [far?] from you and out of the
presence of seeing you but I will live as Content as
posible [possible?] I like this County very well for as fare [far?] as I
have seen of it It is a beautifull [beautiful?] place to look
upon I have nothin [nothing?] to write to you material
as my time is but short in this place I will
let you know more of my mind in the next letter
I have wrot [wrote?] to you onest [once?] only this vessel is going
to derry and the other to Lifferpool [Liverpool?] Remember
me to my freinds [friends?] in Innochonagher [Inisconagher?] like wise
to all my freinds [friends?] and well wishing neibours [neighbours?]
likewise to Mr and Mrs Brown at derry to all
my aquintance [acquaintance?] and let me know how my freind [friend?]
John McCracken is I had but litle [little?] time
to write to you. This I but an Acknowledgement
to you all.
Dear Mother be not dissatfied nor grieve for me
I hope to see you onst [once?] more there is a graite [great?]
fear of war taking place in a land which I would be grieved
for let me know how my grandfather and grandmother
is and if she has her healh [health?] better like wise my
Unkle [Uncle?] & Aunt & my Aunt Rose & my cousins to [too?]
and my unkle [uncle?] John Horner how he is
I have no more to write to you at present but
my love [unshakable?] to you all freinds [friends?] and
Neibours [neighbour?]
Jas [James?] Horner

[?] I will write to some of my aquintance [acquaintance?] although
I am far from them I will let them Know a litle [little?]
of affairs let me know if my friend Andrew Jackson
is maried [married?] yet; if you write to one you may send
your letter to Mr Robert Jackson Pine Street No 28

Hugh Cuningham [Cunningham?] and his family was landed
safe likewise Molly [Cissek?] and Mary Black
We had 30 Chidrony [Children?] and 1 old woman died with
the smallpox and measels [measles?] I let you know of this
in the other letter.