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Title: J. Horner, Philadelphia, To Parents, Bovevagh, Co Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHorner, James/4
SenderHorner, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarm labourer?
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHorner, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.1592/6: Copied by Permission of Hugh Conn Esq, Limavady, Co. Londonderry, Ireland. #TYPE EMG James Horner, Philadelphia, To His Father and Mother At Bovevagh, Co. Londonderry. 24th October 1801.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8810077
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptPhiladelphia 24th October 1801
Dear Father and Mother
I have met with this opportunity sooner than expection [expected?] I
have wrote so many that unless some of them be miscarried I suppose you
will be tired reading them but as it is all the acknowledgement that I
can send I will let you know how I am, dear Mother I am got safe off
that troublesome journey that I had always before me thank God I am well
at present and in good health I am lustier than ever I was in my life I
am living still with Robert Jackson as yet he has [advanced] my pay a
little more I supose [suppose?] I will put over the winter here as they
say it is very cold and weages [wages?] is very low in winter it is
begininning to be a little cold at present this country is remarkable
for heats and colds the time I landed was very warm but not so warm as
has been talk of many a day I have [----?] with only my short shoose [shoes?]
and drawers on me and I [could?] be all [wet?] with sweat doing nothing
besides what labour is I have put over half a year and I never put
past as idle a one but I do not know how long it will contuney
[continue?] my Dear Mother I hope you are contented at my way of living
and I hope you are not troubled for me I think but little of the
journey in comparsion [comparison?] to what has been said it is one of the
troublesomest jorneys [journeys] ever a family took I would not allow
anyone that has a family to come here unless the [?] are better there is
some that sold there [their?] farmes [farms?] and come to this country
but before they be [willed?] in a place they have grait [great?] trouble
and expense it is unknown to any but them that trys [tries?] but a
single person can do a grait [great?] deal better if the [they?] be
content and has there [their?] health they may soon gather a little
money as for my part I cannot complain [only?] the leaving my friends
and well wishing Neighbours behind me but I must live on hope untill
[until?] my time [be?] [?] that I must leave this country and go to poor
Ireland again to view the place I hope there is no alterations in the
family since I left you I hope Brother Jacob is living with you as yet
and Sister Elinor as for the rest I hope they are all well as I left
them I did not take a Right farwell [farewell?] of them I was in [tow?]
much heast [haste?] leaving you but be content and reast [rest?] assured
that I will not forget you Dear Elinor you must send word to me before
you be maried [married?] untill [until?] I go to the weding [wedding?] I
heard word from Dennis McCloskey he is well I saw Patrick McCloskey he
was in town he is well he lives in Lancaster town I saw the man that saw
William McMullan fall overboard it was out of there [their?] powers to
save him the vessle [vessel?] was going at 10 Nots [Knots?] a [an?] hour
there was a little money belonging to him Patrick McCloskey was trying
to lift it but it will be a little hard to get as there is no near
friend here I heard that Sam [Guy?] and neighbours was well the [they?]
stay in Lancaster Livey [Picket?] and Husband is well the [they?] are
in this city I went to see her she said you were all well which I was
glad to here [hear?] Hugh and Nancy Cunningham landed safe we parted at
Newcastle he had some of his Clothes Dammaged [damaged?] it is a trouble
som [troublesome?] thing to get safe here and it is got so plenty that
it is not so good [?] to bring for the most of people if the [they?]
have but 10dollars the [they?] must have linnen [linen?] cloth I got all
things that I had Dry and safe which is a good thing to have my boots
is tow [too] little for me I supose [suppose?] I am not a little [?]
than I was at home Dear Mother do you go as often to Dungiven as you did
I expect you will have the house takin [taken?] for me by the time I go
home you must give my kind love to my freind [friend?] John McCracken
and let him know that I have not forgot him as yet I did not see him [?]
before that I came a way [away?]
Dear Father many a time you were talking of this Country you had better
sell all and come to it we will get land plenty all you have to do is to
travel far enough back and take a place as for me it is not land that I
think upon nor look for this is the Country that the [they?] live on
bread and Tea Jacob I think that would agree with you and the people
goes very plain in there but they do not do much els [else?] in my opinion
every Country is suplyed [supplied?] with things nessary [necessary?] for
life and well as this country we have very Bad potatoes we do no [not?] use
many of them so that is the Reason we have the flour so plenty in
general a man has there [their?] health as well as good fresh [?] as
they will have on this Country the mone [money?] it is superior I must
leave of [off?] at present I will write as often as I have opportunity
Dear Father remember me to my Grandfather and Mother Unkels [uncles?]
William [Millar?] and Aunt and family like wise to all my Friends and
Neighbours and give my love to Mr and Mrs Brown and to my Aunt Horners
family like wise to my aquintance [aquaintance?] in [Curryfree] and all my
poor enquiring neighbours I have no more at present but remain your
affectionate Son
James Horner
NB when you write direct your letters to the care of Mr James Carson in
South Street between 3 and 4 Street and when you do write give me a full
account of all things and my friends and neighbours and send as many as
possible, let me know all family affairs both publick [public?] and
privet [private?] Jacob if you see anything in it that do not like keep
To Jacob Horner of
Bovevagh and County
L.Derry [Londonderry?] To The Care
of Mark Rodgers in
Newtown L.vady [Limavady?]
Irland [Ireland?]