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Title: James Horner, Philadelphia to Thomas Horner, Co. Londonderry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHorner, James/13
SenderHorner, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmanual labourer; poss. at a typefoundry
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHorner, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1592/11: Copied by Permission of Hugh Conn Esq., Limavady, Co. Londonderry.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9403186
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Mr Thomas Horner
Boveva [Bovevagh?] Care of
Mr Mark Rodgers
Newtown Limavady
County Londonderry
per ship Pennsylvany [Pennsylvania?]
Capt Bray } Ireland

Philadelphia Dec 7th 1802

Dear Father & Mother

I take the liberty of writing to you (as it is the first since
Jany. last) to let you know that I am living and well
at present thank the giver of all good for his Mercies
I hope these fue [few?] Lines will find you all in the same
I have wrote to some of my freinds [friends?] before this, I expect
my GrandFather has Received one before this time which
was wrote in Oct. last and to some others. I have been in
good health ever since I came to this Country which is
one of the greatest blessings that a man can enjoy as the [they?]
must depend upon themselves for there [their?] living the more a
man makes the better for himself. I shall let you know what
I am about I lived with Mr Jackson to May last he Quit the
Storekeeping as he had so much building on hands and could not
attend both and since I have lived with a typefounder in this
Citty [City?] which is more advantageous to me or at least can make
more of it I have menctioned [mentioned?] some thing concerning it in
my letters before which I suppose you will here [hear?]; every day
I work I am able to make from one dollar to 9.4d and find myself
it is constant buisness [business?] summer and Winter the winter
is best as the summer is so excesive [excessive?] warm that it is
worse to stand but I suppose you will not understand it unless
you saw us at it, so as long as I like to live at it I may I
intend living here to spring this is but [detaining?] I Rec. [received?] the
first letter dated Aprile [April?] 28th I did not get the one you wrote in Nov.
Past but this one came by John oCain & sons of [Treglessen?]
The Account of the Alterations in your neighbourhood has almost
surprised me betwixt mariges [marriages?] and deaths which I need not menchen
[mention?] The [They?] all tooke [took?] place in a short time Sister Elinor
has got maried [married?] as well as the rest which I wrote a fue [few?] lines
to her the next letters by Jacob Smith dated May 22d and 29th which give me
more satisfaction concerning things you did right in getin [getting?] a
recpt [receipt?] from Richard not that Jas. [James?] would say anything about
it but it shoes [shows?] payment I have not seen Jas. [James?] Burk since
April last but I have had the money ever since and all things is right
The Last letter I got dated 17th July in Nov. Past which came by the
ship Nancy it give me pleasure to know that you were all well
and that I was an Uncle which if I was there it would be a
new Coat to the young one. I have Shiped [shipped?] two HHds. of Flax seed
a board [aboard?] the ship Pennsylvania bound for Londonderry of which
Elkanah Bray is Master Marked with P No 1 and 2 you take
two good [ons?] and pays 14s freight pr. hhd. the [they?] stand my very high
15 dollars pr. HHd. but the freight is low the Capt. has Affirmed to
three Bills of which he has one and I have the other two If any
of them was lost one is soficient [sufficient?] Mr Wm [William?] Haslet is the
one that I paid the money to as he took in freight for her
but if she goes safe go into Derry and Enquire for the Capt.
and let him see this bill and you must do the best you can with
it as I do not know how it will Rate but I allow you take
your own seed out of it and then it will be easer [easier?] to sell the
Remainder do not make two [too?] much of a work about it as soon
as you think you have value for it sell it I do not know as
[yet?] if I hall [shall?] send any more at present but if I do I will
informe [inform?] you of it.

this Citty [City?] got a small turne [turn?] of the yellow feavour [fever?]
this summer but nothing as much as before there has been as many as
13 persons per day and sometimes more and less the place I live
is a distance frome [from?] the midle [middle?] of the Citty [City?] and I
stayed all the time at my Busness [Business?] as to Country affairs I do not
know much about that is to say farming as I have lived for the most part
in town but I have not time at present I will write to
you all after a little I wrote so many last faull [fall?] I suppose you
were almost tired paying for them Remember me to
GrandFather and Mother and Aunt Rose McCracken and Cousins
I wrote to Uncle Tom give my love to Uncle and Aunt Miller
and family to Uncle and Aunt Jackson and family and to Aunt
[Horner?] and family and to Cousin James Irons and family
To all my freinds [friends?] and well wishing neighbours who [will?]
here [hear?] from me and let Mr Quigly my old Master know that I am
very well the more I do not name everyone by name I [have?]
not fogot [forgot?] them as yet Remember me to my freind [friend?]
John McCracken I understand he has got an offer from Mr Hopkins which I
suppose he will embrace I understand Mr Hopkins has got his
[mattkyln?] burned since he began I add no more at present but
Remains your Afectionate [Affectionate?] son
James Horner

I hope none of you will Neglect writing to me as soon as
oppertunity [opportunity?] sarves [serves?] Excuse if I have omited [omitted?]
for if the [they?] be bad I shall give you the more