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Title: James Horner, Philadelphia, to Thomas Horner, Bovevagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHorner, James/14
SenderHorner, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHorner, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1592/12: Copied by Permission of Hugh Conn Esq., Limavady, Co Londonderry.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8910027
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Doc. TypeEMG
Log12:10:1989 LT created 18:01:1990 MMCH input 18:01:
Word Count727
TranscriptMr Thomas Horner
Bovevagh Care of
Mr Mark Rodgers
Newtownlimavady County
Londonderry Ireland
pr [per?] ship Mohalk Capt [Captain?] Barry
Dear Father and Mother I take the liberty of enforming [informing?] you
that I am in good health at present I hope these fue [few?] lines
will find you all in the same this is the second to you
since Jany [January?] last I have shiped [shipped?] two hogheads
[hogshead?] of flaxseed this day a board the ship mohalk of which
John Barry is Capt [Captain?] for this present voyage bound
for Londonderry which you will find them Marked and
Numbred [Numbered?] as in the bill of loding [lading?] that is
I.B.N. 48 @ 49 I bought them from the Capt [Captain?] aboard the ship @
15 1/2 dollars Each and you are to pay 14 shilling freight pr [per?] HHds
[hogsheads?] this is 4 in all I thought it best to put two in each
ship it has been verry [very?] high this season but the
freight being low it is a encouragement I thought
it best to send it this year as you might need the Money and as it
may be some time before I may return; wilst [whilst?] I do not join any
busness [business?] for myself I have no need of it, but if I live and
be well I shall see you as soon as possible. There is a great parcels
[parcel?] of seed leaving this port this year there is none of the ships
gon [gone?] as yet but will go in a fue [few?] days but I have wrote one
letter when I shiped [shipped?] the first two in the ship Pennsylvania
Capt [Captain?] Bray and you will find a bill of loding [lading?]
in each letter but if the one letter be lost I suppose you will
know by the other whoe [who?] to look after Capt [Captain?] Bray of the ship
Pennsylvania and Capt [Captain?] Barry of the ship Mohalk
I need not give any derections [directions?] concerning it as Each
Capt [Captain?] has a bill of loding [lading?] you may either sell it
at Derry if you come to a price or take it home
if it arrives safe there is one of the hogheads [hogsheads?] I
allow you to use for yourselves the other 3 is your own
which I bought with your money but I bestow
my Mother her flaxseed this year as she is fond of flax
give Sister Elenor one bushel as a present from me
give Sister Mary and Nancy the sowing of 1/2 Bushel
as they are always buying it will keep thim [them?] in employ
if Uncle John Horner sews [sows?] any give him his seed and the
remainder give to my freinds [friends?] in Innoconagher to give
Aunt Rose and Cousin Eliza and Nancy
Clark one bushel if the [they?] will take the trouble of it and
the Remainder give to my GrandMother and Aunt
McCracken and [I?] suppose there is no difference
if it gets safe to hand but I ought not to be deviding [dividing?]
it here as I do not know if it shall go safe but as I am so fare [far?]
distant I cannot omit it do as you see things to answer
you need not be sending any thing to me as I do not
stand in need of anything at present if I do I shall litt [let?]
you know I hope none of them will be displeased at me
for allowing thim [them?] a little of this Country produce I hope
you will Write to me as soon as possible and let me
know how all my freinds [friends?] and well wishing neighbours
I suppose you will get a parcel of letters all at onst [once?]
as the vessels are in readiness remember me to
Mr and Mrs Brown and let them know that I am well
as I have wrote to the most part of my freinds [friends?] I ned [need?]
not Menchen [mention?] them But my Love to my Brothers
and Sisters and all my freinds [friends?] and enquiring Neighbours
add no more at present but Remains
your affectionate son
Jas [James?] Horner
Philadelphia Decbr [December?] 13th 1802
NB I wish you all a Merry Cristmass [Christmas?] but it will
be past before this arives [arrives?]
do not be in two [too?] great a bustle about your busness [business?]
but do it as quit [quiet?] a [as?] possible.