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Title: James Horner, Georgetown to Thomas Horner, Co. Derry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHorner, James/16
SenderHorner, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationschoolmaster
Sender Religionunknown
OriginGeorgetown, Maryland, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHorner, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1592/14: Copied by Permission of Hugh Conn Esq., Limavady, Co. Londonderry.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9006140
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TranscriptDear Father & Mother George Town [Georgetown?] Cross Roads 10th Dec 1803

I take this oppertunity [opportunity?] of enforming [informing?] you that I am
in good health at present thank the giver of all good
for his blessings which we are always experiencing every day
I have rec'd [received?] five letters from you this year I got one the
7th Inst. dated 25th of Sept ---- [favoured?] by Joseph Smith at Sunderland
they give me singular satisfaction to hear that you and my
friends are well but that you are involved in war with the
French which I am sorry to hear but such things must be and
every one has their own troubles either hear [here?] or their [there?] either
of body or of mind, as we are always ----ing on to we leave this
Stage of action and still we are seeking after pleasure
but never can find where it Dwells. perhaps we set things
before us which we promise our selves lasting but how soon do
the [they?] vanish away. I left Philadelphia last March and came down
with the Rev'd Joseph Douglass to where he lived and I learned
Navigation and some other improvement and he recommended me
to a place and got me a school which has been advantegious [advantageous?]
I cannot but let you know that Mr Douglass and his
Brother were as kind as Brothers to me. I live within 16 miles
of them and 62 from Philad [Philadelphia?] on the post Road leading to
Chester town [Chestertown?] I have had a large school through the summer as
many as I could attend it is the best to my advantage of any thing
ever I joined as yet a Man living in the City is exposed to different
things. this is a good Country for a young Man if he is a man of
Learning he can make a handsome living for himself if he
takes care and has his health which is the mother of all blessings
it is not just so healthy as Ireland but I cannot say but
it is as clear of Deseases [diseases?] as urope [Europe?] we cannot expect
to have every thing in one land or we would think two [too?] much of it
so I find that every sweet has its bitter along with it
thank God I never enjoyed better health than since I came to
this Country. as I have not been in Phil'd [Philadelphia?] since I cannot
mention my acquaintance but I intend to up again Cristmass [Christmas?]
perhaps I may have an oppertunity [opportunity?] of writing
I am satisfied that you got the little flaxseed shirt I sent as it was
the first it is verry [very?] high price this year it is sold at 6 pounds
per --d and one Guiney [guinea?] freight which is more than it is worth
you had not much for your trouble but as I had got the money
and was not using it I thought it was better to send it but I suppose
I will scarely send any more if ever it be my lot to return to see
you and my Native Country I will not promise how soon as their [there is?]
nothing but one thing certain perhaps I might get my Brother Jacob advised
to come to this Country and leave that troublesom [troublesome?] Country
I will write him on the subject I expect my Mother would think
that I was going to robe [rob?] her of her family; if he had been Industrious
in learning he need never work with the spaid [spade?] and shovel
to take it upon me to be the only means of any one comming [coming?] hear
[here?] they might say if any thing was disagreeable that I was the only means
that brought them. but let them think for a moment and sign
their own Commital [Committal?] and come as some of us has done before them
take chance. God is as strong on sea as on land for my part if I
had to do again I should think nothing of it. but before I would do
as some of the young men does live at home a lifetime and does not
know farther than their own market Town. as this Country affairs
things is Reasonable Wheat is sold from 11s 8d to 12s per bushel Indian
Corn 4s 6d Beef from 40s to 49s per every 100th peork [pork?] from 4 1/2
dollars to 5$ per l. [pound?] as mens weages [wages?] every one differs
according to their employment some more and some less this Country has made
a good purchase of Land from the French it formerly belonged
to Spain but Spain ceded to France and France sold it to
America Louisana [Louisiana?] and California and New Mexico includes
an Extensive track [tract?] of land they lie between the River
Mississippi and the Pacific Ocean some are in doubt that
Spain will not let them have it without fighting
this is a vast Country for ----ds as to Religion we have all Classes
or sorts of people the Methodists is verry [very?] numerious [numerous?]
but they are a sort of debauched people that a creditable
person is loath to join with them I live as at home
only I always go to hear when I have an oppertunity [opportunity?] to hear
the word of God Delivered as we never can enjoy peace with our
selves without our peace being made up
I beive [believe?] I got all the letters that was wrote me this last summer
I got one from my Grand Father [Grandfather?] one from Brother Jacob one
from Brother Tom and one from Sister Elinor and one from Uncle John Horner
I Intend writing them so they may expect if oppertunity [opportunity?] serves
as I am so far from Phil'da [Philadelphia?] I have not as good an
oppertunity [opportunity?] as I [had?]
I find in one of your letters that you blame me in not Encouraging
my friends and Country Men you do not know my reasons
for it or you would not blame me as well as truth their [there?] is a
grait [great?] number that write better of this Country than they ought
the [they?] Encourage people to come that perhaps can enjoy them selves
as well in Ireland if I take upon me to Intreat [entreat?] people to come
they think that the [they?] will have no more trouble than at their
own fireside and their [there?] is a grait [great?] many when the [they?] are
a few days out at Sea they would wish they never left home
and when the [they?] land in this port unless they have money or
friends they find them selves lost I have seen some going about
till they spent all they had and then go to hard work, this
was disagreeable they would reflect on who ever advised them
[but?] this is my Reasons for not Encouraging any Neighbours
but any young Man that wishes to make progress in the
world this is a good part for him espashely [especially?] for a man [torn]
Learning their [there?] is no danger of him but he may advance
him self I should wish to see my Country men doing well but let them
take chane [chance?] as "Solomon says time and Chane [Chance?] happens to all"
Give my kind love to my Grand Father [Grandfather?] & Mother and Uncle
Thomas & Aunt McCracken Aunt Rose & Cousin Eliza & Nancy Clark
Aunt Horner and Family Cousin Jas. [James?] Irons and Family to
Uncle and Aunt Jackson and Family to Brother John & Elinor
Jackson and Family my love to my Brother's [Brothers?] and Sisters &
Uncle John Horner Likewise to all my wellwishing
Neighbours and friends as if I named them by name give
my kind love to Uncle and Aunt Miller and Family
I expect they are living in the same place if he could make
his boys midling [middling?] good scholars and learn them a traid [trade?]
this will be the place for them but not for a family as it
take so much for the removal
May health and prosperity attend you all
whilst I remain your son James Horner

NB as this is the first I may send more I intend writing to some
of my friends. Give my Compliments to Mr and Mrs Douglas
and let them know that their sons Joseph & Samuel
is well and doing well but as they will write themselves
I need not. Give my love to Mr Quigly and let him
know that I am well no more but remain your
affectionate son James Horner.

George Town [Georgetown?] Cross Roads 10th Dec. 1803
Kent County State of Maryland

Mr Thomas Horner
Care of
Mr Hugh Sherer Merct [Merchant?]
Newtown Lem.vady [Limavady?]
County Londonderry