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Title: James Horner, Georgetown to Thomas Horner, Co. Derry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHorner, James/20
SenderHorner, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationschoolmaster
Sender Religionunknown
OriginGeorgetown, Maryland, USA
DestinationCo.Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHorner, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1592/15: Copied by Permission of Hugh Conn Esq., Limavady, Co. Londonderry.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9006137
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TranscriptGeorge Town [Georgetown?] Cross Roads Sept 10th 1804

Dear Father and Mother

I have taken this opportunity to put you in mind of
your absent Son. I only received one letter this year
dated April 8th 1804 enclosed by one from Brother Tom.
I am a little asstonished [astonished?] that you are got so dillitory
[dilatory?] in writing perhaps it was becaus [because?] I only wrote one last
fall and the cause of that was living in the country
I had no opportunity and from that I neglected my
old friends and acquaintances. I hope to repair the loss
I have made in hopes that you will not neglect any
other time -
I thank God I have enjoyed my health Extremely well
ever [since I?] came to this Country which is the greatest
Blessing that a man can have in this World, as it is
the means that we can procure our living
I live at the same place that I lived at before which
is 62 miles from Philadelphia and about the same
from Baltimore by water there is packets runs
from this to Baltimore twice a week but I never
have gone over to see it. I am Teaching as yet
it is the best thing I have done since I came here
as I make more by it than anyone can do by being
a Clark [clerk?] to a nother man. I do not know how long
I shall continue at it - I have some thoughts
of Beginning in Store keeping in Spring if I Get
things to answer my desire - this is a Country that
we try always to do for the best some times our
plans get frustrated - for if one thing does not
do another must so that we generaly [generally?] are busy
no time to idle or [spend?] but every one for themselves,
Dear father in some of your letters you remarked that
America was not as good as reported; it is true we cannot get
the money for the lifting but by industry and care, all that I
have heard of it was not altogether true. The country is one
of the best that I have met with as to land and Government and
peace and plenty but at the same time it requires a man to be
industrious to accumulate wealth. If I balance Ireland and
this together I should give this country the preference by 100
per cent. But at the same time if I was the only cause of my
brothers or friends coming here perhaps they would find
difficulties to surmount before they get situated to their
pleasement [pleasure?]. This and this only is cause that I have
not wrote to friends and neighbours but let them take courage
and venture; nothing ventured nothing won. In general course
anyone that has fortitude to leave that country and live here
some time I think they would give it the preference. But a
stranger must be some time in any place before he can sit down
contented. No if I could enjoy the social love and unity with
my friends I should be quite contented. Will this ever
happen? No unless I go and live with you. I question if ever
you will with me.
I cannot at present say the time when it shall please the
Governor of the Universe to convey me to my native land onst [once?]
more. Alas! there are many there that I never shall behold
again in this world who are gone to land of forgetfulness. I
suppose I am nearly the same in Bovevagh as though I never
was; this is the fate of man today he puts forth his blossom
and tomorrow is cut down. I was up at Philadelphia in August
last. Mr. Carson's family were well; he had been sick but was
getting better. Mr. Jackson and family were well. Miss Jane
Burk she has not seen Charles this 18 months; Joseph Lowry and
Archibald McFadden and family were well. Mr. Joseph Douglas
and Samuel are well and Joseph is practising [?] law and
Samuel is a teacher in the Chestertown College and is doing
Dear mother you will have a house prepared for me if ever I
return to see you onst [once?] more; I should wish that time to
arrive and to see you all collected together as you were at my
departure. Time soon runs past and cannot be brought back, a
moment lost is lost for ever.
I hope these few lines will find all my friends well in
Innocongher. Give my kind love to my grandfather and mother [grandmother?]
hoping that I shall see them again my Uncle and Aunt McCracken
and family, to Aunt Rose and Cousin Eliza and Nancy Clark and
John McCracken and Uncle John Horner, Aunt Horner and family.
Mollie Smith and Elinor, Uncle Samuel Jackson and family.
brother John Jackson and family and Archibald Jackson and
family. Is Andrew coming over to this country to marry [?]
this fortune. I do not know where William Jackson lives or I
should write him. Give my love to Uncle William Mellin and
family. I think [he has?] declined in coming; his
family would be very expensive to bring here; better for him
to give the boys either learning or a good trade and send them
over. I find that the most part of my age and acquaintance
are getting married; Cousin Archibald did not wait on me to
come to the wedding. I think I either must make arrangements
or I shall be left behind but (I shall be like the one with
the two homes). Remember me to all my cousins and friends and
well wishing neighbours as if I had named them by name. I
have not forgot my old acquaintance though I cannot name them.
My kind love and affection to all my brothers and sisters
adieu!!! I add no more at present but remains [remain?] your
affectionate son farewell!!! Dear father and mother James
N.B. Direct your letters c/o John Ireland, Esq., George Town [Georgetown?]
Cross Roads [Crossroads?], Maryland, Kent County. as this is the first I
shall write to some of my friends if my grandfather and mother [grandmother?]
is living; my paper is done.
James Horner

Mr Thomas Horner,
c/o Mr. Hugh Sherer,
Merchant in Newtown Limavady,
County Londonderry,

per ship Merchant Groc. [Grocer?] Cork.
Postmaster please to forward this,
George Town Cross Roads [Georgetown crossroads?], October 7th, 1804.