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Title: James Horner, Maryland to Thomas Horner, Bovevagh.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHorner, James/38
SenderHorner, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationprivate tutor
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMaryland, USA
DestinationCo.Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientHorner, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 1592/17: Copied by Permission of Hugh Conn Esq., Limavady, Co. Londonderry.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9006136
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Word Count1888
TranscriptNear Easton Oct 30th 1807
State of Maryland
Dear Father & Mother

Having neglected writing you for some time past you are
impressed with the Idea that it's want of natural affection, or that I am
offended it is neither; for you must know, that though at a distance I
may be transported yet the flight of my mind can never be stoped [stopped?].
but living a distance from any sea port [seaport?] town it was not in my
power to write you so often as I could have wished. I had one consolation
I received letters every year from you. I got two this year one in June,
and the last the 4th of this month it came by Wm [William?] Douglas but I
have not seen him
I am thankful to learn that you and all my friends are well; you may rest
assured that it would be a plasing [pleasing?] sight for me to see you all
again and partake of the love that arises from true friendship. - I thank
the Author of my existence that [torn] have enjoyed good health ever since
I came to this country. I have not been an hour sick, which in my opinion is
preferable to all the wealth we can possess. This fall has been extreamly
[extremely?] unhealthy; scarse [scarce?] ever known before half a [as?] much
sickness. In this climate the air is very changeable some day very warm and
other cold. We have had rain in abundance this year the farmers have made
excellant crops of Wheat and Indian Corn which is the staple article of this
country Wheat sells from 9s 4 1/2d to 10s per bushel equal 5s 7 1/2d to 6s
sterling but our market fluctuates own [owing?] to the demand abroad. I
suppose it would sell very well with you. But from the present prospect its
thought we will have a War with England which I would be sorry for. I will
give you a short account of the present grievance. Our [frigate?] Chassapeake
[Chesapeake?] Capt [Captain?] Barron was going to the Mediterriane
[Mediterranean?] and not supposing that the British ship Leopard Capt
[Captain?] Humphries would be guilty of such a thing was not prepared to give
battle Capt [Captain?] Humphries ordered Capt [Captain?] Barron to call up
his men on deck saying that he was informed he had 3 of his men deserters on
board. Capt [Captain?] Barron said he had none of his men nor would he call
the rolle [roll?]. without any farther questions Capt [Captain?] H.
[Humphries?] gave the Chassapeake [Chesapeake?] two or three broad side Capt
Barron struck and offered his vessel as a prise [prize?] to the Leopard Capt
[Captain?] Humphries took 4 men. Our President Jefferson has ordered all
British armed vessels to depart from our coasts and prohibited any supplies to
be given them. so that our country is in an uproar Jefferson has ordered 100
thousand Militia to be raised and since that time we are preparing to defend
ourselves. Congress are [meeting?] but they have had no dispatches from
England the result is not known, Except concessions are made for this outrage
it will be a war. If she declars [declares?] War she will loose [lose?] her
possession in Canada and north America as the Citizens of the United States
are enraged and formidable by land.
The war near having disturbance among ourselves [Major?] Burr [?]
having been put out of office on account of his conduct has been trying to
subvert the government of the United States by separating them States. He
thought to have made himself Emperor of Mexico but our Government has put a
stop to it. He was taken and tried for treason of which charge he was
acquitted. Tis thought that the judge was in favour of him he is to be tried
for misdemeanor the result is not known. This is the case almost with every
nations Designing ambitious Men that are not satisfied with any Government
except they are at the head. Burr, two or three years ago filled the second
station of honor and trust in our country and in such a short time tried like
a fellon [felon?]! I am sorry to hear that disturbance is [?] in Ireland
again. They will only get themselves destroyed; experience ought to teach
them better and if they would only take a retrospective view of France and
consider for a moment who is the greatest tyrant or usurper they will find the
Emperor of France after all his fair declarations of republicanism, sent
himself and all his friends on the [?] [?] you ought to cultivate peace and
harmony among you. Let not religious principles put a desention among you
Bigotry and prejudice has reigned long enough [torn] I hope the Lord will
send peace to all nations.

Land sells here from 30 to 40 dollars pr [per?] Acre but I am informed you can
purchase land far preferrable [preferable?] in the back part of the country at
2 dollars. A great number are continually moving out and they give a very
plausible account of that part of the Country the State of Ohio, Louisianna
[Louisiana?] and the Missippi [Mississippi?] Territory. I would recommend
all young men that are not satisfied with their native place to come to this
country and I am confident they will not repent their migration they must not
think to accumulate a fortune in two or three years but if they act with
prudence they may live much better with less trouble than ever they can do in
Ireland there is a little qualification necessary For a man to live easy he
ought to be a scolar [scholar?] though there are many [ways?] of making a
livelihood. I am very cautious in giving my friends an invitation; as they
too often flatter themselves that their fortune is made when they come here
but it requires industry and [?] diligence in you [your?] profession
to accumulate wealth
to Brother Thomas has commenced business in Newtown I will not advise him
to come here as times appear to be troublesom [troublesome?] and as he is
fixed convenient to his friends who will contribute as much as possible to
assist him. - If he had not began business I was intend to have written for
him this fall but under the present circumstances I will not encourage him,
however if he finds that he cannot do well let him prepare and come over in
spring but he must not think of getting back so soon as a days journey. If a
war breaks out he will be best at home neither do I know when I shall have the
pleasure of seeing all my friends and acquaintance. But let this not render
any of you unhappy God is universal. When I came to this country I did not
think of staying so long but time is like the flowing stream glides swiftly
past. I am very well pleased with this country the longer a man is in it I
believe he is the fonder of remaining. - I have only one wish if I had all my
friends here as they are in Ireland I should think myself happy but that never
will be therefore we never ought to render ourselves unhappy with things that
are out of our power.
Religion and Politics are the two principle subjects the first I shall inform
you as [?] I know. The Methodists are getting to be very numerous. last Augt
I was at a [?] meetting [meeting?] which lasted ten days and nights.
They formd [formed?] a circle in the Woods perhaps 100 tents or upwards and
some days they were upwards of 10 thousand people of all classes and
denominations negros [negroes?] and whits [whites?] I suppose you are
acquainted with their doctrine they hold out that you must be converted or
born again and they are like the Montonists [Mennonists?] they get inspired
but they cannot explain what it is. you will see them leaping and shouting and
some times [sometimes?] get you would think into fits and lie as if dead and
after they will rise and clap their hands and sing untill [until?] they are
tired. repent and you will have your sins forgiven &c........
Now I shall let you know how I am situated at present after I left Chester
town [Chestertown?] I went to Talbot County about 50 miles from Chester
[Chestertown?] I taught a large scool [school?] there for 18 months and last
month I have agreed with a Gentleman to instruct his children I have only two
or three, and I have £100 and found in every thing [everything?] I never was
as happily situated he is a member of Congress and a very wealthy man. I
have every thing [everything?] that can render me happy here I have the liberty
of an excellent library and other things that are necessary I have not an
opportunity of seeing my Country men. Mr Samuel Douglas is well - you have
heard of the death of his Brother he lost a friend when he lost him, he lives
300 miles from me but I here [hear?] from him by letter - Samuel Blair is
well, James [Purstry?] of Belly Kelly [Ballykelly?] is well [When you write
direct your letter to the care of Edward Lloyd Esqr and write your direction
with care]

Dear Mother
I hope you will be content when you read this letter I have
put down a few heaty remarks however it will give you to understand
that I am happy and well and I wish you the same till I see you again
J. H. [James Horner?]
Give my love to Grand Father [Grandfather?] and Mother [Grandmother?] I am
thankfull [thankful?] to here [hear?] they are on the land of the living -
also to Unkle [Uncle?] Thomas and Aunt McCracken and family Aunt Rose and
cousin Nancy Clark & Mrs [Milican?] Unkle [Uncle?] John Horner I hope he is
well Aunt Horner and family I hope they are well also to Unkle [Uncle?] and
Aunt Jackson and family. to Brother and Sister Jackson and to all my relations
and enquiring neighbours as if I had named them. Brother Jacob I should be
glad to have a letter from you to put us in mind of each other &c I intend to
write to Brother Thomas - I hope the rest of my Brothers and sisters are
living and well. I suppose they have forgot me by this time. Excuse this
letter as I have written it in heste [haste?]
May the Almighty God Bless you all whilst I remain
your affectionate Son
James Horner
Mr Thos [Thomas?] and Jane Horner

Remember me to Unkle [Uncle?] and Aunt Wallace and family I suppose they are
living in the same part of the country also to Cousin James [Irons?] and
family. I suppose all my old sweet hearts [sweethearts?] are married by this
time, I think least I should be disappointed in not getting one I had better
take one with me The ladies are very numerous here and they have a number of
good qualities, among them they have that natural gift of Loving....
J. [James?] Horner

Annapolis Oct

Mr Thomas Horner
near Dungiven Bovugh or Bovevagh
County Londonderry
3/ Ireland

Post Master [Postmaster?], please
to forward this.

30 Oct 1807