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Title: J. N. Houston, New Orleans to Mrs Houston, Larne.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHouston, J N/56
SenderHouston, John N.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationshop assistant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
DestinationLarne, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMrs Houston
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2581/7: Copied by Permission of J. Robson Esq., 140 Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007112
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by JM 25:10:1993.
Word Count791
TranscriptNew Orleans 8th March 1836
My Dear Mother
I wrote Sam on our arrival
here a few days ago. We had a fine
passage out, No storms or contrary winds;
in fact when the wind was not fair we
had a dead calm. After the first 8 days
from Belfast Lough it became so mild &
warm that all the men on Board were going
without shoes, stockings or coats. In 10
days more we had thrown all the Blankets
off our Beds at nights & I myself lay
without a night shirt & only the quilt over
me. When we neared the Coast, of the
Continent of America the Weather again
became cold. The nights here now are as
cold as MARCH nights at home. the days
like JUNE at home
No person in the OLD COUNTRY can have
any idea of the immense trade & business
in this City without seeing it. I have no
doubt but in some time it will be the
largest City in America or perhaps the World
Besides its trade by sea; Steam Boats
double the size of the "VENTURE" come down
the "MISSISIPI" [Mississippi?] 1400 Miles, from the interior
with all manner of goods & produe [produce?]
There are 800 ships & Steam Boats here
at the present moment with mulitudes [multitudes?]
of Traders & Strangers from all Nations
The River is about 140 feet deep here
& continues so 500 Miles from the sea
NEW ORLEANS is near 100 Miles from the sea
I am living on Board, as lodgings can
scarcely be had for love or money in the City
there would no respectable place take me
under £3 pr [per?] week & even at that rate no
comfort in them from the way they are
crowded. Rents of Houses & Shops are so
amasingly high here that I am sure you
will scarce credit what is a fact
A House Yard & Concern like ours at
the CURRAN, if on the Quay at NEW ORLEANS
would set for above £1,000 pr [per?] year
I have been in a mans shop of the name
of McCracken from Larne, it is in one of the
best steets & is just about the size of our
Gateway, not larger I am sure, no back
door or Room off it & nothing above or below
The Rent is 100 Dollors pr [per?] month or near
£250 pr [per?] year in consequence of such high
Rents & living so high, every article is 3 or 4
times the price it is in Ireland, except
some produce of the Country which the STORE
or SHOP KEEPERS can get very Cheap as they lay
on 100 @ 150 p [per?] cent profit at the least
Money is very plenty and nobody thinks
of saving but all of making it. There is
no Copper money, the smallest coin being
1/16 of a Dollar or 3d of our money. I many
a time think my AUNT ALLIN should have been
born in "NEW ORLEANS"
Tell MATILDA there is no SUNDAY
here. The only difference between it & other days
is that the people shut shops in Afternoon
& amuse themselves the rest of the day`
The Churches are open but so are THE CIRC[torn] [circus?]
[stained] and the Markets are larger & [torn]
[stained] & more bought & sold in them [torn]
Shops on Sunday than any other day of Week
Dear Mother I am sorry my paper is'nt
double the size or I would tell you as
much more of this strange place; people who
are long here forget home but I will no do so
as in my opinion we live as comfortable in
LARNE as most families in "NEW ORLEANS"
The Ladies here are BLACK TAWNEY &
WHITE, all dress uncommon gay, if happen
to fall in love and marry any of them here
she will either be a PINE FRENCH WHITE or
a REAL BLACK, many of the LATTER are very
good looking & fine Figures. I dont like the
ORANGE TAWNEYS at all. Remember me
Mary & Matilda all the McCullochs, Mrs &
Robert Nelson with other well wishers also
the Linns &c, &c. I will be home in
September & trust the House & Garden will
be very neat & to find you all Well & Happy
I am your affectionate son
Jno [John?] Houston

The "CAMBRIAN" of Belfast sailed last night
& I intended to send some Newspapers home
by her but was told it may be a fortnight
ere [before?] she gets over the Barr & that this will
reach you 15 @ 18 days by NEW YORK sooner
which is the reason I did not write by her
J.H. [John Houston?]

[nb. words in capitals in above text were underlined in the original letter]

via "Ship John" Baving
Mrs Houston
care of Mr Sam Houston
Co Antrim

SHIP [?]