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Title: John Houston, Indiana to Mrs Houston, Larne.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHouston, J N/62
SenderHouston, John N.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginIndiana, USA
DestinationLarne, Co. Antrim, N.Ireland
RecipientMrs Houston
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 2581/9: Copied by Permission of J. Robson Esq., 150 Gilnahirk Road, Belfast.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9007114
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptIndiana 24th April 1836

Dear Mother
I left NEW ORLEANS on the 4th
and it took 13 days to come up here the distance
being upwards of [1400?] miles.
The name of this place is MADISON
it is a very fine little town, standing upon
more ground than Larne but not so populous
there is 10 times as much business done in it
as in Larne, The Shops Stores and Houses are
good and remind me very much of Bmena [Ballymena?]
there are 30 or 40 fine Houses now building
& property increasing so much in value
that Building ground in town which 3
years ago was sold at 250 dollars is now
selling at 1,000 dollars. I have no doubt
but in 20 or 30 years "MADISON" will be larger
than Belfast. I am quite comfortable
in Mr McCleans. He is a Native of Newry
who was deeply engaged in the Rebellion &
had to leave Ireland then. He is not in any
Business nor Farms any land but his
Houses in town let for near 4,000 dollars a
year and he is still building more which
are taken as soon as finished. His son
with whom I made the acquaintance in
NEW ORLEANS is in business very extensively
but entirely in the Wholesale way. I was
much surprized [surprised?] at the extent of his Stores
& the large business done.
This is a most delightful & Romantic
Country. it is almost impossible to describe
the beauty of the Trees, Woods & Waters that
surround "MADISON" Every Farm House
has a Peach Orchard and in many places
Peaches Plums Apples Plums Quinces &c &c are
growing wild about the Hedges & Woods.
The Farmers have no other way of
using the principal part of these kind of
things than by feeding Pigs on them & which
is also very profitable. there is scarce a ma [man?]
in the Country has not 30 or 40 Hogs fattened
every fall you may have some idea
of the numbers in the Country when I assure
you there were 33,000 Hogs made into Bacon
& Pork last year here and 150,000 in a town
50 Miles further up the "OHIO" called CINCINNATI
this Pork & Bacon goes chiefly to "NEW ORLEANS"
& thence to the West Indies etc etc
It is very difficult to get Serveants [Servants?]
here, Mr McCleans people keep TWO a Man
servant who lives in the House & his Wages
are 3 Dollars p Week & diet - A Woman, her
Wages 1 Dollar p Week they come into the
Parlour & take their Meals after we have done
but are scarce satisfied at this arrangement
there are No shoes Blacked in the House or
clothes Washed. The shoes in MADISON are
all sent out to a SHOE BLACKS Shop, which
is a business of ITSELF. No Servant or "HELP"
which is the proper name here would Black
or clean shoes at all. Mr McClean Keeps a
carriage & two Horses, the man servant looks
after them & jobs about the Store. I am out
Riding very frequently with the old Gentleman
& have seen a great deal of the Country

Kentucky 30 April 1836

I am out here on a shooting Excursion
looking at this "STATE" ere I go
[torn] the River, "KENTUCKY" is leveller [torn]
[torn] "INDIANA" the Climate much the [torn]
[torn] as regards appearance, a PERFECT "EDEN"
Winter only lasts about 2 Months, not commencg [commencing?]
till January & ending in March, the Farmers
dont House their Cattle or Sheep at all but
let them roam at large through the Woods where
they get plenty to eat.
I must leave MADISON in a few
days & go up the River towards Quebec: if
Mr Agnew Farrels place in on my Route
I will call with him & stop a day or two
& will also stop a day or two at the FALLS
OF NIAGARA. Remind me to all my
Friends at home. I saw Mrs Blairs death
which Mr McClean gets, though I am now
near 4 Mos [Months?] from Home I have got no letters
since I left Larne. "THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE
BEEN THE CASE" as I have always been most
particular in writing home. I trust you
& my Sisters are in good Health.
I remain Dear Mother Yours Truly
Jno [John?] Houston
MADISON 4 May 1836
I have all in readiness to proceed up the
River to "LAKE ERIE" & expect to get away to day [today?]
& civilities I have experienced here from these
people the McCleans, are almost past tale & more
particulary as they can never expect a return from me
Yours J:Houston [John Houston?]

[addressed to:]
Mrs Houston
Care of Mr Sam Houston
Co Antrim

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