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Title: Roxana Huston, Buffalo, to Jane Creighton, Hector, New York, Aug 24, 1846
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHuston, Roxana/9
SenderHuston, Roxana and William
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBuffalo, New York, USA
DestinationHector, New York, USA
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipclose relatives, Lydia might be their niece
SourceT3452/2/3: Deposited by Mrs. J. Creighton
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9502062
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Transcriptif you can sell any of your cows this fall to good
people that will be [___me?] to pay - do it -
you can replenish in the spring -

Buffalo August 24th 18[46?]
I will write to you soon again

My Dear Lydia,
I am pleased to hear from you all and that you
are in good health. don't give way to low spirits my dear
girl if it has been your lot to be separated in early life
from your dear parents, you have still friends left that
will endeavour to make your life as pleasant as they
can and offer such advice to you as they think will
best promote your interest and make you happy. you have
showed great fortitude and patience in your many
trials, and I do not blame you for wishing to change
your cares. Will you allow me to lay down a plan for [you?]
and if you think well of it, Mr Huston and myself [__torn]
do all we can to enable you to put it in practice [__torn]
rent or sell your farm and all of your stock, or [__torn]
put out your cows and sheep, sell all your furniture if
at a very low price accept [except?] your beds and bedding,
for [p____?] [____?] can be bought here almost for nothing
at [v_____?] put up such provisions (say pork ham lard & butter
and grain as much as will keep) come all of you here as soon
as you can make all your arrangements & live at Buffalo.
Let John go to school this winter and in the Spring Let him
choose such a trade as he will like, or if he would not like
to go to school he could get a place this winter, hire two rooms
near us/ if our house was large enough you should have part of it,
we will move into a Larger one in the Spring if you come, let [_____?]
be the housekeeper and you can get as much sewing as will want
to do, living is cheap here and I like Buffalo. I do think
it would be far better for you than to go to New York.
Margaret [?] hall is poor, she is a teacher in one of the high
schools gets 13 shillings per week. My boys are no better than
when you saw them. Think well of what I have said it is
Mr Huston's advice as well as mine. The Taylors [g___?] [shop?]
work of every kind, pantaloons, vests, and thin coats, if you should
like fine better, there are [_____?] shirt [___] [__] [___] that you
could get work. and there pamphlet stitchers here that get good [m___?]
wood[?] is only two dollars for cord and in New York you would [___?]
[__?] 8 or 10 - you will have Mr Huston always ready to assist you
with his advice.
If you cannot make your arrange [?] for Aunt Jasu [?]
& John to come this winter come yourself and it will be
much easier for you to get to them in case of sickness
than it might be to get from New York, you and Margaret
wont enjoy yourselves well to
gether and you know more
of us than of your
sad[?] Irish friends.
If you don't sell your
farm and won't like to go
into arm[?] [_________?] [___?]
stone[?] or growing[?] with Mr Huston
and John for a [c___k] you nod[?] you
can't do that, at all events come and see
us if you should make up your minds to come
Mr huston will write to you when you can meet with
one of the line boats coming from [G_____?] here and give
you a letter of introduction to one of the Captains
you can come perfectly safe in that way. Love to all
Yours Affectionately
Roxana Huston

My dear children - I broke open Roxanas letter to say to you -
never quit Hector until you can make a [____?] and the sale of your
Farm - and all except your beds bedding - and never separate your
family - keep together - keep all together - and if god in his wisdom
should call any of you to himself - submit to his will
and believe you have a friend in heaven and some on Earth - persevere -
my children, persevere - God will bless you
so prays William Huston.