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Title: William McCrea, Toronto, Canada, to John McCrea, Strabane.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHutton, William/7
SenderHutton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
DestinationStrabane, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientMcCrea, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2298/4/2/7: Deposited by Messers. Wilson & Simms, Solicitors.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9305224
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by Jonathan Teer, 28
Word Count1762
TranscriptB of A & S Toronto March 29th 1856

Dear John
It is a long time now since I have written to the
North The death of my good old father on 7th Feb [February?]
last at the ripe age of 90 years & last week the illness of
my brother Daniel who is now "in a confirmed decline &
sinking rapidly" - has latterly diverted my old country
correspondance to Dublin - to sympathize with my much loved
& excellent mother & sister under their loss & trials - My
brother Dan (who is 18 mo. [months?] older than I) caught
cold at the Crystal Palace Exhibition on London in 1851 &
lost his voice on that occasion - since which it has never
returned & he is now approaching his end - if he has not
already reached it - When at home last I did not think he
could possibly survive so long as he as done - as he could
not then speak above a whisper & he had bronchitis He will
leave two sons to lament his loss & his dear old mother &
his sister will both sadly lament his departure as he was
a kind son & brother - his Wife died about 9 or ten years
ago - He was a wine merchant in good business - I think my
good old mother will feel his loss almost as much as that
of his father - It was a great mercy the good old man had
such a peaceful end free from all pain - having taken an
epileptic fit on the night of the 5th & died on the morning
of the 7th - not being conscious during that short interval
- he retained his affections & almost all his powers till
the last attack Their eldest son Dr. Jos. [Joseph?] Hutton
of Derby was fortunately at Fairfield at the time of his
decease & had been there four days enjoying & giving
enjoyment previous to his last illness - My dear old mother
who is in her 89th year is still full of life & power both
of mind & body - Both mother & sister are left quite
independent - & remain in the old place - It would appear
to me ungrateful to mourne the good old man's decease when
he was spared so long and so kindly & so mercifully death
with for so many years - & even in his very removal -
Your son Willie has taken the wind out of my sails in
the corresponding lines & it is so long since I have
written that I forget where to begin - It is just the way
with the world - When we begin to depend on others we
prostrate our own powers of actions - I have depended
upon Willie - He is a great favorite [favourite?] in our
family & a remarkably nice gentlemanly fellow - he is
family & a remarkably nice gentlemanly fellow - he is
losing a little of the timidity which he felt at first &
which must have been distressing to himself - but still
retains enough of it to sit very becomingly upon him -
He moves in as good society as Toronto produces in the

true acception of that word - not the highest or most
aristocratic - but in every sense the most enlightened
& the best - He was at a large party at our house on
Tuesday night - his "dress & address" were both
excellent & he is very much admired - We had about
forty very nice young people & kept up the dancing till
3 in the morning F. [Fanny?] & the girls had a most
excellent I was going to write "recherche" supper that
did them a great deal of credit said to be one of the
best of the season given in Toronto - The bill of fare
may amuse the girls - Turkeys two - Tongues two - Ham one
- jellies - lots. Blanc mange lots - Lobster salad first
rate made by Sarah - Oyster Patties 3 doz. [dozen?] Whip
one - Charlotte --usse [mousse?] one - custards lots -
[----?] almonds raisins apples bons bons ad infinitum -
- & rum punch & Wines & ale - all enjoyed themselves very
much indeed - The Misses Stewart Mrs Hinck's Nieces are
on a visit with us - they play & sing very sweetly -
There is no end to the society of Toronto - If our house
was large enough we could have a party of a hundred &
more - Fanny took down the bed in our bedroom & had the
supper laid out there - & plenty of room The Girls are
also going to a good many parties & Willie is often along
with them & escourts [escorts?] them home - On the first
of April they go to a large party at a Mr Majors & as
they are to be chiefly young people I am very glad that
Willie relieves me from going as he is to walk home with
the girls - The distances in Toronto are monstrous Mr
Majors house is more tham [than?] one mile & a half from
us so that Derby is well pleased to be allowed to sit with
Joan -
Willie is now a very good chessplayer able to beat his
uncle three games out of four - but Fanny has such an
objection to our playing chess because we don't talk
that it is with difficulty we can get a game - I have
scarcely played any for 14 or 15 years & I am beginning
to feel my old love of it returning - my daughters Mary &
Sarah are beginning to play tolerably well & take great
interest in the game I like to see girls able to play
chess - & enjoy it - it is a good sign of their
intellectual powers - Sunday March 30th Five of us have
been to Church - it is a bitterly cold day on Friday
morning the thermometer was 8 below zero - that was the
28th March & this morning I think it must have been quite
as low - the winter has been dreadfully sever [severe?] &
the ice in Toronto Bay is still nearly 2 feet thick & no
appearance of a break up of it We have a great deal of
snow yet in the country tho' [though?] it is nearly gone
in the City truly a most backward season I do think there

will be much plowing or seed sowing before May Day - The
Canada has arrived but had a long passage - it is
delightful to hear of peace being established provided it
be on honourable terms & govt. [goverment?] Britain will
not suffer it to be made on any others - Public opinion
does wonders We are on the eve of a change in our govt.
[government?] in Canada - I fear my excellent friend &
the head of my dept. [department?] Sir Allan Mac Nab
[MacNab[B[B?] is going out of office - He is such a martyr
to gout & it is feared Dropsy also that he is
constitutionally unfit for the serious duties of a
Premier - & is about to retire - I do not know what the
next shuffle of the cards will produce I hope mine may be
a trump Sir Allen kept my own department entirely to my
own management & all the clerks under me & told me about
a month ago that he would endeavour to have me appointed
sole head of my own department instead of acting head
under him and raise my salary to £560 pounds per annum but
I fear his ill health & confinement to bed & retirement
from office will delay this desideratum - if not put it
off altogether - he will however recommend it before he
retires from office - I hope his recommendation will
have some weight .
The govt. [government?] has decided not to take
another census of the province till 1861 so that I am not
likely to have any employment for James in my own office
- If he comes however I will do all I can to get him
employment somewhere - If he is ashamed to put his hand
any respectable employment there would be no fear but
that he would soon find it - We are glad to hear that
Robert is no loser by the failure of his employers -
There must be sad reverses among provision merchants -
if peace is declared He will probably come to see us
whilst Navigation is open altho' [although?] there is
now a railroad to our door the entire way - We are
within 26 hours of N.York [New York?] - The cars cross
the Niagara River within sight of the Falls. & thence to
Hamilton & thence to Toronto - I wish you had a good map
of our country & our railroads There is one now about to
be published by our govt. [government?] that will give a
very comprehensive view of the present geographical
state of Canada showing [---?] - Rivers - Canals -
Cities Town Villages Mills &c &c &c [ectera ectera
ectera?] If I can get one when they come out I will
send you one - as it would be quite an interesting
source of information It is on a very largescale
[largescale?] but there is to be a second size - It is to
be published under govt. [government?] auspices & govt.
[government?] directions so that I shall likely to be

able to get some - the original was at the Paris
Exhibition & is on a very large scale - I think a good
map is a great treasure to enable me to trace the
movements of friends & relations - Robert of Grange will
have a great route if he goes to St Louis & thence to
Guelph & Toronto He will be able to form a great idea of
our new world - as far as railroad travelling will allow
him - Much love to Margaret & the girls & Jas [James?] &
all dear friends at Grange Leck Farmhill Lisnanow
Magheragh & very kind regards
to broth. [brother?] Alexander
& his family -
Your loving
William Hutton
I notice the name of James Glen
among those
on board the Pacific
Willie says it is not his uncle