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Title: William Hutton, Quebec, to John McCrea, Strabane.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHutton, William/22
SenderHutton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginQuebec, Canada
DestinationStrabane, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientMcCrea, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2298/4/2/6: Depsited by Messers. Wilson and Simms, Solicitors,.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9306002
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptA letter from William Hutton, Quebec, dated, August 27,
1855, to John McCrea, Strabane.

made - Joseph's partnership will pay him remarkably
well - they have just secured a Bank sollicitorship
Quebec Aug [August?] 27 1855

My dear John,
This will probably be the last letter I
will send you from Quebec as we hope to leave for
Sidney on or about the 13th of next month to spend a
few weeks there before we remove to Toronto I think
the province is becoming tired of a perambulating
government & will build parliament houses somewhere
soon - to settle down permanently We have such a very
long frontier say 1800 miles & until very lately few
faculties for travelling when navigation is stopped
that there has been quite a jealousy about the
distances parties have to travel coming to the seat
of govt. [government?] When our Railroads are
completed it will be a matter of less moment - I
think the City Ottawa (formerly Bytown) or perhaps
Kingston will be settled upon but it is very hard
to tell - If all the British provinces be united as
a federal govt. [government?] then Quebec will be
the place & each province will have its own
parliament - Toronto will in that case be the
Capital of Upper Canada for local govt. [govenment?]
- but I cannot see what good end could be attained
by a federal govt [government?] to us - We are a
wealthier & finer province than Nova Scotia or News
Brunswick or New Foundland & the partnership would
therefore be disadvantageous to us - I do not think
the union would be popular here - I received your
[------?] Bond quite safely on the 24th It seems
quite correct & just what was required - I was quite
sorry that you paid the postage as it would have come
free to me by the great privledge [priviledge?] I enjoy
but F.[Fanny?] suggested perhaps it could not be
"registered" without prepayment F. [Fanny?] wrote to
Willie asking him to come to Sidney as he hoped to
get leave of absence He will probably be there before
we leave for Toronto - I should like him to see our
homestead that we first settled in this wonderfully
growing country - The situation is most lovely &
every year improving - I think Joseph & my Nephew
Damtin Hutton will occupy our house & probably pay us
£100 pounds per annum -but no arrangement has yet been

[solicitorship?] worth £300 pounds per annum a nice
[----?] in their incomes - Two of Mrs Hincks nieces
the Misses Stewarts are at present spending some time
with the girls & they have great riding & chiving &
railing about - Four of them went out together on
horseback Joseph & Damtin being of the number - our
wheat was all safe in the barn on the 3rd or 4th of
Aug [August?] & our oats are being now cut but the
weather is very uncertain & the harvest a very fickle
one - the crops are very heavy - Fanny makes an
excellent farmer all things seem to prosper under her
hand - she is living witness that "the hand of the
diligent maketh rich" - We were glad to hear of the
welfare of the various parties at the seaside & that
they were all the better & happier for their sea air
- seaside rambles by children are rarely forgotten in
after years & the remembrance of them often recurs
with very pleasurable feelings - Natures phases there
are always deeply interesting to both young & old &
to Sarah the unbending & freedom from care would be
quite as useful as the sea air - your Mary would help
to slacken the bow string - & would be a tresure at a
watering place as indeed she would be elsewhere -
cheerfulness is a precious gift - I like to hear of
C's [?] children crying upon leaving their uncle it
speaks well for all parties & such feelings always
strengthen family ties no unimportant feature in the
"education" of a family in the proper sense of the
word - "educeus" drawing out the good properties - I
am a great advocate for strong family love a unity of
thoughts feelings & actions - It keeps many a youngster
from going astray - With what pleasure they will look
back upon visit - you did not mention whether William
of Grange went with Sarah or not or went down to
Portrush whilst she was there - Fanny thinks she would
not rest so without him - We have written to Willy about
the box - my own messanger [messenger?] put it on board
& W. [Willy?] was apprised of it - It is no doubt in one
of the stores - he neglected to enquire of it so long
that very probably it is covered up with other
merchandise - The vessel was bound direct for Toronto -
The cosignees will no doubt be able to tell him about it
- You enquire about my prize essay - Stanford publishes
it at his own risk & gives me half profits after paying
all costs - it will no doubt be out about the 1st Oct.
[October?] The Paris committee have bought about 100
copies of it or rather engaged them - I fear the
postage regulations have kept the prize essays from
being forwarded - I send you another edition today with

two beautiful maps showing the sea reduced from a
splendid map of immense dimensions sent to the Paris
exhibition I see will stand very hIgh there & very
deservedly - Both in minerals & agriculture we carry off
the palm except for Great Britain in agriculture
excelling all countries - I begin to think I have not
been one bit too sanguine about this Canada but a good
prophet for minerals we have won the great gold metal -
& very nearly equal Great Britain in agricultural produce
- Canada will now attract a great deal of attention - I
think your proposed plan of writing to Willie & your
advise "to come out from them & be seperate [separate?]"
if his companions habits be too expensive is very good
indeed - it will raise him in their estimation in his
employers & above all in his own as you justly remark. I
hope he will take your advice - & draw in his expenditure
- he might a point not to expend more tham [than?] £100
pounds per annum - a great abundance for any young man in
our rank - His father & Mother have both taken laudable
pains to teach their whole family to "cut their coats
according to their cloth" - & I have no doubt he will see
the propriety of doing so His encrease [increase?] in
salary has come at a most unfortunate time - just when he
requires it - I hope he will never require another
however happy he may be to receive it - I wonder whether
you take any interest in reading the Paris Exhibition
Committee reports about the Canada division - they are
very interesting to us - I wish you could go over to see
the whole affair -
We have decided that Fanny is to go home to Sidney on
Wednesday & I hope to follow her about the 17th or 18th -
Between that time & the 1st Nov. [November?] I shall be
in Sidney so that letters written after 21st of Oct.
[October?] will be addressed to me officially to Toronto
& all coming here up to that time will be forwarded to me
officially to Toronto & all coming here up to that time
will be forwarded to me free of expense as my head clerk
will remain here till 15th of Oct. [October?] It is
better not to write to us between the 5th & the 20th of
Oct. [October?] The Post Master here will have
instructions to forward letters to Toronto & I may not be
there - The Board of Agriculture for Canada West has
republished the essay for which I received the gold medal
& also the report for which I received that £15 prize They
only sent me one copy of the formal containing - If you
have not seen them I will send you a copy from Toronto -
but I think I sent them when they first came out -
You will see by my bargain with Stanford that I am
interested in the sale of the essay he is now publishing –

if you or Mr Chambers or any friend can forward the sale of
it [sic] it will be so much in my favor - I do not know what
price it will be - I have written to him to get him to
attach the maps the same as I send you today The publisher
has offered them at 5s [sterling?] each & I think they
would enhance the value more than to that amount & encrease
[increase?] the sale -
Much love to all around
yours boards & to all dear friends
regards to Brother Alexander
Your loving brother
William Hutton