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Title: William Hutton, Quebec, to John McCrea, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHutton, William/26
SenderHutton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginQuebec, Canada
DestinationStrabane, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientMcCrea, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2298/4/2/4: Presented by Mssrs. Wilson & Simms, Solicitors.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9307033
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TranscriptStatistics Office Quebec Sept. [September?] 1st 1854

My dear John,
Many thanks for the papers which I receive weekly &
[and?] forward some to Fanny & [and?] some to Willie. The
Discussions in General Assembly were very interesting especially
about the annexation of the Synod of Munster & [and?] Grundy's
Protest [---?] & [and?] more than all Mr Dills tirade against the
Roman Catholics - It is truly absurd to suppose that such a
document as that could be of any use in proselytising them - It
is much to be regretted that Christian Ministers display so much
bigoted feeling to gain a short lived popularity with vicious
politicians - instead of endeavouring to reclaim vicious
professing Christians - Dill knows right well that every Catholic
who reads his tirade (if one does read it) - will only cling
closer to his chosen creed on a/c [account?] of the persecution
inflicted by him & [and?] every Protestant who reads it (unless
his mind be well regulated) would in self exaltation "thank
heaven that he was not as other men are". Not one good Christian
feeling would occur to either Protestant or Catholic on its
perusal - Many of these red hot Protestant Divines will I hope
wonder with mighty wonder & [and?] no doubt rejoice too to see
many Roman Catholics higher up than themselves in the Mansions of
our Fathers house - Their discussions betray a rash deal too much
worldly mindedness & [and?] a rash deal too much bad temper -
It is a great pity that an Assembly of Divines should allow it to
be said of them frequently - I fear deservedly - that they are
not a whit better than other men in their collective capacity -
Gardens trial & [and?] the Editorial upon it marked by you was
also very interesting I sent it to Willie - young Hincks a son of
the Honble [Honourable?] Francis our Premier is gone to live in
Toronto & [and?] at the same house at which Willie is our Mrs
Mu---aes? - Mr Hincks asked me to give his son an introduction to
Mr McCrea - as he understood he was a very steady gentlemanly
young man - where he heard about him I know not as he was in
England when Willie was here but it was gratifying for me to find
that he had heard a good deal of him somewhere - At a public
meeting of the Co. [company?] the other day - the concern was
declared to be very prosperous dividing & [and?] being worth 14
percent [----?] on the old stock - there was a general vote of
thanks passed to the officers - My Nephew Damtin Hutton is a
stock holder & [and?] my son also to a small amount - The Co.
[company?] members many of the most influential men in Toronto -
one of them who was friendly to Willie (Mr Bowes) is M.P.P
(Member Provincial Parliament) for the City of Toronto - he will
rise if he has patience - Fanny said she would write to Catherine
by this Mail & [send?] it to me by post - so that you will hear
from both Sidney and Quebec - My sister has written me word that
Stanford has published another edition & [and?] prefixed a map to

the little vole. [volume?] which makes it much more complete. I am
getting out some copies by the Sarah Sands - It is esteemed as a
very useful publication being so truthful & [and?] very many who
had determined to go to Australia have upon reading it resolved
to come to Canada - I have had a sort of promise that my expences
[expenses?] home will be paid by the Govt. [Government?] on a/c
[account?] of it - I have been very busy latterly writing an
essay on the necessity of establishing institutions for the
education (Industrial & [and?] literary) of the deaf & [and?]
dumb & [and?] Blind in out Province - We have as yet no
Institution for them in Canada although the deaf mutes number
1343 & [and?] the blind 870. Govt. [Government?] has given 10,000
pounds for start of an Institution & [and?] I hope I shall be
appointed one of the Coms. [Commissioners?] for carrying out the
system of management I cannot rest withoout scribbling something
or other - I made 52 pounds last year by scribbling (over & [and?]
above my govt. [government?] salary) - my second report in the
Census of Canada is now in the hands of the Printer & [and?] will
be out in a few days ready for the meeting of our Provl. Parlt.
[Provinicial Parliament?] on the 5th Sept. [September?]. I will
send you a copy - Tho' [Though?] dry reading for an old country
person it will give you an idea of the sort of work I have to do
- so you must remember I don't send it expecting it to be read -
I wish Mr Chambers would get the L-Derry [Londonderry?] Standard
to review the Emigrants manual if he can & [and?] send me the
paper - or any other papers - a good review might put money in my
pocket - The Dublin Nation has a most admirable review of it - as
also the Britannia & [and?] Professor Lindley's Paper the (London)
Gardiners Chronicle & [and?] some others - We are on the eve of a
very interesting session of parliament. Mr Hincks is returned for
two constituencies by large majorities & [and?] I think will still
be premier notwithstanding the most barefaced slander by his
political opponents - a few days will tell. The great question of
the day is the doing away with all state endowments & [and?]
establishing the voluntary principle all over Canada - In our
state of society it is most desirable to have perfect religious
equality - no one Church a whit better than another except morally
- as the conduct of those attached to it either raises or sinks it
- The absurd doctrine of Apostolic succession will [----?] great
quietus when the absence of State endowments teaches industry
humility and zeal. The Reciprocity Treaty with the U. [United?]
States is another most important boon to Canada - It is already
passed by the U.S. [United States?] Congress & [and?] Senate &
[and?] only awaits our legislation accepting of it or rather
ratifying it. The U.S. [United States?] market is now open to us
for everything before this there was 25 pounds to 30 pounds per
cent duty upon all our produce - the prosperity of this Country is
most surprising - Fanny is asking 500 pounds for one acre & [and?]
a half of land on our farm & [and?] she expects to get it by having

a half of land on our farm & [and?] she expects to get it by having
a little patience - It is a corner lot having two fronts & [and?] a
most beautiful prospect of the bay - Anna sold two of her lots that
I gave her on her marriage at 150 pounds per acre I gave her 10
acres & [and?] she has sold these of them for 400 pounds & [and?]
the rest are quite as valuable - she and her Husband are quite
comfortably provided for - & [and?] well she deserves it she was a
most faithful excellent daughter - & [and?] worked very hard to
help us to save our property when times in Canada were not such as
they are now - our rising generation have great pecuniary
advantages compared to what their parents had at their age the most
unusual result of industry & [and?] enterprise in Canada - not
forgetting the most kind Parent of parents as after all "though
Paul may plant & [and?] Apollo water "it is God that gives the
encreases [increases?]" & [and?] thankful indeed ought we to be for
our rash unnumbered blessings & [and?] above all for our family -
the delight of their parent's hearts - I do not know a richer
blessing than good sons and daughters & [and?] a blessing perhaps
peculiar to Canada is that the more you have the greater it is -
there is elbow room for tens of them - & [and?] one never feels
that there are too many -
3 p.m. I have just received a letter from daughter Mary in which
she acknowledges for her Mama the receit [receipt?] of your
daughter Mary's letter & [and?] please thank the dear girl for her
note to me & [and?] tell her to send as many letters as she pleases
to Willie or any body else - He will be delighted to get them even
two days later than they might be that is the only delay there will
be - in coming from Montreal to Quebec & [and?] going back again -
all our letters come from Boston or New York to Montreal unless
directed via Halifax & [and?] then they are much longer on the way
Joseph has been at home in Belleville for the last few days but has
left again to buy land for the govt. [government?] about Prese---?
& [and?] Brockville which you will see marked on the map on the
river St. Lawrence not very far from Kingston _ Toronto has been
highly favored in having but little cholera in it The Board of
Health were prompt & [and?] active - The city is encreasing
[increasing?] beyond all calculation. By the Census of Jan.
[January?] 1852 there were 32,000 souls in it & [and?] now there
are 40,000 and more - It will double perhaps every six or seven
years - Willie would do very wrong to think of leaving it _ We
have actually too much prosperity & [and?] may well expect some
sudden reversion - The fact something of the kind has commenced
already in the U. [United?] States a good many heavy failures from
over speculation but Canadian Banks & [and?] securities are much
more solid than those of the U.S. [United States?] & [and?] we are
not such great gamblers here as are our neighbours - so that the
crisis caused by the war & [and?] consequent scarcity of money will
not be so severe with us as with them - The mail has arrived from
Montreal & [and?] Canada West but no British mail yet - & [and?]

this must leave today Saturday the 2nd Sept. [September?]. -
Fanny's letter to Cathrine did not come - she is a wonderful
procrastinator where there is a letter to be written - but we must
excuse her in this since the same spirit does not breath in her
every day transactions - indeed perhaps it is often her zeal in
every day matters that makes her procrastinate in letter writing -
she rides her favorite hobbies so well too that one must not blame
her for being often in the saddle upon them & [and?] seldom
mounting one that is no favorite - she has been & [and?] is an
invaluable Wife & [and?] Mother & [and?] her husband & [and?]
children live to bless her - & [and?] thro' [through?] her are
themselves blessed with excellent properties like those of their
own dear mother who if she were here would write in very dear love
to her many & [and?] kind relatives
with your loving brother
William Hutton

Did William of Grange ever try mesmerism or galvanism for his arms?
A friend of mine (a Mr Patrage) was suffering from acute rheumatism
very severely & [and?] an eminent Physician here took him to look
at him very steadily & [and?] made a few passes & [and?] completely
restored him in 15 minutes - without either medicine or external
application - entirely by mesmerism - I am glad to hear W.
[William?] is better ventilation of the mind is excellent for the
body -