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Title: William Hutton, Quebec to John McCrea, Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHutton, William/31
SenderHutton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginQuebec, Canada
DestinationStrabane, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientMcCrea, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD2298/4/2/5: Presented by Messrs. Wilson & Simms, Solicitors.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9307042
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by S M, 05:07:1993
Word Count1436
TranscriptQuebec Friday October 20

Dear John
I begin a letter today hoping I may have the pleasure
of acknowledging receipt of one from the North when our old
country mail arrives - The loss of the Artic & [and?] 322
lives has caused a very serious [-----?] over the certainty of
our Transatlantic communications - especially having happened
in very smooth calm water & [and?] under different circumstances
from the casualties usual at sea - the loss of life in every way
by these horrendous battles shipwreck - Cholera - yellow fever -
plague &c &c [et cetera et cetera?] must inflict a vast amount
of deep & [and?] wide spread woe amongst Gods creatures & [and?]
amongst such almost universal calamity who can measure the depth
of gratitude that ought to warm the hearts of those who still
continue in a happy land unscathed in self - family or friends!
- I cannot help rejoicing that we are so situated - we & [and?]
ours - altho' [although?] there is indeed much to lament for
others pain They talk of illuminations and rejoicing for the
victory - it looks to me like laughing at a funeral - The
disease must have been very bad indeed if the remedy is not
worse The wonder is that one tyrant should be allowed thus to
trample on human life without being dethroned - Providence is
taking these (to us) extraordinary means to work out some
wonderful change in his widespread family
I had a letter from Joe today he is gone to Toronto to pass as a
barrister & [and?] sollicitor [solictor?] in chancery next month
- I fear he will not go home to Ireland this Autumn - The Be. Be.
Co. requires him so much that he cannot leave - They give him 300
pounds a year & pay his expences [expenses?] Board whilst working
for them - He says his Mama is quite well & [and?] Francis &
[and?] Anna - the other three Mary Sarah & [and?] Eliza [----?]
are with me - we have a nice cottage a mile out of the City -
ready furnished - I think Fanny & [and?] Francis will come down
about xmas [Christmas?] after Anna's confinement her Mama remains
with her until then - We had a letter from Willie stating that he
was so busy he would not get away from Toronto - I received the
Standard & [and?] Whig - The a/c [account?] of Mr Gowdy's reward
& [and?] [-----?] was very interesting - I wish him much joy -
I was pleased at his allusion to our old & [and?] excellent
friend Mr Mulligan & [and?] in your house too some 21 years ago.
His speech was an excellent one - full of pith & [and?] most
happy remarks well fitted together & [and?] judiciously applied
It was a very handsome present well befitting the spirit of
Stevenson Mitchell I sent your last note on to Fanny. You are
mistaken about our imports & [and?] exports In all new countries
the Imports exceed the exports - & [and?] always to a great
extent in Canada & [and?] as long as Exchange is at a reasonable
rate it shows that the Balance of trade is not much against us –

We pay for our imports by the capital brought in by emigrants or
rather immigrants & [and?] by the large sums brought in by
British Capitalists - for example our 1100 miles of rail road
now being built by our English brothers with English Capital
will cost nine millions of pounds sterling & [and?] will yield no
return of principal or interest for three years or more payable
out of Canadian funds - the rail road yields nothing till put in
operation & [and?] then interest not principal - they have spent
two millions already without any return The sums brought in by
immigrants also are larger & [and?] much of this money goes to
pay for importations - old countries must export produce in order
to be able to import - but we import money which pays for goods
imported - I sent you in 1852 a book of Trade Returns compiled by
myself which will show you that our imports far exceed our
exports - the best criterion whereby to judge of the prosperity
of a country is by her imports - provided Exchange is not heavily
against her. Saturday October 21. We find that the account of the
great victory & [and?] surrender of Sebastopol was premature -
but it is very probable that such will be found to have taken
place when the next advices arrive The mail by the Africa will
not be here till Monday - the news came by telegraph as also that
of the discovery of the remains of Sir John Franklin & [and?]
party - all starved to death near Buck's [-iner?] in Spring 1850
no particulars yet received - It will be a melancholy satisfaction
to Lady Franklin & [and?] friends of the deceased even to be
assured of their fate however calamitous - certainty is less
distressing than doubt in such cases the oppression of grief may
be heavier for a time but it is less lasting & [and?] less
wearying when the extent of the evil is known - our annexation =
loving neighbours appear to have a great hankering after Cuba &
[and?] I fear the President is encouraging the fillibustering
[filibustering?] rascals for the sake of popularity - It appears
also that they have an eye to some of the Russian possessions in
the North of this continent in order to extend their already
boundless territory - They have large sums in their treasury &
[and?] are looking out for some investment for it - Canada is at
present so happy in her own govt. [government?] laws that they
have no hope of annexing her & [and?] sad indeed would be the
day that would see us annexed to such unpricipled [unprincipled?]
slave holding grasping repudiators Our Canadian Parliament is at
present sitting - my friend Hincks is out but his principles are
being fully carried out by the Conservatives who have taken
office with the avowed intent of doing so - our state funds for
religious purposes will be all appropriated to secular purposes
next week - except that present encumbents will be paid during
their lives - We shall (after their decease) have to pay our
spiritual advisers as we do our medical or legal - The voluntary
principle works well amongst the religious persuasions where it
is adopted –

I am much obliged by your circulating a knowledge of my little
emigrants guide - I am glad to think that it meets very ready
sales - The Emigrants on board ship coming to Quebec are in
possession of numbers of copies & [and?] have had several
letters of Capitalists led hither by it - They will not be
disappointed if they act upon its suggestions - We have had no
letter from Sam lately - He is still in Buffaloe [Buffalo?] -
he wrote to F. [Fanny?] as I think I told you asking for money
to take him home & [and?] giving a truly woeful a/c [account?]
of himself F. [Fanny?] sent him a few shillings but thought it
worse than useless to comply with his request - a letter
directed Buffaloe [Buffalo?] State of N. [New?] York would meet
him if you wish to write The girls often walk into town from the
cottages to accompany me home - take books - they have the use of
a very large public library with all the latest publications -
periodicals etc [et cetera?] these latter are so numerous & [and?]
contain so much of the pith of every work that is good that one
can read scarcely any thing else - & [and?] tp keep up with the
times one must read a quite many of these -
We were glad to hear William of Grange continues improving -
With much love to all your dear circle & [and?] to dear friends
at Farmhill Grange Leck Magheragh [Maghera?] Lisnanow & [and?]
very kind regards to that most worthy & [and?] good friend
Brother Alexander when you see him
Believe me
Your ever loving
William Hutton
I receive the Standard & [and?] Whig regularly - F. [Fanny?] is
delilghted to see the former -

Saturday 3 p.m.
Oct [October?] 21st 1854
You will have this on the 6th of Nov [November?] a happy Holy
[--?] to you all