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Title: Letter from William Hutton, Toronto, to John McCrea Junior, Strabane.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileHutton, William/40
SenderHutton, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionPresbyterian
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
DestinationStrabane, Co. Tyrone, N.Ireland
RecipientMcCrea, John
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 2298/4/2 Deposited by Messrs. Wilson & [and?] Simms, solicitors.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9310126
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TranscriptLetter from William Hutton, Toronto, dated November 22nd 1857,
to John McCrea Junior, Strabane.

Toronto Sunday night
Nov. [November?] 22nd 1857

Dear John,
I have been writing to Anna Panton this evng.
[evening?] & [and?] have just time to scribble a few lines
before bed time in reply to your query on the envelope with
regard to James coming out to Canada on the n.s. [next ship?]
or going to any other country - The fact is our monetary
affairs on this whole continent are in such an awful state
that means cannot be found to pay even the limited number of
blacks & [and?] Employees their curtailed business requires
- I may safely say that hundreds are thrown out of employment
especially blacks & [and?] warehousemen & [and?] some mechanics
- agricultural laborers [labourers?] only seem to be fully
employed & [and?] many mechanics will have to take to the
cultivation of land till times improve - very many of the
class of [-----?] drivers are returning home from actual want
of employment - the late steamers have been crowded with them -
and complaints have ebbn heard that false inducements have been
held out to them to come to Canada - but our Govt. [Government?]
pamphlets have carefully abstained from recommending blacks to
come here - we want agricultural laborers [labourers?] & [and?]
servants men & [and?] women & [and?] boys & [and?] girls - but
not the educated class unless they have capital - so that I
would strongly advise James to remain in the bank until we have
improved times here & [and?] in the United States which will not
be until after another harvest We want more cultivators of land &
[and?] fewer speculators & [and?] traders The Imports next season
will be very limited because we have not the means to pay for new
goods as our exports will not be large - The whole continent is
running after absurd speculations in Town Lots & [and?] laying out
new villages instead of our legitmate employment that of
cultivating our rich and productive soils and growing food both
for ourselves & [and?] others our prices are very high but rather
more moderate now - Willie has been here this evng. [evening?] &
[and?] thinks with me that James should not come out at present
These very hard times were not expected even three months ago -
no one appears to have forseen them - my expenditure exceeds £500
per annum & [and?] Fanny is the most careful & [and?]economical
housekeeper imaginable It is extremely difficult to keep house
in Toronto - boarding is consequently very high - none to be
had in a respectable house under £75 per annum - in the best houses
they charge £100 per annum for mere board & [and?] lodging - Things

are much worse in the U. [United?] States than here - their Banks have
almost broken down & [and?] not one of ours is even in danger all
are [of?] our Banks are as firm as possible and the stock of most
of them selling above par - This will inspire great confidence in
our securities with the British Capitalists Fanny is quite well
but daughters Fanny & [and?] Sarah have been very poorly with
influenza & [and?] pains in the joints so as to be unable to walk
or stand up - caused by taking cold and by checked perspiration -
Anna Paton & [and?] two children are well but Mr P. [Paton?] has
also had [------?] fever & [and?] influenza - Tell Sarah we have
not heard or seen anything of Mr Walker or the parcel sent by her
in his charge Willie asks whatcame of the box for Mrs Dar[-?]nell
- The Provt. [?] Mr - office(in which Willie is ) has suffered very
much by numerous bad fires many of them no doubt by incendiaries
adding to the difficulties of raising money by legitimate means -
It is thought by many that the office is tottering to its fall but
I hope not as I hold £500 worth of stock & I fear Willie would be
thrown out of employment if it were to close its doors - at all events
for a time - your son Robert sent us wedding cards - we suppose his
bride has means as Robert hinted that "he had a friend who would
lend him five thousand Dollars at any time" - he told Willie this
and that he had suffered much loss By the general crash We all
wish him much happiness & [and?] that he will succeed - which he is
pretty certain of doing - as he appears to be a steady fellow - I
think brother Sam cannot be in the land of the living - you have not
heard anything of him for two years I suppose or more -
You will have this on the 8th of December much love from all here
to you - yours & [and?] a happy xmas [Christmas?] to you all &
[and?] to all dear friends around you -
your ever loving brother
William Hutton