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Title: J. Jennings, Saintfield, to Robert McKee, Ship Bolivar Quebec
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJennings, John/148
SenderJennings, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSaintfield, Co. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationShio Bolivar, Quebec, Canada
RecipientMcKee, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT.1686: Presented by Mrs. G.J. Jackson, Ardoyne, Belfast
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9409339
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Doc. TypeLET
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Transcript[cover of letter addressed to]

Robert McKee Surgeon
on board the Ship Bolivar
at Quebec N.[North?] America

[page 1]

Saintfield 25th. April. 27 Seven
My Dear Sir
I received your letter of the ninth, and
have since done all you have desired me to do. I told Mr Moorhead
that you wished him to cause the [ashed?] to be put on the field,
I believe he has done so since; I was going out to your brother in law
I saw Mrs Anderson on the road at McMullins, I told her what
you wanted Mr Anderson to do: I was down street the other evening
I saw Andrew Coulter, I was enquiring after the Mrs health, he says,
she is very well, and was once in Saintfield since she got out of
Downpatrick, is now in Killinchy, and to reside there. I neaver [never?]
heard it (what I was telling you about) once named since you went
away. Doctor Rxxxx was at the sessions in Downpatrick as a witness,
owing to a quarrel that took place at Crossgar between the Re---s and
Clelland, but he was told that his testimony would not be taken in
that Court. The Grocer Publican of Sfield [Saintfield?] has won the
suit at the sessions. There was an unfortunate exident [accident?]
took place in Tonoughmore Mr Hugh Minnis, and some others, were
drinking spirits in Oswalds, on the Ballynahinch road, a man of
the name of Copland [Copeland?] was there; Minnis
gave him what spirits he would drink, and put some in porridge
and milk, which caused the mans death; he was interred
the day
after in the Church yard; Mr Price sent a letter to Doctor Gordin
desiring him to examine the body of the deceased, it was disinterred
and examined in the church, I heard nothing more about it since.
[page 2]
I had a letter from your brother Alex they are all well, the man
that he was to hire for me can not come to Saintfield. ---
Jas. Warnock is still in being but no life expected for him his brother
Richard is in a very bad state of health: your old acquaintance
are all well, I was down street on last evening in Mr Bradleys [Junior?]
Mrs B. told me she had a letter written to send to you, and also that
her father had one, I was to call down to find the directions on
it for him, I did so; but she was not there. It is the opinion of some
people down street that you will not come back, but I told them
that I thought otherwise, I will not trouble you with any more nonsense
as Mrs B. is writing she will give you a full detail of every thing
as she has a better opportunity of hearing things down Street I
have told you all I have heard, and now,[know?] and would have expected
the same from you, but if you neaver [never?] return, I will expect
a continuation of your friendship, and a few lines from you
occasionally, to now [know?] how you are doing and what kind of Girls you
have in that country, as I do not intend to be here seven years
no more at present but remains your affectionate and Sincere
friend till death
John Jennings.