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Title: J Johnson & Sister,[Co.Down?] to M. Johnson, Lancaster, P.A.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJohnston, John/121
SenderJohnston, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
Originprob. Loughbrickland, Co.Down, N.Ireland
DestinationPennsylvania, USA
RecipientJohnston, Moses
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3578/6:Presented by Mrs H. Gerwity.
ArchivePublic Record Office N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9407062
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Word Count1154
TranscriptMr.Moses Johnson
Care of David Watson Esq.
[-------?] [-------?] 18 April 1790
Dear Brother. I rit [write?] this to let you know that me and my
family is in good healthe [health?] at present thank god for all his
mercies hoping that this will gow [go?] to you and find you all in the
same I received yours one the 15 March 90 it is dated 27 July 89 it gives
me a great Deal of pleaser [pleasure?] to hear that you all are
alive & well As I had mostly lost hops [hopes?] of hering [hearing?] from
you as I have received no leter [letter?] but one before this since
the [---?] it appears that my leters [letters?] has met with [----? [----?]
as cold [could?] be for it was not for want of riting [writing?] or care
of sending as I thought for I rot [wrote?] all apertunitie [opportunity?]
and took what care I culd [could?] of sending but I see it was not Don
[Done?] But I hope this will gow [go?] by the help of Mr Hawthorn. Dear
Brother I am at a los [loss?] to now [know?] where to begin to tell you
anything as it is sow [so?] long since you heard from me But I shall
begin with myself there was a dryness fell in between Mr Johnston
& me and I left him in 88 But god never leaves them that puts their
trust in him I went to Mr William Mc Cance & is very hapey [happy?]
with him so far & it is at the green that was Mr. Leys We bought it
when I came to him he is singel, [single?] still. His Father is dead
& left him the green & farm he had he caries [carries?] on both greens
very extensively and is Foremost in trad [trade?] in this part you want
to now [know?] of my Family Elizabeth was maried [married?] 5 March 88
and was Brought to bed of a daughter 18 January 90 she was very bad
for seven weeks with beeled brests [breasts?], She is maried [married?]
to a William Crage [Craig?] he is son to him that was drowned in Mr
Johnsons Dam he is wheat muler to Mr William Hunter & lives in a new house
in [Dun----y?] he is very well behaved & well repected He is a very good
man [------?] [--?] and has plenty of work Sara is with them larning
[learning?] the trade Hety was married 18 February 90 the Call her
husband James McBride he was lived near Hillsbarow [Hillsborough?] he is
a weaver & is very well behaved and making good L--------d?] and very
industrious James McBride and Hety lives in the hous [house?] that
Thomas [Cr-----?] lived in in the Mosside he has a great thought of
gowing [going?] to see you as for me I have had a thought of it long agow
[ago?] but having so many to care for put it always out of my power and
I believe I may rest content if I cold [could?] but hear from you but
every year it self but I hope if my sons was grown up the [they?] will go
in time. Jean is at home & I believe you now [know?] of [Charlallas?]
death and [----?] who was born 2 November 97 and Robert 18 April 78
& John 1 May 80 & Peter 8 February 89. Henery [Henry?] 17 April 84
& Edward 11 December 86 Robert John & Ester is at school this is all i
can say of them now James Yong [Young?] has rot [wrote?] concerning
Margarets his goes with mine & I hope you will get both I have taken care
to let his friends now [know?] all I cold [could?] about you James King
and Mary is living but very porly [poorly?] Henry & James and Nancy is
married Georg [George?] is Tayler [Tailor?] Mary And Bakey [Becky?]is
at home with them Bakey [Becky?] is very sickly Henery [Henry?] & James
is Bleaching Nancy is maried [married?] to a bleacher there is a deal of
the old ne[Bibors [neighbours?] dead and sow [so?] many alterishens
[alterations?] among them that it is two [too?] tedious to menshen
[mention?] James Johnston has the old farm Still & all his children
is married John is married to William McCall's Daugther and is overseer
to Mr Bailey at Lambeg John Thomson is with Mr Darbey and lives in the hous
[house?] that Symon [Simon?] Logan lived in there is none of his children
married Elizabeth and Robert he is married to a widow from Jonesbarow
[Jonesborough?] She had a brother that lived in England that is dead
and left her Seven hundred poun [pounds?] a yeay [year?] & at her death it
falls to a son she had to her former Husband the [they?] are all in a
very big way Andrew Susson is alive and has a great family of promise
Children Mr McCulaghs [McCullaghs?] peopel [people?] is all dead but
Robert and his three sons Robert Massons peopel [people?] is all gon
[gone?] but John Anslet dyed [died?] near Chalestown [Charlestown?]
The [They?] ware [were?] expecting some thing he left but never got it
he is about fore [four?] years dead Uncal [Uncle?] Robert and wife is dead
and John has the farm & is very rich and as great a miser as can be he
has fore [four?] children Uncal [Uncle?] William and wife is dead and his
daughte r isabela is marid [married?] to one of the Horners and lives in his hus
[house?] James is maried [married?] to a seckand [second?] wife & has a deal
of children Aunt Nancy is living with her granddauther - Nancy Hety Percivel
is dead and there [their?] children is all maried [married?] Nancy Whitside
[Whiteside?] is maried [married?] Jane is still very tender Uncal [Uncle?]
Samuel and family is well & mostly in the old way but Marys Husband is dead
and hir [her?] & his children Lives with them Henery [Henry?] is to right
[write?] to you The [They?] are in health and rich in nough [enough?] but
not sow [so?] Content as the [they?] shold [should?] be John and Peter is
still singel [single?] and does not agree with [---?] I Think Henery
is faling [failing?] fast I thought of sending this by Mr Hawthorn but
finds another Apertunity [opportunity?] William [T------or?] which I hope
will take care to send it safe to you I intend to rit [write?] with
Mr Hawthorn two [too?] I have never got the one you said you wold [would?]
rit [write?] in the fall who you rit [write?] which I hope will be every
Apertunity [opportunity?] my Direct is usual to the care of Mr Robert
Johnston now [no?] more at present but remaining your Loving Brother
and Sister till death -
John Johnston –