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Title: Margaret Johnston, Pittsburg, To Her Brother.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileJohnston, Margaret/33
SenderJohnston, Margaret
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPittsburgh, Penn., USA
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.1047/2: Presented By Mrs Beatty Per Burke, Solicitor, Enniskillen. #TYPE EMG Margaret Johnston, Pittsburg, America, To "Dear Brother". 8th December 1856.
ArchivePublic Record Office Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.8809160
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Word Count589
TranscriptDecember 8 1856 Pittsburgh

Dear Brother
I now sit down to let you know that we are in good health and to
answer your kind letter I feel bad not answering it sooner but the reason
was the Mill had stopt [stopped?] in October and the boys came to Pittsburgh
and got work in the nail factory the [they?] had always worked in, the Mill
in sharon was to start in Spring Thos [Thomas?] came home the last of march
to see how I was getting a long and said not to answer your letter till
we would know what was to be done we would rather live in sharon but if the
mill would not start we would come back to Pitts [Pittsburg?] we waited
untill [until?] July the boys came home and there was no word of the Mill
starting on the 28 of August we left and 6 or 8 families more the boys and
me boarded until 3 weeks a go houses was so scarce and hard to be got
so once more I am place in Pittsburg and I rather have a fear in my mind
that you will not come here as you want to by [buy?] some land as it is
dear round the city and Isabell wrote for your Adress [Address?] and I know
she will gave [give?] you every encouragment [encouragement?] to go there,
the [they?] are greatly uplifted a bout going to Minasota [Minnesota?]
Douglass went to see it last spring my Francis staid [stayed?] with Isabell
while he was gone Douglass is bound to be ritch [rich?] but I think the
[they?] aught [ought?] to let well anough [enough?] alone Isabell was home
to see us last June was a year with he [her?] four children 3 daughrs
[daughters?] and one son she cauls [calls?] him Francis for her brother
I think she was confined lately she wrote for me to go and stay with her
a while but I could not go we can go on the cars from here there in little
time Thos [Thomas?] has 3 mashines [machines?] and if the mill runs
steady this winter we can do very well he makes 3 dolars [dollars?] and
30 cents a day he is learning John to keep a mashine [machines?] witch
[which?] hinders to make as match [much?] as he would Robert makes 5 dolars
[dollars?] a day he has 4 mashines [machines?] him and his wife has 2
children a son one daughter - we have had a long drouth [drought?] this fall
but the Lord has a gain watered the earth and filed [filled?] the rivers
with rain so that men can get imployment [employment?] and steamboats run a
gain now do not deal with me acording [according?] to my deserving but
answer my litter [letter?] I will be anxious to have an answer and hear from you and when you write direct
Pike st No 96 5 [ward?]
the boys unite with me in sending their love to you and your family no
more but remains your afectionate [affectionate?] sister till death
Margret Johnston
I got 3 newspapers this summer your letters and newspapers went to a
sharon in ohio was the reason I did not get them you directd [directed?]
to sharon ohio in place of sharon p a [Pennsylvania?]
John Johnston
Francis is a sadler [saddler?] and harness maker he works in Mansfield
ohio where he learnd [learned?] his trade with my brothern law [brother-in-
law?] and sister yours afectionatley [affectionately?] M. J.