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Title: John Kelly, Allegheny to "Dear Mary"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileKelly, John/22
SenderKelly, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAllegheny, Penn., USA
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipfriends? relatives?
SourceThe Kelly Family Documents: Copyright Retained by The Ulster American Folk Park
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
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TranscriptOct. 12-65.

Wilkin's P.O. Allegheny Co.

Dear Mary
Just returned
from my trip to Erie, I will
now give you an abstract of
my journey, & other matters.
I abode one year in Erie
44 years ago, &, was never there
since. population then, 800 & now
I was informed it is 18000.
one person, & one house, are
all I could recognise of former
times. all gone, & I soon will be,
I found John Kelly in a
situation far above what I had
anticipated. He occupies & owns
a beautiful & extensive house &
had one room fixt [fixed?] up &
handsomely furnished for your
Mother & me, expecting her also.
His first Wife had 4 children
all of whom look well,
& the present Wife 2 children
both red-haired, &, altho [although?]
she treated me very respectfully, one
thing I very much disliked, & was surprised
that he would sanction, viz. the
children of the first Wife
occupied the second Table, altho
[although?] room enough at the first.
He paid $5000 down for his [plan?]
house built, & improvements all
made; he has shares in many of
the Wells, & has besides a salary
of $1800 annually for superintending
two Wells - owned by N.Y. [New York?]
He wishes you to go & see them
he says he could get you a situation
at any time, he is highly
respected in Erie. I went to their
Church & he occupied the front Pew.
I went with Jno. [John?] to Fredonia
N.Y. [New York?] State 40 miles to
see Susan K. now Mrs. Newton. she is
a clever & kind woman & I think the
chief of that family. her husband is a
farmer, he is a cheesemonger, & they
make (you will say incredible) 48
cheeses daily. John says if you
would know his engagedness you
would not blame him for not replying
to your letter but, I believe bad
spelling & worse writing is the cause
of his silence. He & I left Erie on
Monday 9th Inst, & he would be
there in time to witness one of the
most desolating Oil Conflagrations
that ever occurred there
I will be uneasy till I know
whether he will be one of the
This morning Fan has lost
her two girls, & Ellen knows what
that means, Your Mother in fits
& vows she will just go back to
Ellen so she will - she is old Mrs
Fickle. I believe Robert has sown
all his wild oats as the phrase is.
- he has got a house at last &
will commence House keeping
this week. he feels very much
the want of means, but, George
& Jno. [John?] Liggett I think will
aid him, he is much respected
here you may know, since he has
been tendered the superintendency
of the Sabbath school, he pays
$15 per month for a mean house, &
labor & materials are so high he can
not attempt building till next year.
I will write to David & the Ladies
next week how are they doing, &
do they like their situation?
All write in love to Doll, Ellen
dear little Carrie & Bud, & Your own
old self. God bless You all.

John Kelly