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Title: R. H. Kelly, Bridgeport, Alabama to "My Ever Dear Wife"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileKelly, Robert H/7
SenderKelly, Robert H.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsoldier
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBridgeport, Alabama, USA
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceThe Kelly Family Documents: Copyright Retained by The UlsterAmerican Folk Park
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
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Bridgeport Ala [Alabama?]
March 13th/64

My Ever Dear Wife
This is a beautiful warm
sunday morning and my thoughts
naturally & involuntarily turns home
wards & I wonder what you are
doing and thinking of at this
hour, perhaps writing as is your
usual custom on sunday. I have
thought much and often about
you all since I left. I wrote to
Geo [George?] yesterday, and this is the
third letter to you since we got
here, and yet we have not been
here a week - pretty good, for a
beginning. There is no army news of
importance here, only rumours. The
most important one is, that we are
going back to the Army of the Potomac
It was announced in the telegraph
news yesterday in the "Nashville Union"
However I do not credit the report

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and yet it may be true. Should we
go I would have an opportunity of
seeing [Harry?]. We are all in good
health and nearly rested from our
long R.R. [railroad?] ride. I have never read
that letter you spoke of containing a
note marked private. Bridgeport is
the point where the Nashville & Chattanooga
R.R. [railroad?] crosses the Tennessee river.
There is an island in the river opposite this
place about « a mile wide & of course
it requires two bridges as the road runs
across the island. These two bridges
Bragg destroyed last summer on his
retreat. They are now rebuilt, and the
road is open all the way to Chattanooga.
About ten trains run up
every day & the same number down, it
is by this road the Army of the Cumberland
receive their supplies, and we
are here to protect & hold these bridges.
They are very long & high, and of course
of very great importance to the Army

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I think I told you how Col Tom Ahl
acted, and by misrepresentations to
Gen [General?] Thomas, got the 28th off home.
Well he has returned with the 28th to
this place, and finds charges
preferred against him, and seeing
no chance to escape Court Martial &
disgrace, He has resigned, and he
will receive no pay for his services
as Colonel. So much for Col Ahl, Our
Officials are all well, save "Baldy" alias
Capt McG. He was in the shanty with
me yesterday, and was complaining of
rheumatism, after that terrible long R
R. ride. He desires to be remembered
to you. Dunlery is still in Piltsby, he
was left there to bring on some recruits
But if he brings himself on he will do
well. We left Tom Morgan also
he had the "Mania [poter?]" was pulling
hairs out of his nails. We have not
heard from him since we left
- I suppose he is in Piltsby yet.

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Well I think I have given you news
enough for this time. We have not yet
changed our quarters. Gen Geary went
to Tullahoma yesterday to see Gen [Sloame?]
I hope you are all well. I feel
anxious to hear from you. I was
dreaming about Grand pa last night
I hope he is still well. I also had a
strange dream about Mother. I wish
you to send me their address - I
will write to them. No word of pay
yet. I must write to Mary to
day. so I must close. My kind regards
to all inquiring friends My love to Them
Grand Ma & Pa Mary & Tom - I
will write to them as soon as we
are settled, also to Ham & yourself.
I am My Dear Wife Ever truly
& Affectionately
Your Husband
R.H. Kelly

H Kelly
R H Kelly
Kelly Kelly
R. H Kelly