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Title: R.H. Kelly, Bridgeport, Alabama to "Dear Parents"
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileKelly, Robert H/9
SenderKelly, Robert H.
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationsoldier
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBridgeport, Alabama, USA
Recipient Gendermale-female
SourceThe Kelly Family Documents: Copyright Retained by The Ulster American Folk Park
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
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Transcript Bridgeport Ala [Alabama?]
April 20th/64

My Dear Parents -
I read yours of the 13th
yesterday and was truly glad to hear
you were all well & enjoying yourselves
as Liz wrote me Mother had been quite
ill. We still are quartered at this point
28 miles west of Chattanooga & on the
Tennessee river. All is quiet so far as
hostilities are concerned - But otherwise
everything bears the appearance of activity.
In fact the movements in every department
are strongly indicative of Action ere
long. I am still well and enjoy very good
health. The weather is becoming very warm.
The season here is fully one month behind
You find very little agricultural pursuits
carried on here - fences - horses - and
almost all kind of farming implements
being lost or destroyed and everywhere
you see the impress of man and its attendant

April 30th
Lookout Valley Tenn [Tennessee?]

Since I commenced this we have moved for
the front. Changed our quas [quarters?] at
Chattanooga and expect to move on now to the front
Every preparation is being made for the coming
campaign, the hospitals in and around
Chattanooga have been emptied of their
occupants who are sent to the rear, New and
extensive hospitals are being erected. Hospital
Cars & Ambulances are accumulating, and
troops rapidly moving to the front day and
night. All is quiet yet, so far as fighting is
concerned - very quiet - But it is that quiet
which always precedes the storm. It is very
difficult to predict when Gen [General?] Grant
may make his initial movement, But God
grant him success whereon & where ever it
be made - I had a letter from Liz last
week of the 20th. Ham & her Mother were
better. They were all well at East Liberty
But I suppose you have all the lats [latest?]
news from there. Now that we are on the move
I will have little or no chance to write

I would not wish Ellen to do anything
in my case during Mr Drakes absence, to
incur his displeasure or compromise her
duties & relations with him. I appreciate
fully & truly the kind & sisterly feeling
which promts [prompts?] her. Give my love to her
& Doll I would write but I have not
indeed the time nor chance. I would
like to get a letter from them. I will
try & write soon to them. A soldier is always
the victim of circumstances. My love to
the children tell Bell Uncle Bob has
not forgotten her and will try and
answer that very kind letter of hers.
Hoping you are all well, and
I will hear from you soon.
I remain Affectionately
Your Son
R.H. Kelly
R.H. Kelly
[Knapis?] Pa [Pennsylvania?] Battery
2nd Div. 20th Army Corps
Via Nashville