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Title: Samuel Kerr, New York, to Robert Buchanan, Milford.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileKerr, Samuel/93
SenderKerr, Samuel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, USA
DestinationMillford, Co. Donegal? Ireland
RecipientBuchanan, Robert
Recipient Gendermale
SourceSamuel Kerr, New York, to Robert Buchanan, Milford.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N.Ireland.
Doc. No.9705311
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count518
Transcript454 West 43 St.
New York
19 Nov. 92.

Dear Bob:-
Your welcome letter of the 8th recd. [received?]
this evg. [evening?]. I think I see you when you got
the "fish", it was the same one we had in the shop last
summer. I sent one paper to you but sent it to Millford
Co. Derry & did not think of it until after I had
put it into the letterbox. Did you get it?
We got badly left on the election. Poor Ben lost his
job and his wife both. I feel sorry for him. I never
was more surprised in my life at anything than the way
things went. However the Republicans are not dead by any
means, they are already planning how to come out ahead
4 years from now. We don't know such a word as "Surrender".
There have been some changes round 28St. this last week or
so. Murphy took another huff - Young Sloan & him had some
fall out, & he put on his coat & went home - just the day after
Election day, & both the Sloans & Mr Y---? say he will never be
there again, but I have heard that often before + would rather
see it before placing much confidence in it. He was not out of
the shop before Young Sloan came to me + told me of it, + that
he wanted never to look after humpy's floor too. So I have
had my hands full since, but things seem to go along smoothly
so far.
They all got on to him going out to the corner so often, +
when anybody wanted to see him he was not to be found. But
he always had some excuse, he was to Newman's or the [turners?]
or some other place. But they caught on to him being half
tight most of the time & is terribly down on him. So I don't
know how it will end, always before when he took the huff they
paid him full time, but this time he was only paid up to the
time he got, & that don't look promising for him.
Richd [Richard?] & Wm [William?] Jn--? are both well +
working away as usual, there are 6 of us upstairs
& 8 or 9 on the 2nd floor:
The weather has been very nice so far, no cold only for a
day or so & then it turned warm again, we had a snow shower
about a week ago, but it soom melted.
You don't seem to care much for the old sod, well I suppose
you are lonely & in a manner lost, as you can't know many
people there. It is all well enough to go there on a visit,
but I don't think I would care to stay.
I think I have told you all the news which would interest
you, don't forget to write once in a while & let us know how
you are.
Many thanks for the papers you sent, - I can't tell how many
I got from you.
Yours as ever
Saml [Samuel?] Kerr