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Title: Joseph & Mary McClorg, USA, to David McClorg, Templemoyle.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcClorg, Joseph and Mary/33
SenderMcClorg, Joseph and Mary
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
Originnear Pittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationTemplemoyle, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientDavid McClorg and Mrs McClorg
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipson and daughter-parents
SourceT 1227/12: Photocopied by Courtesy of Mr A MacLurg. #TYPE EMG Joseph & Mary McClorg, Mercer Town, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, To David McClorg, Templemoyle, Co Londonderry, 28 August 1822.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8909106
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count830
Transcriptto Mr David McClorg
in the County of
London Derry [Londonderry?] and to
the Care of the Poast [Post?]
Master in Newtown
Limavady Bovevah [Bovevagh?]
August the 28th 1822
Dear father and mother if yet alive I imbrace [embrace?] this
opertunity [opportunity?] of wrighting [writing?] to you Leting [letting?]
you know that Me and my famley [family?] is in good health at present
thanks Be to god for his marcies [mercies?] and wishing thes [these?]
lines will find you all in the Like good state of health I have Received
only two leters [letters?] from ierland [Ireland?] this 13 or 14 years I
received two from Brother Robert which was glad news to me to
Hear of brother John and Robert being in america expecting
on the acount [account?] of our Long absence that the [they?] would have
Come and seen me but my expectation was all in vain, it is
one year about this time since Robert wrote to me last
and I Cannot think where he is gon [gone?] or what Can be the
Mater [matter?] with him in his Last Leter [letter?] he wrote to me that
He intended going to see John whither [whether?] he is gone there
or Back to ierland [Ireland?] I know not, three days before he wrote
To me the last Leter [letter?] he stated to me that he had Received
a Leter [Letter?] from ierland [Ireland?] and informed me that my father
and Mother and all the Rest of the famley [family?] was well
and that in the spring of the year 1820 that my father
followed the plow [plough?] and soed [sowed?] the oats as usual which was
Glad news for me to hear he wrote to me to
Let him know how I was makeing [making?] out and what
famley [family?] I had and thier [their?] names I give him a statement
Of the whole of my afairs [affairs?] as I shall give you also I have
Purchased one hundard [hundred?] and ten acers [acres?] of land it is of a
Good qualitey [quality?] and well watered and has a good improvement
on it and is still endeavering [endeavouring?] for although Bearing
in Life as well as I Can and since my famley [family?] is grown
up I get along without any defickilty [difficulty?] as my
three eldest daughters is wemen [women?] grown and my eldest son
is about 15 years of age thier [their?] names is as folows [follows?] the
oldest is Anne Mary Betsey Joseph Pegey [Peggy?] Henrey [Henry?] Jean
Levina and David, we live in a land of liberty and
Gospel Light we have the Revd [Reverend?] Daniel McClain [McLean?] for our
minister he belongs to the session body turn over
And Mr MccLean toald [told?] me that he is well
acquanted [acquainted?] with a Mr dickey a minister of the
Saim [same?] bodey [body?] that Left [lived?] near Newtown Limavady
Having given you a statement of my own afairs [affairs?]
I shall inform you a litle [little?] how markets rates
in this country Every article is low and scarce
any money to be goten [gotten?] for either grain or Catel [Cattle?]
you Can buy plenty of wheat for half a doler [dollar?]
and elevin [eleven?] pence per bushel, coarn [corn?] and rye for
one quarter of a doler [dollar?] per bushel oats from 14 to
18 pence per bushel poark [pork?] from two to thre [three?] pence
per pound and beef about the saim [same?] price
Land that is improved from 5 to 10 dolars [dollars?]
per acer [acre?] acording [according?] to the quality and wood land
from three to four dolars [dollars?] per acer [acre?]
Uncle John McClorg is Living and well and is
Maried [Married?] the second time and his famley [family?] is all
Married [married?] and Left him and marey [Mary?] is dead this
several years, and uncle William McClorg is dead
and your cuson [cousin?] James McClorg and two of
his famley [family?] died about this time Last year
With the bloody flux. The Last Leter [letter?] I got was
Caried [carried?] by Cuson [cousin?] John [?] to pitsburg [Pittsburg] but
nither [neither?] him Nor none of his brothers Came to see me. I would be
glad you would wright [write?] to me the first opertunity [opportunity?]
and be sure to not send the Leter [letter?] in a ship that is bound
for the British dominion for the [they?] are no way to
Get Leters [letters?] from kenedy [Canada?] to the united states of america
When you wright [write?] to me direct your Leter [letter?] to the
Care of the poast [post?] master in Mercer town Mercer
County fifty five miles north west from pitsburg [Pittsburg?]
Penselvenia [Pennsylvania?] I would have wrote a more fuller account
To you of my afairs [affairs?] if I thought my leter [letter?] would Come
To your hand
I Must Be don [done?] having nothing more at present
But Remains your affectionate son and daughter
Joseph and Marey [Mary?] Mcclorg Remember us to brothers
and sisters in the kiendest [kindest?] maner[manner?] to uncels [uncles?]
and Aunts and to any other person that may enquier [enquire?]