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Title: Joseph & Mary McClorg, USA, to David McClorg, Templemoyle.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcClorg, Joseph and Mary/58
SenderMcClorg, Joseph and Mary
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
Originnear Pittsburgh, Penn., USA
DestinationTemplemoyle, Co. Derry, N.Ireland
RecipientDavid McClorg and Mrs McClorg
Recipient Gendermale-female
Relationshipson and daughter-parents
SourceJoseph & Mary McClorg, USA, to David McClorg, Templemoyle.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8909053
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Doc. TypeEMG
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David McLorg
New N.L. Vady [Newtownlimavady?]
County Derry
August the 24 - - - 1824
Dear father and Mother if yet alive
I take this opertunity [opportunity?] of wrighting [writing?] to you
Informing you that me and my famley [family?]
is in our usal [usual?] state of health at present
thanks be to god for his mercies and hoaping [hoping?]
these Lines will find you all in the saim [same?]
State of health I received your leter [letter?] Dated the 13th
of Aprile [April?] 1823 wich [which?] was aglad [a glad?] sight to me for
to hear that you were all alive and well I have
Received [Received?] no leters? [letters?] this year nither [neither?] from
ierland [Ireland?] Nor from Brother Robert I receivd [received?] one leter
[letter?] from him the same time that I receivd [received?] your leter
[letter?] which was in July 1823 Brother david wished me to wright [write?]
to him if I thought the country would soot [suit?] him as he intended to
Com [Come?] in the next spring that is a question two [too?] hard for me to
answer it is my oponion [opinion?] averry [a very?] good Country but times
is Discuraging [discouraging?] at present on the acount [account?] that
money is verey [very?] scearce [scarce?] and wages is low grain of all kinds
has been verey [very?] plenty this four or five years wheat has been plenty
for fifty cents per bushel which is our half Doler [Dollar?] Coarn [Corn?]
and rye twenty five cents per bushel but this year markets will be higher
for the Crops is very light the winter was verey [very?] hard and litle
[little?] Snow and a Coald [cold?] wet spring but a remarkible [remarkable?]
dry Harvest the general prices of flower [flour?] is too [two?] Dolars
[Dollars?] a hundard [hundred?] beef from too [two?] to three dolars
[dollars?] per hundard [hundred?] and poark [pork?] from 3 to 4 Dolars
[Dollars?] per hundard [Hundred?] and sugar 8 cents per pound Buter
[Butter?] from six to seven cents per pound having given you some infor
mation [information?] of our markets here I will also give you some acount
[account?] of my own Afaiers [Affairs?] I have reason to thank god I am in
Aland [a land?] of gospel Light and liberty I own one Hundard [Hundred?]
and ten acers [acres?] of good land the Last [fifty?] a Clear title the
Last fifty three I bought was a litle [little?] before the markets began to
fall and it cost me five dolars [dollars?] per acer [acre?] and had to pay
fifty dolars [dollars?] of yearly payments I have paid two hundard
[hundred?] and forty two dolars [dollars?] and twenty five dolars [dollars?]
is un paid [unpaid?] yet but not due to the fifteenth of January next
inshewing [ensueing?] the Date of the Leter [Letter?] and I have the payment
Prepaied [Prepaid?] and redy [ready?] which will red [rid?] my hand of debt
But after all I am Like Joseph when sent to Egypt farr [far?] from his
brother in [and?] yet god was with him so I trust I am under the pertection
[protection?] of god also I never expect to see any of my
Relations in this worald [world?] but god grant us all
the hapyness [happiness?] of meeting to gither [together?] in one
Day on gods right hand Let our hearts and
minds not be too much set on the afairs [affairs?] of this
Life Let us endeavour to Lay up tresher [treasure?] in
heaven where neither [moth?] nor [nest?] can Corupt [Corrupt?]
Nor thievs [thieves?] break through and steal
that where our tresher [treasure?] is there may our
Hearts be also
as brother David wishes to hear my opinion
About this Country I would not advise any
person I speak for my self was I in ierland [Ireland?]
altho [although?] advanced inlife [in life?] and was not able to get
away on no other [?]ms than to [bind?] my self for
my pasage [passage?] I would do it with freedom to get
to america please to Remember me and my
famley [family?] to Brothers and sisters to uncels [uncles?] and
aunts and all who may Enquier [enquire?]
No more but Remains your Loving son and
Daughter Joseph and Marey Mc Lorg
NB when you wright [write?] to me
direct as before
by me
by me [William?]