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Title: John McCullough, Philadelphia, to William [Gamble?], Co. Down.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileMcCullough, John/24
SenderMcCullough, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationemployed
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientGamble, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD/3305/2/5: Deposited by Dr. K. A. Miller.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9805357
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Transcript Phila [Philadelphia ?] July 9th 1847

Dear Wm [William ?]
May I after such a long absence from you take
the liberty of writing you, for I have made a foolish promise
to not write you until I should have some money but I am
afraid that would be to long to keep my promise therefore I
now conclud [conclude ?] to write you and state to you how I
stand at present, in place of making any thing this last year
year I have lost time and money, you may say I had nothing
to loss, that may be true for when I paid all my traveling
[travelling?] expenses I had not a grate [great ?] dale
[deal ?] when I arrived in phila [philadelphia ?] but it
was not my expenses that ran away with the money but the
porterage & freight of such large Box's and then I had to
Borrow when I arrived in phila [philadelphia ?] to give to
Matilda to get a Bonnet & [___?] & trinkets and never was
the one to say hear [here ?] is one sixpence since and me
fell 4 or 5 month's and I may say fell up to this state
since my arrival hear [here ?] I have only recd
[received ?] two months pay since my arrival and in a day
or two I shall revd [receive ?] the 3. I have now 20
dollars p [per ?] month clear of all my expenses
and with a blessing I shall be able to clear all
my expenses and have my close for the winter, by the 1st
of November and then I shall be content, I have had very good
health since I came to this House but my health was not so
good through the winter, as to give you an idea of the
Business it is impossible any more than what you have herd
[heard ?] nor describe it, only I have to be thier [there ?]
late and early Sundy [sunday ?] and saturday if the first
of the year was come I would try for something eals [else ?]
but the [there ?] are no other business pays as well, I am
now paid 5 dollars a week Board & Washing that is the same
as sterling at home but money will not go as far hear [here ?]
as at home ; I must not fill up paper describy [describing ?]
matters that you would not understand therefore I will say
that John Lindsay was down this week he came down this day
week to spend his 4th of July the anniversary of the
independance and he is going up this day Matilda was not
down nor was she down the last time, rather he says he
could not get her to come down she does not like traveling
[travelling ?] but I think she most be changed she came down
twist [twice ?] in winter and would not come in Summer but I
know what stops her I expect the next time she comes she will
have company with her, I have not much news to send you
at present you may say that is strange after such a long
absence but I supose [suppose ?] you have heard all the news
from Jane & Hugh's Letters therefore the [there ?] are
no use in me writing it over again, you will pleas [please ?]
say to Hugh & Jane that I recd [received ?] their kind letters
on Wenesday [Wednesday ?] Last and also the socks of Jane
and I gave Matilda's Letter to John P. L [Lindsay ?] - to take
them up this day also say that I shall write eather [either ?]
Jane or Hugh by the male [mail ?] of the 1st of Augt, you may
say to LO Hamilton that his daughter Marget [Margaret ?] is
well the last time I seen her but that is sometime since, I
have no more news for you at present unless I would commence
the newes [news ?] of the Mexican Ware [war?] or some such
tale that would take me a day to write but I have not one
houre [hour ?] to write this, therefore I will conclude by
you doing me the kindness of remembering & giving my love
to Father & aunt & Jane & Hugh and all enquiring friends
for I do not intend naming them all separately, but you
will pleas [please ?] remember me to all Mr. Adams family
& also to old Mr. A Dunn & all his family and say to
him I hope befor [before ?] many years that I shall see
him in Glenlough and hear him sing one other song now
in conclusion you will pleas [please ?] write me a long
letter and give me the newes [news ?] of the country as
the news [news?] of that country is more interesting to
me than the newes [news?] of this is to you pleas
[please ?] send me some standards and I shall send you
some papers by this male [mail ?] direct to Philadelphia
Hotel N W [North West ?] Corner of 9th & Market
Phila [Philadelphia ?] now adue and may god bless
you is the sincear [sincere ?] prayer of your
affectionate Brother to Death
John McCullough